Candlestick Charting 

How to Use Advanced Candlestick Analysis in Forex – Webinar Day 2


In this webinar I reveal you progressed candlestick analysis methods.


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34 Thoughts to “How to Use Advanced Candlestick Analysis in Forex – Webinar Day 2”

  1. Sugandi Lim

    Thanks for the great video Nick !

  2. cartoon80s90s

    As a noob, I found this a very informative and enjoyable seminar. 2 down, 1 to go.

  3. JulianEpsilon

    Your five minute PA scalping strategy sounds really interesting, have you published any other information about it? I’m trying to learn a large variety of PA, and although in the long run I’d like to use the higher time-frames because of their greater reliability and lower maintenance, I’m impatient to learn and I figure it’ll be easier to translate these skills into higher time-frames than lower. and ofc It’s fun. Anyway I’d appreciate it if you could point me towards any information about it if possible. Thanks.

  4. Amin Aziznia

    Thank you. What chart time frame you put your S/R levels? 8H?

  5. Dusmanta Sahoo

    Hi Nick, Can we use these for day trading (intraday)?

  6. Jabulani Nkuna

    Thank you very useful information God bless

  7. Life Of Two Startups

    I’m going to be going through every video you have but so far I have to say — YOU ARE AMAZING ! I understand everything clearly and coming from 0 knowledge to feeling like I understand a bit now is a great feeling. Thank you for all your hard work !


      You’re very welcome!

  8. Sonia Clarke

    Thank You! You are the Best so far, explaining the candle sticks.


      Thanks for the great feedback Sonia!

  9. Steve Coombes

    Really helpful. I loved the comment about candlestick patterns. “try your best to forget this stuff it is really useless”
    Brilliant and it made me laugh with relief that I don’t have to waste my time trying to master them.
    I love the simplicity of your approach and hopefully I can make it work for me.
    Thank You


      Thanks for the great feedback Steve! I’m glad you like my approach and I think that you can make it work for you 🙂

  10. Fernando Kerber

    Very good explanation! Thank you so much for your teaching. Hugs from Brazil


      Thanks for the great feedback Fernando!

  11. Samara R.D

    OMG !!!! FINALLY I FOUND SOMEONE WHO GOES INTO DEEPER ANALYSIS … I LOVE ADVANCED STUFF! Also you made me laugh because of banning the guy 😀



  12. Papa Nabri

    Good explanation. You are a good man. May God bless you all the days of your life.


      Thanks for the kind compliment!

  13. ken dr

    you have the gift of making it simple and easy to follow….thanks, “I’ll be back!”


      Thanks for the awesome feedback, I’m glad you’re finding it useful!

  14. Khalil Sabri

    You ‘re the best !! thank youu


      Thanks Khalil!

  15. Nelson Filho

    I just have to thank !!! I am from Brazil, and I use price action in my operations, in any type of stock market in which I work, and it always worked, but with security it was only now through his classes, gratitude for the knowledge and the lack of interest in putting the lessons for free. Hugs from Brazil!!!


      Hugs from the UK Nelson – thanks so much for the support, I am glad that you are able to find the strategies useful and applicable! Have an awesome weekend 😀

  16. Mary Terpo

    Thank you for your time and effort !! You are the ONLY one that takes the time, to guide newbies through this fun and crazy Forex journey. I have learned, soooo much if not everything from you. God Bless YOU !!


      Really appreciate your kind words Mary! I do my best to teach as many people that cross my path – here’s to an exciting 2018!

  17. Howard Hill

    Very helpful Nick, for range trading as well as continuations. Thank you.


      Glad you find them a help Howard!

  18. theluggage

    Nick, yes, it was an awesome webinar, thank you!! So much useful information doted between the rambling, hehehe


      Thanks, really do appreciate the kind words!

  19. MrEmoy Entertainment

    I like the way you put things simple…thank u


      If you can’t explain something in simple terms, you don’t understand it!

  20. yuusuf mohamed

    Thank you very much Nick! I learnt a lot from your webinars! You are so generous!


      Thanks for tuning in Yuusuf, appreciate the support!

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