Ron Paul – BitCoin Could Destroy US Dollar


Former Rep. Ron Paul, (R-Texas), on the future of Bitcoins and also the Federal Book.

Twitter: @controversyshow.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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31 Thoughts to “Ron Paul – BitCoin Could Destroy US Dollar”

  1. Lit D

    We live in a virtual world.WAKE UP.

  2. David Porowski

    (1) work for Bitcoin, pay no taxes (2) Creation of IRS goes
    hand in hand with creation of
    No Great Depression/No WW1/ No WW2/ No VN War/
    No USA debt slavery/ No War on Drugs / No NSA Big Brother/ No 1984 / Thank the
    FED & BofE & Rothschild

    1. Drool Alot

      David Porowski PREACH!!

    2. Standing In The Rain


    3. Nate Figueroa

      Part that pisses me off the most is none of Wall Street or any of the FED members or Banker’s that are involved in theft go to jail. I want to see all of them go to jail. That would make my day. All of the politicians and the markets that are controlled through insider trading and these big companies all take the money and are guilty of fraud. Including all of the banks.

  3. Debbe Laszlo

    Credit cards are digital currency as well. You can’t touch it either.

  4. Freeda Birda

    That blonde is stupid. Stability happens when more ppl use it

    1. Jacob Miller

      “Can’t they just fix the stability?” Lol who is they, and what do you propose they do? Those damn short sellers!

    2. Xenomoly Bloom

      Its a little boat on an ocean. Once its a super star destroyer – good luck budging it.

    3. hvf26

      news casters are generally idiots when it comes to whatever they’re presenting

  5. ahmed ghalayini

    LOL sorry but both of you have no idea what you’re talking about

  6. Givy55

    Come on Ron… Surely you can see the benefits of a deflationary currency like Bitcoin… Oh and btw it was more stable than oil last year! Best performing currency in the world 7 out of the last 8 years! It’s better in all regards! You’d have to be blind not to see the benefits!

  7. Allan Reed

    It costs about $1000 to produce a bitcoin. How much does it cost to create a dollar? Which one is fake?

  8. cobra sixtysix

    The reasons Bitcoin is unstable is obvious, it’s young, it’s relatively unknown and adopted and relatively undistributed. Address these issues and Boom!!, we have a real contender.

    1. Atrini NN

      Lets give these slow pooks a few years still. Smh

  9. Crypto Yaqui

    People touch their dollar bills and yet they don’t understand a thing about them. Bitcoin all the way.

    1. Robert Lefebvre

      Crypto Yaqui
      If they only knew it only costs $0.14 to create the $100 they might ask the next logical question … Why don’t they just print more (at $99.86 profit each) to pay the national debt?

  10. MrAffeman

    The instability of Bitcoin comes from people wanting to flee their assetts to something that will keep it valuable!

    1. Robert Lefebvre

      Correct! And the “assets” they are fleeing are any one of over a hundred fiat currencies in the world all attempting to inflate their overspending and debt away. Bitcoin is the entire globe’s way out of dozens of country’s fiscal irresponsibilty.

  11. Revolution Road

    The dollar died a LONG time ago!!

  12. KingJustice98

    Many congressmen already own cryptos, there will be no regulations.

  13. School of ROCKwell

    BitCoin gained 529% this year and USD has been losing it’s buying power since 1913

    1. Cali Santiago

      J Oox what is a reliable website to purchase bitcoin

    2. Peter Meissnitzer


  14. Frank Sulka

    When Starbuck’s scans my app and the money goes from the app to them I’m not holding anything tangible nor are they. He is old and doesn’t understand the future.

  15. divinegrace92

    2020 4% worldwide m2 money supply flows into crypto market.
    127,000USD MY FRIEND

  16. Faisal Ladak

    Let the man speak, damn it.

  17. G L

    Ron Paul is awesome

  18. Petr petersons

    this dude is full loaded with bitcoins :] he knows whats comming

  19. RONMAYS71

    I like Silver Coin / Coins

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