Bitcoin Will Surpass The US Dollar, The Rise Of Digital Money & Bitcoin Swiss Bank Accounts


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49 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Will Surpass The US Dollar, The Rise Of Digital Money & Bitcoin Swiss Bank Accounts”

  1. Mr. G

    Good Morning my fellow early adopters🌞☕😎👊

    Good morning TMI 💻💻🏆🏆….

    1. alpha mantis

      early adopter is meaningless unless you have a lot.

    2. Mr. G

      @alpha mantis That makes no sense dude. 😎

  2. Fab 5

    “for those who play that drinking game” 😂😂😂😂😂🍻

    1. Fab 5

      @3576alan 😂😂😂🍻 great game!! Thank you!

    2. 3576alan

      @Fab 5 You’re welcome 😉👍

    3. Titan Boss

      Im dead lol

    4. Led Robster

      did you include the phrase “at some point”?

    5. 3576alan

      @Led Robster The drinking game is always listed in the comment section. Any suggestions will be taken there. Thank you. Boy, that response sounds like customer service bot when read aloud.

  3. Fred White

    Your life will be much simpler if you totally shy away from mainstream media news.

    1. stanislav kucerka

      William Fraser i am doing it fór 9 years now.Best decision ever

    2. Daniel Decker

      I only watch sports,no MSM bullshit!

    3. Dj Crypto Blessed

      I haven’t had a tv in my home for over 10 years now and went back to how my ancestors live and ate here on our lands that people call America.

    4. Medic 19

      Fred white..So right! I don’t watch that garbage anymore.

  4. crypto Eri

    MI….these are amazing times aren’t they. Best ever.

    1. William Fraser

      Hello Eri, hope your doing well! I Love the video content you and TMI put out. Thanks and all the best to you both.

  5. The TechGeek

    Been listening to your videos for 18 months as a daily routine. Now my newborn and I do it as our daily routine. Great video

    1. CSI

      The TechGeek That’s so awesome.

    2. The TechGeek

      @Jim Steijn I wish. But he’s learning one day at a time. I wanted his first word to be bitcoin but it’s momma and dada. I’ll pretend it’s Bitcoin later

    3. The TechGeek

      @Manuel Stark not at all lol. Hopefully one day. I read The Internet of Money to him every night

    4. The TechGeek

      Thank you for the love and kind words everyone. I’ll tell baby Eros he has even more support

  6. 3576alan

    28:08 YES. ….YES……TMI ACKNOWLEDGED OUR GAME. Drink up Ladies and gentlemen! It’s time to CELEBRATE!
    (Thank you TMI for honest reporting)
    Equip: 1 bottle o’ booze (take it easy)
                1 shot glass per person
                1 beer per person
    Take 1 shot   –  “Hello Everybody”
    Take A sip     –  “Let’s Move On” 
    Take A sip     –  “Next Up”
    Take A sip     –  “blah blah blah”
    Take A sip     –  “Yadda yadda yadda”
    Take A sip     –  “W/out Further Ado
    Take 1 shot – “I Was Listening to a Podcast”
    Take 1 shot   –  “My Gosh” 
    Take 1 shot   –  “That’s Really Weird” (or variations thereof)
    Take 1 shot   – “whatever the Case Might Be”
    Take 1 shot   – “If You Can See Where This Is Going”
    Take 1 shot   – “If You Kind of Want to Say It That Way”
    Take 3 shots – “Ridonkulous” (NEW)
    Take 2 shots –  A “Stutter-Repeat” of a word.
    Take A sip     –  “As Always”
    Take 1 shot   –  “Ssssee You”😄👍

    Thanks community for your input

    1. azizalharbi17


    2. 3576alan

      @Ronnie Smillie Fu k oFF BoT/Shill

    3. jnardthedirector

      3576alan that’s alotta shots

    4. 3576alan

      @jnardthedirector TMI has a lot of catch phrases. Community makes suggestions to ad more. Game gets loaded up with every video 😉👍. Thank for comment.

  7. R G

    Living on my sailboat this summer, puttering around, watching these juggernauts flail. What an age to be around. Great work everyone.

    1. Dany Cervantes

      Is the poop deck … for said activity?

  8. Dre NYC

    Well Done! Another gem video. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Was (slow)clappin and nodding my head in acceptance toward the end of that vid….A Revolution in front of our eyes!

  9. Kreg Fisher

    “My precious, my precious”

  10. Coachella Valley Church

    If governments can’t keep up, they will make it illegal to “protect” the public.

    1. sx3todd

      Coachella Valley Church say it louder!

  11. KOUTSA

    LOL Im taking bitcoin in my arms and saying sorry right now.

  12. Jim Steijn

    Steven Mnuchin looks like Milhouse when he’s grown up.

    1. Kyle Campbell

      HAHA! He just looks like a sleezy criminal banker to me..

    2. Michael Donnelly

      Have you seen the Simpsons from back in the day where Trump is president, then Lisa is elected and her financial chief is Milhouse?

    3. K W

      Yeup 🤣🤣🤣

    4. Jam H

      Jim Steijn haha!!

    5. RAD Official

      Munchkin needs a broom up his bum 😂

  13. James Jeffries

    The guy from Califorina I’m the Senate hearing yesterday called the Libra coin a “Zuck Buck” DEAD😂😂😂😂😂

  14. R C

    I wish I could click the ‘like’ button at least fifteen more times for this one.

  15. Rea Bow

    From the UK. . I watched the whole hearing for Libra and it was BRILLIANT !! 12 hours worth. Fan flppin tastic! Get me on for an interview if you like. .

  16. Gender Neutral Kang

    Thank you Tom for reminding me to never skip leg day.

  17. Blink Owl

    You really think the US Gov will let Libra move forward?? Hilarious 😆

    1. thelongs27

      They might not have a choice unless they try to pass laws to block it. But we all know what Facebook will do, campaign donations to stop the change and Facebook has a ton of lawyers.

  18. Ronbo710

    Meltem Demirors was *AWESOME* at that hearing.

  19. Mike Smith

    “When people are told they can’t do something, …they wonder WHY? And then they figure out how to do it.” It’s how life works! LMAO

  20. BeachJedi101

    When news about Bitcoin is good, I sell. When it tanks and people start questioning it’s validity, I buy.

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