Ivan on Tech debates Peter Schiff – Bitcoin vs Gold, US Dollar Crash


I'm delighted to tell you people that we'll have the only Peter Schiff here on the show! Peter has actually been crucial concerning the typical financial system for many years, he anticipated the economic crash of 2008. HE DISLIKES BITCOIN though. Peter is everything about gold as well as doesn't see the value in Bitcoin. We're mosting likely to talk about his past, financial system, gold, bitcoin, buck crash etc. Mosting likely to be fascinating, deep, knowledgable, and extremely fun! JOIN US!


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Ivan on Technology by Ivan Liljeqvist.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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59 Thoughts to “Ivan on Tech debates Peter Schiff – Bitcoin vs Gold, US Dollar Crash”

  1. David Tschetter

    Ivan, you are so professional by not interrupting your guests the same way they interrupt you. Great job!!

    1. Carol Burton

      Major respect to Ivan for demonstrating a future we can all have if we educate, be respectful and participate in a future full of wonders, opportunity and humbleness. Ivan is a great teacher and leader that demonstrates what he believes daily in a manner we all could benefit to understand and demonstrate ourselves.

  2. AnEclecticSoul

    Wow, that was Brutal. Schiff seems to be an angry, aggressive man. He seems to have quite a superiority complex. You handled his rudeness of interrupting you all the time well Ivan.

    1. David Tschetter

      Ivan is a natural…..

  3. ILYOart

    He kept on interrupting you and changing the subject, to avoid recognising the value of decentralisation.

    1. Renzokuken Leneyoyo

      As a fan of Peter and his arguments I agree, he tends to do that every so often. But it was a good debate.

    2. GAHd ZUWkz

      He obviously has huge incentives for gold and his own self interests

    3. M M

      Gold is decentralised to some extent. No one government, corporation or a person owns and controls supply of gold. Some own more or less of it but no country controls the whole market like the US with the dollar. There’s always big owners also among crypto users who can influence the price. You can see that in volatility.

  4. Timmy's Investments

    Debate was Great as always.
    Chat was cancer as always.

    1. Francisco d'Anconia

      Was thinking the same thing myself. Sort yourselves out people.

  5. Joe Ebanks

    ivan, major respect having peter on. I always listen to his podcasts. Also a subscriber of your channel. Keep it up I think you are providing more crypto value than basically anyone out there.

    1. Jeremy MacKenzie

      Ivan’s got the best crypto channel on youtube that i’ve seen, and I’ve seen alot.

    2. Roy Wessbecher

      Yes, Ivan is definitely hitting his stride these days. 🙂

    3. Jeremy MacKenzie

      Considering the crypto space is filled with 95% uninformed teenagers and internet morons, it’s great he’s here to help people. It’s a huge asset that he is a software engineer versus somebody like Trevon James or Crypto Nick who are just idiots with cameras. “Public key… not really sure what that is” – words literally spoken by ‘millionaire investor’ crypto nick on youtube to millions of people lol

  6. Ivan on Tech

    THE SOUND IS ADJUSTED A FEW MINUTES IN! Thank you for watching guys! This was of course challenging but also fun and very important for us to get different perspectives. Feel free to leave time stamps below!

    1. Jonty Bonty

      Pe Jo you should at least thank me for my time commenting on your nonsense

    2. Pe Jo

      Sure, thanks for your nonsense

    3. DannyMan DeBo

      I could have helped!

    4. Wobblle

      Ivan, I respect you so much for being professional in this debate. It must be difficult to be reasonable speaking to someone who doesn’t understand the fundamentals of decentralized economy. He doesn’t want to have an honest debate, he just wants to shill his old world paranoia.

    5. Lasse Trevland

      Great interview, Ivan. Glad to see you didn’t bother Mr. Schiff with the sound problems, even though they were problems on his end, and fixed them on yours instead.

      I would also like to commend both you and Mr. Schiff for having a very reasoned debate while having two very contrasting viewpoints. Most people today aren’t willing to display the level of patience both you and Mr. Schiff expressed while disagreeing on points you both so passionately believe in.

      You made some good solid arguments for the crypto-movement and its technology and after hearing Mr. Schiff’s arguments on the infinite expandability of crypto-currencies through alt-coins, the possibility of it causing massive devaluation of individual crypto-currencies as a result of the total market cap being spread across too many alt-coins, I’m feeling a bit conflicted. His viewpoint holds clear grounds, no doubt, as similar situations have happened in the past with non-crypto markets.

      In my view, as the market stands today, we’re heading in the direction Mr. Schiff predicted in this interview. However, with technological advancements and its effect of both transaction-costs and the subsequent possibilities of backing crypto-currencies with even better technologies (as your argument implies) than today, I believe we can start heading in a direction where even if we end up with 100 000+ different crypto-currencies, it still won’t matter because most people with cling on to a select few currencies who are far superior to most others as a result of 1) technological advancements, and 2) the amount of work invested in developing solid blockchain-technologies. What most old-school financial moguls fail to see is that the value of the blockchain lies in its technology and the belief people have in it, and thus does not need to be backed by any physical product. In fact, what the blockchain-technology does is to incorporate many of the properties of physical products into the digital world in ways which were never-before possible.

      Do you agree with this sentiment of mine?

      Will there be more interviews like this one? I’m thinking of interviews where you debate reputable and knowledgeable financial individuals, both people who are positive and negative in regards to blockchain-technologies (and crypto-currencies, as some have shown to be positive in regards to the blockchain-technology itself, but negative to the rise of crypto-currencies).

      Also, if I we’re to critique you on one point (and I’m finding hard to do so, because as I said, you fared very well during this interview), it would be that I wish you’d incorporated smart-contracts into your arguments. I personally believe that smart-contracts, if done right, will be one of the first of many advances in blockchain-technologies, as I mentioned earlier, that will draw people away from all the smaller crypto-currencies and towards the superior few, thus eliminate the risk of collective devaluation of all crypto-currencies.

      Håper ikke dette ble for langt for deg, men når jeg virkelig brenner for noe så går tastaturet fort varmt 😉


    Peter says Bitcoin has no utility, yet he recognises it as a method of payment on his very own website that sells gold.

    Go figure.

    1. GAHd ZUWkz

      Decentralized Insanity reminds me of people saying the internet will fail lol

    2. ayooo

      Johan Hartzell peter will join btc in the end.. hes just too conservative.. probably because he collected gold for long time

    3. traviswall1982

      Um, no he doesn’t, he uses a 3rd party company to exchange people’s BitCoin into dollars.

      Also, where’s BitCoin’s value at now? Hehehehehe….

    4. The Blender Tree

      EOS is Coming! He uses bitpay so he get USD not bitcoin.

    5. unknown territory

      and he puts that bitcoin in the market for you to buy. He taking bitcoin now but if another crypto get more popular and people use another cyrpto cause bitcoin is to expensive and slow on transactions it can easily be replaced by another coin and he would not use bitcoin anymore. That is the point he is making its an obsolete product already as other coins are being made that are better then bitcoin so it wont be around for the long run. Gold can’t be replaced it has no competitor.

  8. David Yuhas

    Sounds like this guy is sour he missed the bitcoin boat. His arguments are WEAK!! Bitcoin wins this round buddy sorry!!

  9. DK

    The longer I watch the more I am thinking: This guy is pumping Bitcoin so hard without realizing it. 😀

    1. S. T.

      1greenMitsi Please Tell what means “nay rekt millenials”, dont understand it, thanks

    2. David Barkowitz

      He is so strong headed and stubborn and set in old ways that is missing on the greatest techvolution since the internet.

    3. Renzokuken Leneyoyo

      He is not he is pumping gold… or more likely his believes in sound money through gold, bitcoin just alleges to have the same principles and virtues that is where you get confused.

    4. DK

      I am not confused, I meant that he is pumping the values of sound money and he clearly doesn’t understand that bitcoin represents them better than gold. All gold bugs start to love bitcoin once they acquire enough technical knowledge which takes time because they are mostly old guys, not very tech savvy.

    5. Robbie Wright

      @David Barkowitz sounds like Buffet and Amazon!

  10. Jared Mease

    It’s interesting that Peter mentions that governments can make owning crypto illegal but he fails to mention when the US government actually made private ownership of gold illegal in order to go to a gold standard to back the US dollar. My grandparents generation had to surrender their gold to the government or risk going to jail. Never underestimate the gen X and millennial generations to learn from previous generations.

    1. Renzokuken Leneyoyo

      You could keep all the numismatic gold, that was not outlawed because it was too ingrained in the people. And the point you are trying to make is exactly why, if the cryptos threat the governments, they will force the population with their own. What better way to allow for NIRP and ZIRP and to control anyone that descent than by freezing their bits?

    2. Breticon

      Whenever the government tries to make any digital asset illegal ( going as far as pumping millions of dollars towards the agenda) some 11 year old IT nerd with nothing more than a computer and a wifi connection foils their plans.

  11. thought951

    Great interview Ivan! Peter is a very sharp guy, he will eventually jump on the crypto train once he has a better understanding of it.

  12. Ricardas Iluvataru

    Ivan you are really humble person and it is your strongest side not mentioning other your qualities like intelegence that you really posses. I wish you to continue in this way only this way leads you to the top and succes. Great interwiew thanks a lot.

  13. DK

    32:10 “How do I use my coin when I want to sell it for dollars, don’t I have to go through exchange?”
    In the same way you would use your gold, dude 😉

    1. Third Eye Focus

      Decentralized exchanges are coming (some aready exist) where you buy from private sellers directly. All the banks will see are private transactions that are not easily trackable as having to do with cryptocurrencies.

    2. Pontala Vasconcellos Moreira

      Dk Filchev yes then you have to physically were is expensive and risky as well

  14. y


  15. Sir

    Wow, what a great debate! Well done for having balls to tell him your opinion and asking Peter questions too! Please do more similar interviews, Its always interesting to hear thoughts of people who are not from the crypto world.

  16. Jay Deneen

    Thanks to Mr Schiff I’ve decided to sell my crypto to buy a 200 pound Mr. T gold bling necklace which I will wear in my international travels for payment at hotels, cafes, etc. But airport security may take my pocket knife needed to shave slivers for payments. Schiff, now that you are up in years and made millions in gold, can’t you just speak honestly instead of fearing loss of more profits with silly bullying arguments that make you look desperate?

    1. Matt Simon

      This just made my day! :’)

    2. AARDFD

      Perfect!! And if the crap really hits the fan what are all these groups going to do with their gold try to get your gas and your food and your bullets who would even want gold if it gets as bad as they say?

    3. Renzokuken Leneyoyo

      Try to use your BTC in Puerto Rico after the hurricane with no electricity… even if it worked you think someone would give you produce for a string of bits? Though people did barter silver and gold to survive… you’re not past 18 right?

  17. Crypto Cliff notes

    Hope this helps you guys!!!
    0:10 welcome message and what’s to come
    1:01 How Peter became passionate in economics at an very young age
    2:13 What sparked Peters Dad’s interest
    4:42 Did Peter use any metrics to predict the financial crisis accurately?
    6:25 Peter breaks down the reasons of why we are headed to another finacial collaspe
    11:12 Good and bad debt explained
    13:57 Peter explains how gold is a good solution
    19:08 Peter reasons why btc is fools gold? And why cryptocurrencies will collapse.
    24:02 Ivan provides his perspectives on why btc has utility
    30:32 How the nature of technology gets better … How bitcoin is trustless
    34:29 What happens if crypto gets outlawed?
    38:40 Reason why Tx fee will not go down according to Peter
    42:34 Bitcoin going to 0….bitcoin compared to model T
    44:28 Debating wether the previous gold standard worked?
    52:22 How much is one bitcoin worth?
    57:27 Ivan explains the network effect of bitcoin
    1:01:16 Benefit of govt adopting crypto to track tax evaders
    1:03:59 how the government can make up a phony case against you
    1:09:23 Bitcoin maxed out at 20k?
    1:12:16 President Trump destructive tactics
    1:15:20 Two different parties in America now democrats vs socialist
    1:16:26 Predictions on when the dollar crisis will happen
    1:17:25 Final thoughts

    BTC address

    0x99Ad523Bd9536A54F530Ed767d0eeC6F1e38A658 Eth/ERC20 tokens

    1. Crypto Cliff notes

      ethercept yup also if you revisit you can always jump to specific parts

    2. Kurt Smock

      This is a great conversation. The crazy thing is you are both so correct on so many points. The reality is Schiff (who is a good damn genius) just doesn’t have the same understanding of crypto as you, Ivan. This is a great test for Schiff. He is a god at being historically correct. But I really think he’s dead wrong on his prognosis. If you get to show this video in 19 years and you are historically correct can Schiff. …damn. That’s a really big accomplishment dude. Schiff is a big deal. As a 20 year student of economics… Schiff is someone you KNOW. Everyone knows Schiff in this game. Very smart interview. Really well done. Much much much success my friend. I have a lot of respect for you. Thanks for the content!

    3. Sim

      He mentioned crypto being outlawed if it becomes too good, but didn’t refer to gold confiscation by the government that has happened in the past. At lease crypto cannot be confiscated!! Should have mentioned that mate!

    4. Cryptoversity

      SOrry Peter…I don’t live in my parents basement but I did when I just owned Gold.
      I pay rent in BitCoin and my last car; you are constantly being proven wrong along with Jim Rickards and others who I used to listen to but are now a broken record.
      BTC used to be used in the same way as gold (people converting back to cash) but increasingly less.
      I still have 1/3 of my portfolio in Gold, Silver and other metals…..but that started as about 80% and I have drawn from BTC for snowboarding holidays all over the word AND I have made back most of what I spent trading…….try doing that with your gold…I have not drawn from Gold and Silver yet but I know bullion will have it’s day (once BTC is $1M). My crypto made stupid gains and I have got back everything I spent on it and it, not my Bullion, has set me financially free as a reward for having faith in BTC, LTC and ETH (and now, laughably, DOGEcoin too).
      If you think people need to be fooled to move to crypto, just remember, most of them are already fooled in to using and believing in FIAT.
      For the record, I also called the 2008 crash and sold out of my real estate, you are right, it was fucking obvious as is the coming crash most likely late 2018

    5. Timmy Henriksson

      Omar E. Gold is a metal that doesn’t mix with other metals. It is used in electronics, many different areas.

  18. andyatcrux

    “The network effect is much stronger when it comes to protocols.” Exactly. This went over Schiff’s head and unfortunately most people still fail to understand this.

    1. Michael Herrera

      no he did it’s just not valuable, the people that claimed to understand infact are the ones who don’t understand Justice has been served enjoy those heavy heavy heavy bags

  19. TreachMarkets

    “What if the government bans bitcoin…” Um, Peter, that’s what happened with gold.

  20. weebly

    Bitcoin network has still never been hacked. Most others have, and more than once

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