Why John McAfee Might Just Be Right About a Million Dollar Bitcoin Soon


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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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38 Thoughts to “Why John McAfee Might Just Be Right About a Million Dollar Bitcoin Soon”

  1. Crypto DonFepe

    Great to see u rockstar!!

  2. faekz

    McAfee is just working out the basic maths. 👍 hopefully

  3. Travioli

    you’re the man! love to hear it!

  4. Robert K

    Amigo: It is still $2.80 in Miami 🙂

  5. TJ

    Yo peeps, don’t let the banks own bitcoin too!

    1. Crypto retirement? Probably not

      TJ too late. What do you think 2017 was

    2. 🔥LITT🔥

      Lol Crypto retirement. Do you know how many retail traders still own bitcoin? Alot. Heck entire third world countries own bitcoin. So with that said: Banks are to late. If they wanted to capitalize on bitcoin they should’ve bought in heavy during 2009-2016.

  6. NaturalHI

    Wow Digibyte!

  7. John K

    Hey Crytpt0! You had your Fatal attraction comments disabled. Wanted to say that was intense! Had to watch it twice. Dang she is… Dangerous! I was sweating watching your role play. Enjoyable. Good stuff!

  8. Stock Fadi

    hey man.. LOVE the Soundgarden shirt!

    1. Lambo Calrissian

      And the Pecs 😍

    2. Dan Mac

      You can’t even see it and you already say you love it. It could say : soundgarden sucks

  9. faekz

    Gas here in Miami I can find 87 octane around 2.75

  10. Greg Daponte

    Facebook is way out of line. Im looking forward to projects like # YOYO

  11. jester

    2% of dollars are printed. the rest is electronic.

    1. Yemaya Ra

      I’m quite confident from my research into the IMF that at any given time there is max $100Mil circulation here in the states. Of course it is in their best “interest” to artificially inflate this number for many obvious reasons. However when the bank runs occur BTC will be invaluable.

    2. Bradly Brad

      The dollar: the original crypto

    3. Time Keeper

      jester Good point

  12. Zo Oz

    If inflation runs rampant, $1 Million is easy.

    1. daniel Legler

      We would need Hyperinflation on a global level. So yes its possible.

  13. Jack's Vocals

    Soundgarden tee: like smashed with ten ton hammer

  14. Quis Ut Deus

    Damn, I thought $2.55/gallon was high in VA…$4.50 is crazy.

    1. Teewum

      $3.70 in seattle

    2. Sari Sari Store

      $2.45 in Alabama

    3. trapped cat

      $20 here in the future

    4. Rikkerd Harderz

      Please stop, $2.55/GALLON? In the Netherlands we pay around 2$ PER LITER (that’s around 7.50$ per gallon)

    5. Habeev07

      Yea its like $3.40 in the PNW. Idk whats coming… ALL I know is I wont buy any of that Banker- created greed-token – XRP. XD!!! BTC, ETH, and LTC only !!!!

  15. Michael

    00:00 Market Sentiment
    03:31 John McAfee: Million Dollar Bitcoin
    04:47 Bond Yield Curve Inversion
    08:22 Inflation
    10:17 Future Prices
    12:29 Zucked

    1. Dirk Diggler

      Why did he disable comments on his acting video?

    2. Glyn Taylor


    3. greentea

      Ah but would you still be on fb if you didn’t get Zuckered?

    4. CharleyB 1975


  16. Mr Smith

    The only gold or bond i can afford right now is Gold Bond

  17. Zaz Turoc, PhD

    Congratulations to DIGIBYTE for its new partnership with U-Pay! 👏😊😊💕💥🥂❤️💫

  18. PL

    Nice rant today man! Weaving the whole picture together.

  19. Encore ForReal

    Always <3 your vids! #Fightforprivacy hahah

  20. Crypto Conversations

    Love it…

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