Candlestick Charting 

Is this the EASIEST Forex Strategy EVER?! Explaining the Japanese Candlestick Patterns!


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Japanese Candlesticks lack an uncertainty one of the most popular way to consider the economic markets.
In today's video clip, I will certainly describe the various candle holder patterns and reveal you the means you can use them to the graphes!

00:54 – Facebook LIVE Streams
01:50 – Line Graph
02:18 – Bar Graph
02:43 – Candle holder Chart
5:23 – Candle holder Patterns
10:55 – Patterns on Graphes
15:30 – Live Charts

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  1. alejandro spampinato

    Wow, keep up the great work!

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      alejandro spampinato 👍

  2. Wesley Mupeta

    I have to confess this video has fully baked me. Watch it and you will thank me later. Great work big bro.

  3. russell steel

    very good lesson, and one every new comer should see. before they attempt any real trading.thanks

    1. ForexSignals TV

      Cheers Russell!

  4. Capt. Quartz

    good work man 👍🏼 keep going on & up , watching you from kuwait 😁

  5. Adrian Palmer Edwards

    Fantastic video yet again Andrew, very informative & concise, yet very easy to follow & understand a truly fantastic job well done amazing.

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      Thank you for your kind feedback Adrian!

  6. Mike Clabaugh

    I want to thank you for your time and help, since I have been watching your videos my success has improved greatly.. last week I was at $48,000 and I brought my account to over 50,000 as of today…

    1. Mike Clabaugh

      Thank you.

    2. ForexSignals TV

      Great to hear that Mike! Geep on the good work! 🙂

  7. Lorand Bokor

    Please record your live trading on Facebook and post it here on your Youtube channel as well, because not everybody can be with you live.I would really appreciate this, I am sure others to, thank you for your videos, very helpful.

    1. ForexSignals TV

      Hi Lorand! All past Facebook live streams will stay on our Facebook page for fans to view even after the stream is over 🙂

  8. sajeev g

    Crystal clear ,no single word is confused,or corrected greatest in my experience

    1. ForexSignals TV

      Thank you for your comment! 🙂

    2. sajeev g

      Welcome and all the very best

  9. Armin Moslemi Pak

    Thank you much Andrew. I have a request if you wish to consider. If it is possible, please have a live stream in both Facebook and Instagram. There might be some fans who do not have access to Facebook, and it is more convenient for them to watch your precious lessons via Instagram Live feature. Again thanks a lot for these lessons and hope see you on Instagram too.

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    2. Dustin Gabriel Walker

      He has special web site where you can find much more informative stuff related to trading and he does live streaming on every Friday on that Web site.


    what candle time i want to trust the daily ,4h or 5 mn thanks

  11. mui muhadresh

    I really love you videos and they are helpful, but please improve your sound quality. Just a filter or something.

  12. Mendeley Borisov

    I am so amazed after watching your videos ….I would inform Mr Ivan from binance exchange

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  13. Micheal Richard

    Strategy is key to success, just make sure it has been used to win trade over time before trusting it.

    1. Bandile Kungawo

      I made profit of $1,010 today with Mrs Kate’s strategy. Reach her on ( com)

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  14. Kev

    Your videos are so good. Thank you. Even when you are showing the basic and obvious it helps to reaffirm things I’ve learnt reading. The way you explain it is excellent👌

  15. Adam Johnston

    Really useful, this could be backtested on multiple charts and used very well. Thanks

  16. A jones

    Hello my name is Alex I just found your video and I’ve watched many before on you tube you explanation of the candles was the first time it has actually made any sense

    I don’t want a signal service but more a mentor or help in 1 on 1 guidance I’m 100% dedicated to learning and was wondering if you would mentor me i would pay you for your time and efforts I’m from Essex but can travel if needed

    Thanks for the great content just got a new subscriber


  17. Robyn

    This is an extremely helpful video. As a novice I’ve never really understood how candlestick patterns work until now. Thank you sir.

  18. Natyia and Keith Spencer

    This was exactly what I needed to see thank you so much for the video demonstration

  19. Aar on

    i have become obsessed with your videos, straight forward, easy to understand and make so much sense. thank you

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    Thanks so much! You’ve helped me understand a great deal in such a short time.

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