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Hammer Candlestick Hindi – Candlestick Analysis Video 6


Hammer Candle Holder Kind is a Favorable Reversal Candle Light. The appearance of a Hammer after a sag suggests that all-time low is nearby and also it's time for the Purchasers and also Bulls to find back in action once more. If you check out it from the 'Tug of War' viewpoint of Customers as well as Sellers you will note that, a Hammer represents an exhausted Vendors collection, and also an emerging purchasers power.
Usually the Body of the Hammer is tiny, and the tail or darkness of the candle light is minimal 2 to 3 times the length of the body.
For a confirmation wait for a subsequent Candle holder to shut over the close of the Hammer.
It truly does not matter if the Hammer candlestick is a Favorable or a Bearish candle light, what matters is it's placement.
With a confirmation from your individual method or indicator that you make use of, Hammer can provide you an included understanding into the behind scenes action of the Market. Be it Indian Securities market or Global Foreign exchange trading market, Candlesticks Patterns job like an appeal.

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  4. Satyajit Mazumdar

    some time I heard higher top higher bottom, what’s the meaning of this?

  5. Madhav Paste

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  8. Sirsendu Sarkar

    Hi Sir, when you are saying we need to have a complimentary confirmation from our system, what do you mean by that? I am a new learner, kindly elucidate what is meant by confirmation from system.

  9. Toward PRO

    sir I hope you make one video on “first red day” pattern

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    Hi sir,
    can we apply it on specific stock chart Like (SBI ,ICICI,SUNpharma) or its applicable for any exchange only.
    usually i am using money control or ICICI direct candle chart.kindly suggest

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    Sir, I have a question at 4:18 min of the video, by seeing at the second last candle can we say it is a hammer? If yes can we say that it is a false signal? Request you to please explain.


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