Bitcoin will be worth a MILLION dollars using the KARDASHEV Scale


I think Bitcoin will most likely to a million dollar examination within the following five years. I make use of the Kardashev range to highlight an instance of why Bitcoin is the monetary system of a type 1 world

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Legal Disclosure: I'm not an economic consultant. The info included in this video is for amusement functions just. Prior to spending, please seek advice from a licensed professional. Any stock purchases I show on video clip should not be taken into consideration "investment recommendations". I will not be held accountable for any losses you might sustain for investing and also trading in the securities market in attempt to mirror what I do. Unless financial investments are FDIC insured, they might decline in worth and/or vanish entirely. Please take care!

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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49 Thoughts to “Bitcoin will be worth a MILLION dollars using the KARDASHEV Scale”

  1. Andrei Jikh

    A little kid asks his dad for a Bitcoin as a birthday present. The father asked – what?! $15,457??! $12,154 is a lot of money for a kid your age! Why do you need $14,245?

    1. Alex Sarah

      @Justin Woodall hey Mr Justin Woodall the person that introduce me is a genius in crypto currency ,i was thinking like you when I was first introduced into crypto , my friend contact my mentor or contact me for more clarification is real you just try it out

    2. cheston

      Andrei Jikh sounds like me when I was younger, except the price range was more like $50 $100 $400

    3. Van Niyo

      Can me and you be friends. Maybe you give me a Bitcoin for my birthday? 😃

  2. Daniel Huang

    Imagine in 50 years, kids will be saying “that was bitcoin” instead of “that was gold” 😂

    1. Andrei Jikh

      Ha! Didn’t think of that but I do think we’ll soon be going to museums and pointing at paper money. I’ll be saying to kids “BACK IN MY DAY….we used to these to pay for things” haha

    2. Daniel Huang

      @Andrei Jikh Hahaha I can so see it

    3. The Halving Show

      It already feels like that way in parts of Europe 😼

  3. martithon

    I actually recognize almost all the places you walked from my trip to cologne a while ago 😛

  4. Michael Crane

    Still rocking it bro. Thank you so much for these vids I’ve learned so much!!!!

  5. Andy Coins

    Do you research people, only 21M Bitcoin, what you are seeing is inflation of fiat slowly being soaked up Bitcoin. Bitcoin goes up since its deflationary, FIAT money is inflationary. People are relising Bitcoin is a better store of value since you can not print more. Wake up people, this is happening.

    1. Tony Tony

      Congrats on being ahead of the game

    2. M88 S28

      Stop valuing things in fiat. The reason bitcoin will be a million is because by that time fiat will be 0.
      1.000.000 x 0 = STILL ZERO.

    3. Garrett Dantzler

      Andy Coins
      Don’t forget that 4-6 million BTC are lost or gone forever already as well since its inception. Therefore the true full supply will only really be 15.5 million-17.5 million BTC ever to be in existence.

      There are far more than that many millionaires in the world, not even enough for everyone of the elite to have a single one.
      I’ve got mine and counting! 🙌💯
      Can’t wait till it’s the new monetary standard! 😎👌

    4. Crypto elf

      @Garrett Dantzler there’s prob less than half in actual circulation

    5. GB3770

      Good summary thats why i bought 3 weeks ago

  6. Conor Smyth

    I believe anything Malcolm in the Middle has to say; the kid’s a genius.

  7. i_got_worms

    FYI, the US didn’t stop selling gold to other countries in 1971, it refused to give back their gold that they had been entrusted with. They stole it.

    1. Jonathan Thomas

      They stopped selling gold as well. Which is probably why they didn’t give gold back when immediately asked for it. Like the situation with the Germans, who received their gold but not the exact gold they had deposited.

    2. Jonathan Thomas

      @TasTasDoLwaQ? Source? Can’t find any info on this…

    3. Leif C.

      @Roy Thank Richard Nixon for ending it.

      Bretton/Wood Act —>

    4. GB3770

      Its even worse than you say…the gold should be in fort knox but it isnt…

  8. chris

    Its now over $11,000 (July 6th, 2019) but u already knew that

    1. Peter James

      10800 10600 10800…. Round and round it goes

    2. Tyler Durden

      $9400 range right now


      i don’t know if this video work or not but I have been working with One hacker on INSTAGRAM and i was able to make over 6000$ woerth of bitcoin with just 950$ that i sent to him @westhack000 on Instagram HIS LEGIT AND THE BEST

    4. Jannib Andelo Bayutas

      @JOHN NELSON Shut up Nigerian scammer! 👈

  9. Denver Lee Harris

    LMAO! LOVE how you are so candid. Great video and Info.

  10. David Haynes

    You have become my fav YouTuber after just watching this one video, I do love BTC, but it’s your style. Next level.

    1. Shaun Vaughn Krüger

      Ditto on the style

  11. Turbo Trader Pro

    Awesome videography, intelligent content, what a find!! Man you have a new subscriber.

    1. Andrei Jikh

      Thanks! 😀 I don’t really do crypto content, but if you’re looking for a dope finance channel, I’ll do my best lol

  12. Jean-Marc LeBlanc

    Probably the best and captivating Bitcoin video I watched, great job and keep doing beautiful content!

  13. BaronSilver Baron

    Good video but once again a young wet behind the ears thinks someone like me at 77 is an idiot. I have a big stack of Bitcoin and an equal stack of Gold they are my two main liquid savings plans. I know all about the block chain, investing and computers. You have to wake up to the idea that age is not a barrier. I’ve met many young idiots who haven’t a clue.

    1. Douglas George

      @Bliss Brown Thanks ….but no thanks.

    2. Douglas George

      @Bliss Brown You have obviously been dying to tell everyone how clever you are.
      Trading (gambling) is a mugs game unless you want to spend your whole waking hours in front of several computer screens. The logic of trading by non-professionals is never taken into account. For every winner there is a loser plus the Exchange (casino) edge. Most people are losers especially when the exchange runs the price up and down to take out people’s stops. In my lifetime I have done it all. It all comes down to luck. I was lucky and got out ahead. Most people will gamble until they lose everything. So when it comes to insults about closed minds I think you need to look in the mirror.

    3. Btc Newz

      the school system keeps them dumb but i am glad You are able to learn about this

    4. Angelika Lirgendwas

      Savings plan at 77? Should you not be done by now?

    5. E.L.L. E

      Grasshopper, you are a rare wise one

  14. Hatoto

    i remember the video 😀 it was awesome!

  15. jflores85

    HBO’s Silicon Valley brought me here.

  16. S. Giles

    We get our energy from the nearest star, the Sun, so we’re a type II civilisation.

    1. Andrei Jikh

      Not as a primary source of energy, we’re not quite there yet

  17. Tha Effin dip

    That’s crazy a couple months ago I was thinking about us becoming a type 1 civilization and how far we are from it we are slowly moving there but it’s happening.

    1. Andrei Jikh

      Yea it really is incredible. Unfortunately it’s the most dangerous transition, I hope we make it

  18. Garen1

    Damn, mind opening info with the “type one internet” “type one language” “type on….”. Did you think and come up with it urself or from other source? Cuz it is genius way of looking at it 🤯

    1. Andrei Jikh

      Michio Kaku (famous physicist) was one of the people that really popularized the Kardashev scale

  19. Roberto M D'Urbano

    Man, you’re a genius! 👌🏽

  20. Helm Pflight

    Making a million from a thousand…

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