BITCOIN “ALL THE WAY UP” – Remix – Music Video – The Dollar Vigilante feat Freenauts & Jeff Berwick


A Repost from The Buck Vigilante – A should view!

BITCOIN RIGHT UP – The Buck Vigilante task. Freenauts

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25 Thoughts to “BITCOIN “ALL THE WAY UP” – Remix – Music Video – The Dollar Vigilante feat Freenauts & Jeff Berwick”

  1. Eric Ennulat

    I love it and hate it at the same time. Nice job u freakin nerds!!!

  2. KiXneeL

    damn you got asian whale support no wonder its going up



  4. Brendon Kuleck

    I can’t understand why people don’t take these guys seriously

    1. Jose Arteaga

      Brendon Kuleck They will eventually, like it or not 😉

    2. Brendon Kuleck

      Lamborghinis will help class it up

    3. Jose Arteaga

      Brendon Kuleck Lambos for everyone!

  5. Issar Cerrato

    hahaha…just stumbled upon your page and was NOT expecting any rapping … hahaha… great work guys!! STAY AWESOME!! from a filmmaker

  6. Alexsandro R1000

    Muito bom

  7. SCP

    You don’t rap any more, do you? Damn, I thought I was bad at rapping…

  8. Shaun Reza

    Politicians hate it, bankers wish they made it. Best line

    1. mrdave2112

      The Federal Reserve Bank made bitcoin.  Please who is satoshi  Nakamoto lmao all the way up pump and dump, all the way up pump and dump hey hheyyy  hhheyyyy. Killer mix eh?

  9. Arathorn Dezeus

    I love the clip from Obama saying how the government can’t get in and then the line politicians hate it bankers wish they made it we can starve the beast stop the war machine maybe

  10. Menho Donoghue

    I love that lyric Peter Shiff rest in peace!!

  11. Артем Б

    Hello from Sibiria) good music

  12. David Bermudez


  13. Powels1978

    Geile Scheibe… #siacoin

  14. Flower Power

    Well it’s kind of down now

    1. Mcnasty

      And you didn’t buy the dip did you? 😂

  15. Willy Willy

    when de cyberpucks become rappers!

  16. Philip Kennedy

    It’s all the way even.

  17. Sprout

    2019 july 8th

  18. Greg Esser

    “a swiss bank account in your wallet”, too cool dude! (Jose)

  19. Powels1978

    Best Bitcoin Song ever…

  20. PearlPerlita Venegas

    “Tax enforcement” lol all politicians think /care about….can’t let go of the hand that feeds them

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