BLOOD IN THE STREETS – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Silver, Gold, Stocks, Bonds, Dollar


LONG-TERM personal pattern evaluation points to years of crashing Stocks, Bonds and also US Dollar; while Silver, Gold, Bitcoin, Litecoin as well as the cryptocurrencies rise to new highs. All of it begins in April 2018 …
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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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24 Thoughts to “BLOOD IN THE STREETS – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Silver, Gold, Stocks, Bonds, Dollar”

  1. Mangetout

    Thanks Bo!

  2. Rolf Eliason

    Hi Ho Silver! AWAY! Tonto has nuthin to do with Toronto. We’re talkin the BIG CITY.

  3. Ghost Aloco

    Awesome stuff my friend….Appreciate the info.

    I see comments below of some of the ones in denial already 😂😂😂. Same stuff as always “crypto is fake … yada yada yada” *yawns

    Wake up and read up before you are double butthurt by the crash and too late to the cheap days of crypto.

    Don’t be that guy that is so bitter and hopeful something will fail only to see it succeed and you miss the boat.


  4. James

    Another excellent informative report. God bless you Bo, for your faithfulness .

  5. Geoff Geoff

    Super-simplistic! Why doesn’t everyone know about this?! 😂

  6. Pluscelamemechose

    I’m so glad you were correct. We need to return to the fundamentals and get away from the psychic reading nonsense. Great job.

  7. Dmitry Bogdanov

    i love how they keep beefing each other with snip)))

  8. Wade Licup

    It’s a miracle and the biblical timing of it all astounds my mind.

    Thank you and God bless, Mr. Polny.

    1. Amber Hernandez

      what do you mean by biblical timing? what scriptures or dispensations/ timeline concepts are you refering to?

  9. D. S.

    For Traders.

    Bo’s report is on my top 3 pick’s list of analysis, I’d put Clif High’s report and Veritaseum Analysis’s in the bunch too.
    If you want to trade on the way up well. Get this Report. His last bull run report Nov-Dec was Awesome.

    1. o b s

      Is there anyone out there that can help me i got scammed and it has left me with nothing I don’t know who or where to turn wondering if I ask on here someone might’s my litecoin address MEbyejt75gKEvNb7XMFL8zPfJaQXercEND
      Please someone help I have under a month to leave my home

  10. RK

    Died on the cross on the same date, too rise again on the precise date. Co-incidence? I think not. You nailed it!

    1. sam gif

      “nailed it”….like the cross….mind=blown

  11. illumin8

    I do appreciate you, Bo.

  12. Dylan Mccanlies

    I know you hope it is. I have a feeling it still has more to go when market goes down. Then, it will be game on:)

  13. NaturalHI

    Interesting video. I believe that this will happen very soon. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Gregg Adams

    Thanks again Bo. Love your videos. God bless.

  15. vimy 15

    i hop so bo .. i’ve been in a bear market w silver and gold and mining equities for 10 years … im tired now

  16. Mohamed Hamdy

    I love the jubilee concept since the first video you made about it.. you brought the hope back to me from a different perspective other than the scientistic analysts

  17. kb 2003

    Dam crypto’s came and wen like bikershorts in the late 80’s

  18. VentionMGTOW

    Nice to hear even though I’m not a trader. I just buy some bitcoin with some of my surplus income every month and go on with my life. The price goes up and down but this is the best strategy I’ve managed to find.

  19. Tony Edwards

    Damn YT didn’t alert me to this video -again!

  20. Victor Frankenstein

    Good luck with that one. Cryptos have played themselves out. Money’s been made, and just the foolish are left gasping for air.

    1. John Sails BTC 3N5NaV7V6yUEiyre6C6Re7bqD9uYz6aHBr

      hehe 🙂 u have no idea

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