Jim Rogers: Market Warnings for All Investors // 2017 bitcoin us dollar collapse market crash 2018


Jim Rogers: Market Warnings for All Investors

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52 Thoughts to “Jim Rogers: Market Warnings for All Investors // 2017 bitcoin us dollar collapse market crash 2018”

  1. crypto currbit

    Thanks again

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you Cryptocurrbit, I appreciate your encouragement 🙂

  2. Finance & Economics

    Great interview! Jim Rogers is one of my favorite people in finance.

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you so much for the kind words Finance & Economics… I hope I wasn’t too nervous during the interview LOL. Mr. Rogers is a legend in the world of finance

    2. interests10

      Warren Buffet, John Templeton and Peter Lynch are…… legends.

    3. David Moadel

      Indeed they are

  3. Chad Lickinstein

    He says he will have to sell his metals! Guess he believes the dollar is valuable

    1. David Moadel

      Interesting point Chad Lickinstein, thank you for the comment sir

    2. Lk T

      Live in Asia if you like 3 am wake.

    3. Abba Okoro

      Chad Lickinstein
      No he means the gold backed yuan(coming soon) is valuable

  4. Wallace

    Dang man, great work getting sir Rogers. Keep it up

    1. 007jjb

      Mr Rogers is a remarkable man and so personal, I have received emails from him personally.

    2. David Moadel

      I agree 007jjb, he is generous with his time and knowledge

    3. Lk T

      Like to see a interview with Paul Tudor Jones if you can scramble that too,it be great.

    4. David Moadel

      Yes indeed Lk T, that would be great, I did try to e-mail him and no reply yet, but I am persistent and will keep trying

  5. Broadhurst Gardens

    He sounds like an honest voice in a sea of financial doom and gloom vested interest bull shitters that infest Youtube

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the comment Broadhurst Gardens, I agree that Mr. Rogers is a truly honest individual

  6. Shubham Arya

    Market crush and market recover this is the power of finance

    1. David Moadel

      Indeed you are correct shubham, thank you for the comment

  7. Lk T

    He could be right again, that gold/silver are possibly in a huge bubble, and to sell..

    1. Lk T

      Jim is one of the most honest cats around and is not paid to hype like so many are.

    2. downtownCAIRO

      I dont think he’s suggesting they are in a bubble now, I think he expects lower prices short term, and a bubble forming long term in which case he would be forced to sell.

    3. David Moadel

      I agree Lk T

    4. David Moadel

      I agree downtownCAIRO, that sounds like what he was saying, if I am interpreting it correctly. I can’t imagine that anybody would say that gold and silver are in a bubble now; maybe in 2011, but not now.

    5. Lk T

      the puts flew…for gold and silver…YES

  8. The Money Trend

    Always love listening to Mr Rogers. Great insight

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the comment The Money Trend, I agree that Mr. Rogers always has great insights to share.

  9. spencereng

    I like Jim Rogers a lot, but he’s been warning of the same things for as long as I can remember. The way I see it is if you’re an active or semi active investor there’s no need to be on the sidelines do to economic concerns or fear of future financial bubbles. Just monitor your positions, use money/risk management techniques and honor your stop losses. You never know if a correction will lead to a bear market or continue higher, but it shouldn’t matter if you’re using good risk management. A black swan event could occur at any given time, but you can’t do anything about those so you just have to live with that rare possibility.

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the comment spencereng, I respect your position on these issues.

    2. Satoshi Nakamoto

      A crash is built into the market. Will be inflation driven, or outright falling price and liquidity crunch, no one knows. The fed has successfully distorted every market from reality. Whats next is hard to tell. but I predict rising prices, followed by more rising prices.

  10. Dr. Dunkelweiss

    Great interview.  I really appreciated his input regarding Bitcoin as every average Joe still expects Bitcoin to go to the moon.  Not so sure myself-I think it is in for a significant correction.

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you very much for the nice comment Dr. Dunkelweiss, I personally wouldn’t be surprised if bitcoin has a correction after this wild run-up. But, that could present a nice opportunity for nimble traders

    2. simonhhh100

      David Moadel absolutely correct

    3. MrCagatorio

      why not both? compared to 2007 bitcoin has already hit the moon and it has seen many major corrections on its way up. this trend will continue.

  11. mr.mixleplix

    Jim knows damn well its all about hype and spooking the markets to trigger a collapse at key technical levels.

  12. Scott Sherman

    David, thank you. I so enjoy your tweets and videos.

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you very much Scott, I am glad to provide these and hope that they are helpful and educational.

  13. Squidlings

    Never heard of Jim Rodgers before, but what a lovely bloke. Sit and listen for hours…

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the nice comment Squidlings.

  14. Kerry King

    Enjoyed this. I’m getting ready

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you Kerry, I am glad that you enjoyed the video.

  15. MrQmason

    Love Jim Rogers …….. !

    1. David Moadel

      Yes he’s awesome

    2. Finding the Others

      Thank God Jim wasnt ‘working out’ on his home-trainer during this interview and he ‘somewhat’ upgraded his mic set-up……

  16. jack cogburn

    All of his books are exceptionally good.

    1. David Moadel

      I agree!

  17. Mike X

    “We’re all the same”, he’s got that right.

  18. Roland Parks

    Rogers is número uno to me. Good Interview….

    1. David Moadel

      Thanks Roland, I’m a fan too and I’m glad I got to speak to him

  19. Stratford1

    Jim Rogers missed out on massive gains when he left the US, then Asia got hit hard. Rogers lost a lot, believe me. He left the USA at the bottom and went to Asia at the top.

  20. Anthony Bowling

    Sounds like a reasonable prediction, stay in the market with some money on the side. Buy the blowout and monitor your positions carefully.

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the comments Anthony

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