Bitcoin Flash Crash / McAfee Changes Mind: $1,000,000 Dollar BTC by 2020! / Nasdaq Futures / More


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22 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Flash Crash / McAfee Changes Mind: $1,000,000 Dollar BTC by 2020! / Nasdaq Futures / More”

  1. Silas

    with news like this,…who cares i’m 1st
    breathe in breathe out, i recommend

  2. Jose Arteaga

    Buy silver on friday. Got slammed again today!!!!

  3. Aditya Sharma

    I think this attack was also a result of a prime time news channel debating on bitcoin today in India. The pro guy kept sayings its risky and the not for bitcoin just kept saying it was a bubble and ppl were just fomoing. The whole time they couldn’t get the co-founder or something of Zebpay to connect due to technical difficulties. And at the end of the show I just felt it was too negative and not a single pro of bitcoin or crypto currency was discussed.

  4. benjamin adams

    damn i must have missed a few videos, your hair is gone!

  5. The Great Gambino

    Damn dude great lighting.

  6. liberty justice

    Bitcoin. is KING. This will be a day long remembered

  7. Boonespeed

    @crypt0 you are consistent, and awesome, consistently awesome brother. keep on keeping on!

  8. Hazeee

    iOS App Store has Coinbase at 33 currently on their top free apps! 🙂

  9. mark idaho

    Thanks Omar

  10. Chedd Chancho

    Omar, many investors have spent a lifetime involved in markets controlled and manipulated by insiders and market “specialists” on Wall st. Clearly there is no way to keep out these sharks…but let’s all be aware of their mindset (lie, cheat, steal, greed) and see if we can’t leverage the technology and decentralization to keep the platform doing good for mankind. On an abstract level the beauty of the platform (blockchain) is to eliminate middlemen. Futures contracts/traders are the ultimate (and oldest) middlemen. They exist (in a pure sense) to provide a middleman between the owner of a good, and time value/risk associated with that good. (e.g. farm crops). There should be technological ways (not human middleman) to allow hedging and speculating on the block-chain via smart contracts. When I hear the big-players getting into this role (market makers) you should be on HIGH alert! my 2-bits worth.

    1. Crypt0

      +Chedd Chancho Couldn’t agree more, Chedd. I’m with you on approaching this cautiously…thanks for sharing your 2 cents here.

  11. Rimmy Blumpkin

    Your prouncing Mcafee like mcdonald’s mccafe

  12. Todd Rockwell

    Way better format of doing shout outs and donation q/a’s lumped together at intervals rather than stopping your flow.

  13. Иван Грицкевич

    sold the entire Ethereum bought bitcoin

  14. Marc Shuter

    Much needed piece of good news today man, really appreciate your content – keep fighting the good fight man

  15. Some Guy

    You’re the man, man. Keep up the great work

  16. Juuls Vern


  17. Cryptoversity

    Wallace is a good looking young man 🙂

  18. nakism

    BTC will be 1m by December 2019 and 2m to 5m by December 2020.

  19. TKS

    you showed your Meta Mask seed Omar, make sure you delete that wallet.

    1. Crypt0

      Thank you very much, CryptoBoss!! You’re right…I’ve not yet used that wallet but I’ll be sure to destroy it, in case I eventually do on this P.C. Cheers

  20. cryptoBall

    Bothered me when Sheldon said he downloaded the bitcoins to a USB… Cmon Sheldon you can’t download bitcoin..

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