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48 Thoughts to “BITCOIN WILL HIT 10 MILLION DOLLARS & There’s NOTHING Anyone Can Do To Stop It!”

  1. Crypto Zombie

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    1. Michael Angelos

      thanks for another great video. To answer your question, I will never use Facebook Libra they already have too much of my personal information and that dropped the ball on that. I’m considering losing my Facebook account entirely. But, I do have some friends on there.

    2. r_ d_

      Bitcoin is a pure speculation and it is heading lower and lower. It had its peak in dec 2017, now little bull to trap more people, from now on we are heading 1k target. Lots of newcomers will lost their stacks cause of their lack of research and cause of fools like like you which are talking bs to convince others in investing. Better keep your mouth shut and help those who are unaware of what is really happening. You are in denial thinking that btc will grow more. Totally in denial.

  2. p b

    Cannot wait to see that 1 million dollar day ….

    1. Anon YMouse

      p b Or 10 milion

    2. Anon YMouse

      Keiwinn Mitchell How do you know? Have you looked at your crystal ball? Bitcoin can go to $1,200 without breaking market structure and still being bullish longterm. Isn’t that good enough? That’s very unlikely, but never say never.

    3. Anon YMouse

      Keiwinn Mitchell How do you know it will take 10 – 15 years? You also have a crystal ball you’ve looked Into? Why are people so willing to make statements on subjects they can’t possible have knowledge about? Of course we can look at the charts and fundamentals of Bitcoin and say it’s going up, but we have no idea how long it will take to get to certain prices.

    4. Keiwinn Mitchell

      Anon YMouse true… very true ! What I’m looking at is the currency trend. The dollar is already worthless… only thing keeping it alive is perspective and petro dollar. Meanwhile, look at how we pay for things…. cash back on credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Samsung is already creating phones with bitcoin wallet… remember dial up internet, that’s where we are with with all crypto… the people who got in early on amazon, eBay, Facebook, chipotle, google, depending on how much they invested are rich… including bitcoin… used to be 8 cents!!!

    5. Work With Nature - How to Grow Food!

      @Keiwinn Mitchell yeah true but rather buy a crypto like gochain that probably will explode in the next few weeks based on the fact that some whales are accumulating than bitcoin that has seen a lot of gains already. These one million predictions are based off when the dollar collapses but then like I said earlier your hotdog could cost 100k too if we get hyperinflation. Right now the fed is fighting deflation with qe and rate cuts. That can still go on for a while. Gold may also take up a lot of that dollar debt if they decide it is worth 10k all of a sudden.

  3. Aamir Yaqoot

    $10M this would become true one day I also have believe in this.

    1. blake chattaway

      @Omnipotent Being let that happen after i’m dead, please. until then, buckle up–*something* should really go to the moon in my lifetime. gl

    2. Omnipotent Being

      @blake chattaway Nah, it has a higher probability of zero before moon. I think short term daily gains are great but I’m ready to bail as soon as banks and gov take over. Silver has a high probability of going to the moon. Just imagine a 10k silver per ounce. Right now the fair value per American dollar would make silver nearly $700 per ounce. I think it’s only a matter of time before it explodes. After the explosion reinvest in land, mobile parks, appartments, etc.

    3. KonaChuck22

      @Omnipotent being If there were such a high physical demand for silver, then the price would already be $700. The stock to flow ratio for silver is much lower than gold or Bitcoin which works against the silver price rising high.

    4. Omnipotent Being

      Silver is at $700 according to the debt clock, but it’s the most manipulated asset on the planet and there are many old and recent articles to substantiate this. Silver will skyrocket due to the stock market inevitable collapse, housing bubble, and due to the fact that china is becoming 100% solar and California will be 50% solar by 2020. Bitcoin will actually help silver. When bitcoin has it’s 70% drop in 2021-2022 then people will want to hold their wealth and many will go into the most scarce tangible item on the planet and that’s silver. Also, silver is a hedge against bitcoin in case of an EMP or the shutdown the internet or somehow the government gains complete control. I like both but refuse to put all my eggs in one basket. Overall silver has a higher potential than any asset right now plus there’s a 0% chance it will go to zero or be in complete control of the government and is not trackable untraceable unlike bitcoin which is the governments wet dream. Whatever Trump says about it I believe the gov believes the opposite because if they truly wanted to shut it down they would’ve done so years ago.

  4. Imre Csoka

    As always , love the vids, i hope we will stabilize at a new higher level of 12k

  5. SPARKY MyBoy

    I certainly, wish that BTC would be worth $10M in the *near* future {sigh}.

    1. DJ M1NDHACK3R

      SPARKY MyBoy in now and 10/15/20 years 🚀😉

  6. JoshuaJameson

    Google says the average lifespan of a fiat currency is 27 years.

    1. D Tacherra

      Lol youre a meme bro.

    2. JoshuaJameson

      No I’m not I’m a real boi

    3. JoshuaJameson

      You’re a meme



      Sounds like a good time for a Saturn Return

      For death-rebirth

  7. WatchTheSuit

    ill settle for btc at 1 milli. thanks for the ledger!

    1. nodaklojack

      It couldn’t find enough support to sustain 20k or even get past 14k….and people think it will go to a million? Keep thinking…you’ll get it. If it can muster up enough momentum to get past 20k once more I give it a 99% chance of dumping before 50k. Be careful.

    2. WatchTheSuit

      @nodaklojack yes, that will probably happen. there will be big spikes and big dips. many of us are willing to hodl long term. appreciate you urging caution though. good luck.

    3. Tim Melton

      @nodaklojack To the Moon or Bust!

  8. Derek DiCarlo

    McAfee is gonna have one hell of a feast if you know what I mean. I think you all do.

    1. SCP

      He reneged and said he’s not gonna do it.🤣

    2. Derek DiCarlo

      @SCP didn’t know that lol

  9. ItzJP

    10mil Bitcoin endgame is the best Bitcoin documentary out there ✊

    1. nimo hobbs

      Very true..

    2. Calvin Charles

      10k xrp video is convincing too. I forget the exact title

  10. Jack Neals

    One day… The ledger nano! haha I might just win it SOME DAY

  11. Mart M

    Not touching Libra unless someone pulls a gun to my head

    1. Josema EnZo

      Libra is a shitcoin but at least is better than fiat money

  12. D W

    Ledgers are my favorite hard wallets. need one!

  13. The Liquid Canvas

    “That being said” drink.

  14. Tayfun Yildiz

    I’m gonna be a millionaire >.<

  15. Sebastian K

    For me long-term from 2017-2019 it could also look like an huge descending triangle…

  16. Barn Casino

    I have offered friends the choice between $1 and 1 bitcoin.
    They always choose $1, blows my mind

    1. Sillom Mekler

      Thats because the us dollar own your friends and always will. Buying BTC is ownership and a rich future.


      Barn Casino OMG!!
      Give me the 1 BTC!!


      Barn Casino Oh, and by the way .. you are the Average of your friends..
      Get the hell away from those losers!!

      Winners await.. they mirror the new you!

    4. Barn Casino

      @THE SOURCE already cut them loose , I can’t help the ignorant .

  17. Peter Pew

    your channel has becomes my addiction 😂 it’s like brainwashing and now I am in love with bitcoin. million dollars thankssssssss 💵

  18. King

    Guys even if you use libra ♎️ in future , never Store it in the same PC or laptop you have your bitcoin wallet!!!

  19. K Mora

    $10 Mil Bitcoin sounds nice, jus like a ledger nano 👍🏼


    Wow, just wow!! 😯

    That, my friend, was a power flow of magnificence 🎉

    You just owned it. 🧘🏻‍♂️🔥

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