When You Should Dollar Cost Average into Bitcoin


Dollar Price Balancing into Bitcoin/ Altcoins has been a common piece of recommendations in the remark sections. Today we'll discuss whether you ought to buck cost average into Bitcoin, just how it is various from stocks, and why I do not use all of it the moment.

For those of you unfamilar, dollar price averaging is where you take an amount of cash (allow's claim $10,000) and rather than spending everything in Bitcoin today (also referred to as "round figure investing"), you divided it out over a specific amount of time. In this video, the instance I make use of is 10 weeks. For that reason, you put in $1,000 at the exact very same time each week no matter what Bitcoin's rate is. This smooths out volatility.

Extra significantly, it will require you to a collection of regulations as well as lower your psychological response to rate action in Bitcoin. If you round figure invest and Bitcoin suddenly drops, it is an excruciating place to be in. Nevertheless, it is worth noting round figure investing is typically much better for advancing market. Setting specific buy degrees (as opposed to times to purchase) is much better for those who have higher conviction about the markets and also recognize the effects of their choices. That's what I do on this network for the most part.

Nevertheless, when you are uncertain, dollar expense averaging is an excellent technique as well as I have actually utilized it myself simply recently with altcoins before the Bitcoin 2X cancellation. On top of that, if you really feel FOMO or the impacts of FUD, buck price averaging will certainly be a much better approach for you. Feel free to allow me know your thoughts!

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None of what I provide in my videos is investment suggestions. Please do your very own due diligence.

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26 Thoughts to “When You Should Dollar Cost Average into Bitcoin”

  1. Truth Investor

    I hope you all enjoyed the video! As usual, my written thoughts are in the description along with some fancy new sellout referral links for Amazon. In all seriousness, I use all of it and would refer to family as well. I’d love to hear your thoughts on dollar cost averaging vs. lump sum investing for Bitcoin. Stronger case for using it here than in stocks due to lack of dividends (worth noting that for proof-of-stake altcoins, lump sum investing is almost certainly better if factoring out emotions). Thanks for watching!

    1. spartan azeez

      Crypto Investor hi, I m working on a new crypto currency concept with real value , I need some help from guys like you, if you can share me ur email address , we can communicate and take it further .

    2. DM

      Great videos, keep up the good work!

    3. Kamil Gorgolewski

      Crypto Investor Would you be able to provide date and time (including time zone) at the beginning of every video? As you often discuss current situation of the Bitcoin and what to expect anytime soon, it would help a lot to know when exactly the video was recorded. Would much appreciate it.

    4. Roger

      @Crypto Investor Can you please do a commentary on the upcoming BTC futures on CME and what if any impact you think this will have on not only BTC but the crytos in general, many thx

    5. Insurance Casino

      What is much better is price averaging. This way you can control the risk much better. If coin is at 10 and goes to 5 then invest same amount. basically.

  2. Brian B

    I just started reading Cryptoassets last night. Glad to hear you recommended it today!

  3. twon23

    Could you keep your steemit up to date? And upload to Dtube as well? Great videos you’re doing, keep it up!

    1. Truth Investor

      Going to start being more active with Steemit for sure – just been busy with everything else recently.

  4. N. Alkmim

    irational exuberance, I’ve seen this before

    1. 000dodo000

      N. Alkmim  Oh yes! Very polite of you: “exuberance” :))) I call it a mania. But I am fascinated to watch and read what those wannabe millionaires write. Mostly 500$ “investors” Fun and pathetic at the same time. Cheers!

  5. 000dodo000

    @ Crypto Investor and y’all  
    I like this channel. I’ve been watching it for a couple of weeks. Crypto Investor is obviously someone who understands finance and markets, economy maybe. His subscriptions have doubled since I’ve started watching. Very good. (i would have betted on that)

     A few comments that may be of little interest:
    This channel preaches to the coir. Mostly young people who are gambling, sorry, investing, very little money. Like Japanese in the jungle they are all true believers and shall remain such. Now I hear Crypto talking about investing 10K. That is advice to who has at least 200K “traditionally” invested. Or to who can lose 10K with out being too much upset. Not exactly what I believe the demographic of this channel is.
     Crypto basically speaks of sentiment, greed and fear. He’s warned you that,  to “invest” in Cryptocurrencies, you would need to have the calm and peace of mind of a Buddha, or be totally reckless. That is what I have understood at least. I think he’s being very honest
    Keep in mind that I’m old 55 and European. So very old fashioned, conservative, and very ignorant of web technology. 
    I am watching this channel because I believe that Bitcoin and Crypto currencies are the modern day equivalent of the Dutch Tulip Mania of the 16th century. That does not mean you can’t make money on it, but a crash is obviously imminent (six months at most?). It’s now a Pyramid scheme.
    The fun is that, given the extreme volatility of Bitcoin, I can watch all this “fast forward”. It is the very essence of a speculative bubble! Fun to watch. Like a train crash were nobody gets killed.: as I’ve said, I don’t see big portfolios in this game. Bitcoin has only about 100 billions invested. Other Cryptocurrencies less than 100 million USD :)))
    I don’t even know how to call it. Forex on steroids?
    Moral of the story, if anyone has bothered to read this excessively long post is:

     First, Bitcoin, in my opinion, will never be a currency. Something one buys stuff with. Like the Dutch bought tulip bulbs not to plant them and sell the flower :)) It’s a speculation and a high risk one. The highest Beta Coefficient i’ve ever seen in my life!
    Second, 3 days ago I’ve got on a reputable trading platform and “trained”, gambled with 50k USD, NOT real money!
    I’ve “bough” 25k $ of Cryptocurrencies. I.e. I’ve bought a portfolio following the “rules” of diversifying, and kept “dry powder”. As of this very moment Saturday 02:00 A.M.  in Europe, Friday 8 o’ clock Friday E.T. in the US I am under $30,00. After being up as far as $2k and down 500$. Buying 25,000,00 USD of Cryptocurrency and theoretically depositing fake $50.000,00 capital
    My theoretical portfolio has 35% in Bitcoin and the rest evenly spread out in Etherum, Ripple, Monero, Litecoin and NEO. (apart from the first two I have no idea what the others are).
    Actually, the reason I am not losing is because the last four I’ve mentioned did quite well initially and Monero and NEO are doing well (whatever they are).
    So I did a very high risk “investment” to gain zero in 3 days (3 years in a conventional portfolio). Going up and down wildly.
     I posted one other time saying that all this is the definition of a bubble. A nice person quipped that I was sore that I didn’t get on the Bitcoin train. Well, if I had got on that train,  had I bought at the beginning at $30 I would have sold at 300 USD max! so I wouldn’t have made much money considering I would have never dreamed to buy more than $6.000 worth. And as a joke. So I would have made less than 54.000 USD IF I had bough at the beginning. Not that much, but fun yes, and exciting. And it would have shown a preoccupying tendency on my part to gamble. And that’s it.
     Therefore, I am convinced that this Bitcoin/Altcoin Fad is a fad. A game at best for someone who likes to check his PC/Smartphone 10X more than his FB account. Or someone who, down to his last few $ hopes to make a come back.
     My question is: why don’t go to Vegas. Why don’t play high stakes poker? Bet on horses? Buy art: worst case scenario you’ll have a worthless painting that is decorative and you like hanging on your wall. I mean dear Crypto Investor, this is fun! But one can’t pretend it’s serious? Really!
     My bet is that is going to be over very soon. But the technology behind it is very interesting and potentially very valuable.
     For you Crypto Investors and true believers. One question: how much is a Bitcoin worth?  ($ one can use to trade Brent etc.) Bitcoin? Can’t even become a collector’s item :)))
    Thanks and best of luck to you all. Good Job Crypto 😉

  6. mexiconick99

    great vid

  7. 000dodo000

    Crypto Investor subscriptions have grown in 2 months more than Bitcoin since it’s start.

  8. Business Bitcoin

    i have new proof of payment
    no scam
    its real platforme
    try you see

  9. Michael Hebo

    Bought the cryptoassets book through your link 🙂
    Keep up the informative videos, you’re my favorite crypto-channel!

  10. The sad Milhouse

    Great vídeo!
    Cheers from Brazil

  11. quality333

    you will lose if you keep checking bitcoin or any coin for that matter on a daily basis . Set it and forget it or else the swings can drive you up a wall and you end up making bad decisions out of panic

  12. CryptoHersh

    Great Stuff, Thx!

  13. Twinkle Toes

    Please do a video on this bch rise. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Norad

    I have 6K after selling all my shitcoins, have my limit in for 3 orders. 0.32 @6400, 0.2 @6000, and 0.49 @5500. @6400 0.32 is filled 😁😁😉😉

  15. FrozenEternity

    This channel is seriously undervalued. Great info and explained very clearly!

  16. Mac Smith

    went all in on Nov 17th 🙂

  17. Muzeishen

    Thanks for the great advice!

  18. swamygee

    What? Where did you get that definition from, just curious. From what I know, If I get paid 5k per month and I invest 1k a month in crypto, that is still DCA.

  19. 2000jago

    Looks like we’re back at the price of BTC when this video was first made.

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