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Profitable Trading with Candlestick Patterns For Beginners To Advance Traders Part II Hammers


Here is exactly how to trade candle holder patterns successfully, this is part-II for trading hammer pattern with basics of hammer, psychology of hammer, analysis and trading methods that conserves you out of phony hammers and save your resources. Also there are techniques to integrate candle holder with pattern line, trend channel as well as assistance and resistance degrees.

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6 Thoughts to “Profitable Trading with Candlestick Patterns For Beginners To Advance Traders Part II Hammers”

  1. Venkata Ramanujam

    great video and well -explained Rakesh..

    1. Rakesh Solanki

      Thank you Venkata Ramanujam for your appreciation.

  2. kanchan pranjale

    thanks for giving very good knowledge sir

    1. Rakesh Solanki

      Thanks for your appreciation Kanchan Pranjale.

  3. Damian Marks

    @rakeshsolanki Hello, I am 20 Years old and I see traders on instagram flashing their lifestyle, many want to be like them, so here is my question for you. In this digital age, anyone can learn anything, only the select few that do constant research our the winners right?

  4. Johnson Anthony

    del i5 is good laptop for trading?


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