Candlestick Charting 

Learn Forex Trading: Candlestick Entry Techniques


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35 Thoughts to “Learn Forex Trading: Candlestick Entry Techniques”

  1. John Walker

    Man even though I had studied all of them before watching this, I really enjoyed it, your illustration is great! Keep it up respect

    1. Niels Mikaelsen

      *WOW, I am winning each and very trade with big lot, thanks god to make me reach, follow the instruction and win from here ***

    2. Ovidio Sabbatini

      *Yes! Its time to make successful trading life, follow the world best trading strategy >> **** .*

  2. Mawande Mulungo

    Thank you so much bud this was really helpful n I really learned knew things from this video.

  3. Trade Moore

    Great video Danny. Nice job explaining candlestick entry techniques. I love trading Forex, and my favorite pair to trade is EUR/USD.. I also like trading the AUD/USD.

  4. movement918

    Omg bro I couldn’t take hearing u say “right” at the end of EVERY sentence
    Such great info but Jeez

  5. Triple M

    Sometimes I get the impression that it is another person behind who says “right” so the word has nothing to do in the sentence.

    1. dimoko harry

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  6. Bo Wanngård

    Being an old cinematographer and tv-producer, I really appreciate you excellent quality in in video technique and in handling. The audio is a forgotten art…. OK, I’m old and perhaps need clear and audio with great dynamics. Started trading at age 78. It’s a fantastic way to get the small friends inside my head keeping up with their daily routines. And some extra GOLD is always nice. I also trade some Binary Option. Crazy​ – but a lot of adrenaline…

  7. Trade Moore

    Thank you Daniel… Your illustrations and entry rules are really good. My favorite forex pair to trade is the EUR/USD!

  8. Liao Estey

    I recomend *First Million Road* for daily income

  9. Vander 360

    hi, tyvm for sharing so many suggestions and knowledge :D, do you have any video about how to plot resistences and supports lines? i’m a mess doing that 🙁

  10. Dakao Do

    “Danny G dropped some knowledge! I’m not just gonna trade three soldiers, I’m gonna trade all the soldiers!” I had a good laugh!

    Tying in the major S/R levels was a really good emphasis point. Ignore at your own peril. One of many regrets I have from my ignorant, early trading days.

    I’ll check some of your more recent videos next. No new info for me, but enjoyed the presentation and your honest, unscripted approach. I personally prefer to de-block the price action by going to a compressed lower timeframe on line chart, instead of trying to infer price action inside a higher timeframe candle. The trade-off is that S/R levels become even more vital for me to do so.

    Been 2 years since you put up this vid, but a presentation tip I noticed from some guru/mentor type guys with smooth sales pitches. One of them came out up front and said, “Guys, there are a lot of candle patterns. Now I’m not here to tell you what the difference is between three soldiers and three crows, morning or evening stars. You can find all that info on the Internet. What we’re going to look at is the price action going on inside each period, that makes up these candles.”

    I thought that was a pretty smooth way to cover up the fact that HE DIDN’T KNOW WTF HE WAS TALKING ABOUT. Much better in both cases to simply just do the homework for 15 mins and have some notes on hand. After years of sim/live trading, I’ll be effed if I can name every pattern now. But I do it like he was saying — just trade the price action inside the candles.

    P.S. Hope you don’t show your live account # and broker on videos anymore!

  11. K Claiborn

    Thanks for the video – it was really good! LOL @ Probability – also, given that you are sharing some precious knowledge, you can say “right” as much as you want

  12. Franklin Lyembela

    Shout out to you bro, this piece of knowledge is what i have been missing!! Am Subscribed!

  13. H2P

    Started my life long journey of Trading this was a great perspective on entry points!!

  14. Ikechukwu Ugwuagu

    Candlestick charting is extremely accurate. It will give you a very accurate set of prices for the time period in question: the open, low, high, and close prices. I learnt this from my trade agent.

    1. bleu fulgence

      can U help me to get a good training?

  15. Pucciotti Francesco

    👍 video, totally grateful for this. I took my trading to the new level with real risk management method and stop losses. I learnt so much in couple of months with Lukasz Wilhelm.

  16. frenando james

    Trading forex have never been easy with out a good guide from a mentor/expert

    1. Johnson Brooks

      @Alice Tinker i heard that Mr Drew Adams trading system allows you to monitor your account in order for you to also learn from him

    2. Rosy Foster

      Mr Drew Adam have been so impressing trading with him have made me a lot profit am so happy i met him

  17. Davis Brown

    Trading can be complicated but when approached by a professional and expert. It becomes profitable

    1. Alexander Rowan

      Davis Brown I didn’t expect to begin earning profit so soon. I trust Alex completely now. I couldn’t trust another to handle my trade with someone like Alex in charge. I keep making profit

    2. David Neal

      I remember my first trade with him. I thought I had lost it all. He does have a way of making you believe like a preacher I’ll say but why shouldn’t he? He’s earning me genuine profit. Thank you Alex

    3. Houston Bella

      I’m just glad he chose to help a sister for mom like me. I love you sir Alex. Who would think trading so profitable but it is

  18. James Pham

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    1. Brian McPherson

      Thanks anyways

    2. Shiloh Novick

      It’s worked I got paid this week, Jim oddain is an amazing EA

  19. Billy howe

    Whatever strategy you ultimately end up with, the losses it does produce must be of a degree that you can easily accept them.

    1. micheal grebb

      He handles my trade. I am comfortable with him execution style and he makes huge profits for me in the space of days. we started trading since February and here we are still chasing money together lol.i just cashed out yesterday again 21,750 Euro after investing 2000 Euro

    2. Jessica Lawrence

      All this contribution will help amateurs to learn. thank you.

    3. micheal grebb

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  20. Felix .C. Olofsson

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