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Candlestick Patterns Hindi – Candlestick Analysis 2 – Must Watch for Beginners


Just how to understand Japanese Candlestick Body as well as it's interpretation in Trading. In this Technical Evaluation Beginners video, Edwardji clarifies the Makeup of a Japanese Candlestick body, the significance of it's Open, Close, Low And High. This Technical Evaluation tutorial for novices also shows a formation of a Real-time Candle holder, to define the Psychological element of Real-time trading. This Video tutorial additionally clarifies the kinds of Basic Candlesticks.

Do not neglect to see the First video.
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36 Thoughts to “Candlestick Patterns Hindi – Candlestick Analysis 2 – Must Watch for Beginners”

  1. Natasha A Samuel

    You have made the significance of Candles so very crystal clear. Now I have to practice looking and interpreting them when Demo trading. Thank you so very much. You are indeed a brilliant teacher!!! GBU !

  2. Viyatcg Patel

    Sir what is the time frame in which we can play
    15 min , 30 min ,One hour, 4 hour, One day


    1. Nikhil Porwal

      Viyatcg Patel 30 min

  3. Muzaffar Hashmi

    you are amazing, may Allah bless you for your efforts in teaching bigginers

    1. MarketGurukul

      +Muzaffar Hashmi
      Thanks bro

  4. Shivam Sharma

    “always let the candle complete” good to learn something new each time. much thanks.

  5. Nafees Ahmed

    You explained it in such a simple way, really great. Thank you so much for your efforts

  6. Binu Thomas

    Sir , you have well explained the magic of analyzing candle stick, Thank you

  7. Rahul Dhakal

    That was impeccable connection between me and candlestick in this session, loved it!

  8. S.A Bhatti

    Appreciation from Pakistan , loving your work

    you can use more catchy titles for more views


    Thanks man u help me alot god bless you. Every time when i have confusion, I watch u r video and I clear my confusion.

  10. Hardik Kanitkar

    Vry Informational videos. Getting to Know Candlesticks that also Free of Cost. God Bless Google ( for Youtube , off course) and God Bless You. keep making videos.

  11. Bindu Gandhi

    Great application of simple and precise easy to understand teaching skills, and the tone and composure has improved interest towards stock market, thanks a lot,expecting some more share market content

  12. sujit basa

    Thank you so much sir.
    By watching your contents, my basic knowledge about the share market is increasing. Thank u again

  13. aayushi parikh

    this is so on point and clear. thankyou so much!!

  14. Nicholas Dalton

    Trading is best done with an Expert for guidance

    1. Kaito Riku

      Not easy to get a legit expert trader these days

    2. aadi Raghav

      Mr Shaw all the way

    3. Billy Rowland

      @Kristofferson Garth That’s right

  15. Kunal Talele

    please share this app on ios also i cant get this on ios system 🙏🏻

  16. Abhishek Ji Aggrawal

    I fully enjoyed the video..I’m a crypto trader..thank you 🙏🏻

  17. vishal singh

    its till 2019 this video help me a lot y you not make ne videos sir

  18. kayla Tu

    Never would I have I regarded the market. I was a witness when I saw my aunty earn in period I had a vacation at her place. After that I decided I too was going to earn profit and I have been doing so

    1. kayla Tu

      That’s how we communicate

    2. Billy Richardson

      Indeed I can attest to this. Alex sage is making quite a name for himself with his new found profitable method. I’m making a lot here investing with him

    3. Flynn Richard

      Janet Simpson Grail you are right. Just considering how he earns me profit you know the man has been in the market not today. He knows the do’s and don’t’s. His system is definitely amazing and lucrative as said

    4. David Neal

      no doubt working with sage I’m always certain of ROI

    5. joyce listings

      May God keep blessing you Alex. I love you so much. You the best, my family we owe it all to you.

  19. Saleem Khan

    Thank you so much sir
    I am new learner.

  20. Trader Dé Tycoon

    I used to think account management was another over blown hype till I got my current accountant who has helped me grow my income over a lot of percentages.

    1. Hamsik A. Patel

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      I get over 250% of my initial investments on my my portfolio.

    2. Amateur Trader

      One feature of ben is the use return on investment calculation on his portfolio to compare the magnitude and timing of gains from investment directly to the magnitude and timing of investment costs and it guarantees maximum profits.

    3. Karl Betrand

      I do my trades with Ben from Germany.

    4. Karl Betrand

      Ben monitors investments and makes adjustments to the portfolio to maximize profits also using the return on investment to calculate.

    5. Johnathan Hung

      I do my trades from Philippines

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