Million Dollar Cash Out Plan (Next Bull Run)


What is my plan to "cash out" during the next bull run? Bitcoin is establishing the stage to go parabolic once more and excellent sums of cash can be made, or shed throughout these volatile times. Last Bitcoin bull run, I made some errors, but I found out as well as have a plan in position this time to aid safeguard my value, while still being able to guess in the direction of the million dollar profile mark.

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰.
00:08 Introduction.
00:25 An Additional Allegorical Bull Run Is Getting Ready To Happen.
00:45 Mistakes Made Last Bull Run.
01:17 I Have Learned & Changed My Strategy.
01:43 Having A Squander Plan Is A Wonderful Suggestion.
02:16 My Squander Strategy When We Pass The Old Perpetuity High (20k).
04:34 My Squander Plan When Bitcoin Passes 30k.
05:05 My Cash Out Strategy When Bitcoin Passes 40k.
05:48 My Squander Plan If Bitcoin Passes 50k or Even 60k.
06:11 My Cash Out Plan If Bitcoin Goes Past 60k.
06:25 Benefits of This In A Bearish market.
06:56 Verdict.

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The info consisted of here is for educational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be interpreted to be economic lawful or tax advice. The content of this video clip is only the point of views of the audio speaker that is not a certified financial consultant or signed up financial investment expert. Investing in cryptocurrencies postures substantial threat of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any type of certain end result. Previous efficiency does not show future results. Open CDPs at your own risk!

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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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31 Thoughts to “Million Dollar Cash Out Plan (Next Bull Run)”

  1. Chico Crypto

    ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
    00:08 Introduction
    00:25 Another Parabolic Bull Run Is Getting Ready To Take Place
    00:45 Mistakes Made Last Bull Run
    01:17 I Have Learned & Changed My Strategy
    01:43 Having A Cash Out Plan Is A Great Idea
    02:16 My Cash Out Plan When We Pass The Old All Time High (20k)
    04:34 My Cash Out Plan When Bitcoin Passes 30k
    05:05 My Cash Out Plan When Bitcoin Passes 40k
    05:48 My Cash Out Plan If Bitcoin Passes 50k or Even 60k
    06:11 My Cash Out Plan If Bitcoin Goes Past 60k
    06:25 Benefits of This In A Bear Market
    06:56 Conclusion

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    1. SHAZOM

      At the end of this bull market, BTC will be over 350K, so would have lost some good money.

    2. BOB WADAS

      @Hybrid Alien But the end gameis to see if the hype lives up to it..and it did for me. So thats not hype, it just what happened and what can still happen for other is they use common sense and invest wisely and dont become a casulity ike 75% of the NBA plays who file for bankrupty. My money is just a life ins policy I didnt have to $700 a month for..nobody knows how mkuch money is in my safety boxes, but they will each get a key for a box.The hype would be bad if it cant live up to expectations…the hype surpassed what was expected and there is nothing wrong with that as long as its done right. All the hype about Michael Jordan coming into NBA was surpassed. Hype is bad if it is right.

    3. BOB WADAS

      @SHAZOM One needs to deposit, for example, $200 worth of ETH to receive $100 worth in stablecoins in return. In this case, even if the price of the underlying asset depreciates by 20%, the stablecoin can still keep its price stable as there are still $160 worth in ETH collateral backing the value of the stablecoin.”

      You can see a potential downside immediately.

      What if the value depreciates even more? That’s where “margin call”-like feature comes in, requiring you to send more Ether into the smart contract or risk losing you DAI.

    4. BOB WADAS

      @a b Yea, that Bill Clintons buddy….choose your manner of execution… I wonder what became of the children Obama gave to sex trafficers and if its tied to that ?

    5. Hyper Hektor

      bitcoin will not peak at 100k because it always shoots over the popular prediction.
      On the first run prediction was 1000usd , but BTC achieved 1150$(twice)
      last run was predicted by most with 5-10K , but acheived 19666$
      so i am pretty sure the peak will not 100k$ but more like 115-196K.

  2. Richard Olsen

    The road to success is paved with mistakes

    1. Nice2347

      Richard Olsen you have no coins son

    2. Nice2347

      Richard Olsen lol haha you don’t huh?! Jesus

  3. Colin Talks Crypto

    Good video. It seems very similar to the one I made on cashing out. However, I think you are starting way too early on your cashout plan. Historically every bull run has GROSSLY surpassed any previous ATH. So by starting to sell 10% increments of your portfolio around the $20k mark, you are grossly undercutting your potential gain. The $20k mark is not grossly surpassing the previous ATH.

    1. Colin Talks Crypto

      Here’s the video I made on a “cash out plan”:

  4. Max G

    Hey Chico Cypto, thanks for a great show and doing all the digging no one want’s to do! How important do you think privacy in social media is? VID is doing good things to improve privacy and user control of data in social media. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts around privacy and what options we have.

  5. Hutchy

    How do you setup up loaning your Dai?

  6. Tim dumbass

    dude you must have a mad gym routine whats your work out plan?

  7. Derek Dat Do

    Nice plan. I’m going to steal this strategy as well. Thank Chico, very much appreciated. Awesome video.

  8. Quality Design Apparel

    Thank for your honesty… Great Content!!

  9. Gr8 BTC

    Dont cash out,,,,,,, Loan out your crypto and watch it GROW

  10. Gordon Freeman

    Hi Chico, been watching your videos for a month now. Amazing content. Last bull I couldn’t lock in any profits but this video makes total sense to me. I have a question though. What’s the best exchange to convert btc to dai without verification?

  11. RB Woodward

    You been writing for Consensys, Ty?…’Industry Rages When Consensys Fails to Include Cardano on List of Most Active Blockchain Projects’

  12. Victor C

    one of the few good ones here in crypto

  13. Taib Elhousni

    Thanks from Morocco for all these instructions
    This is one of your best video

  14. Leo Hunter

    Subscribed. Thank you for the very useful videos and the subjects not many talk about.

  15. Nik D

    Expendable youths
    fighting for possession
    Having control of the principle obsession
    Rivalry and retribution
    D I G I B Y T E the only solutiooooooooooooooooooooooooon

    1. Pertama Trading

      SLAYER!! 🤟 🤘

  16. Seb Joseph

    From a hodlers point of view I don’t have the emotional stability to time the market

  17. Kryptofreedom

    what if bitcoin goes to 200-300k and youre sitting deep in cash?

    1. sirus312

      What if bitcoin is going to 200-300 dollars and you are in deep cash?

  18. Crypt Encrypt

    Dude, you’re not outside

  19. Mr s zee

    Has anyone got a link to a tutorial on dye stable coin with the interest ???

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