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31. How to Trade the Hammer Hanging Man Candlesticks


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A lesson on how to trade the Hammer and also Hanging Man Candlestick Chart Patterns for active investors as well as investors in the foreign exchange, futures, and stock exchange.

Like the Spinning Top and Doji which we have studied in previous lessons, the Hammer candlestick pattern is comprised of one candle. The candle light resembles a hammer as it has a long reduced wick and also a short body at the top of the candle holder with little or no upper wick. In order for a candle to be a valid hammer most traders state the reduced wick must be two times above the dimension of the body remedy of the candle light, as well as the body of the candle have to go to the upper end of the trading variety.

When you see the Hammer form in a drop this signifies a potential turnaround in the marketplace as the lengthy reduced wick stands for a duration of trading where the sellers were originally in control however the purchasers had the ability to turn around that control as well as drive prices back up to close near the high for the day, hence the short body on top of the candle.

After seeing this pattern form out there most investors will wait on the following period to open up greater than the close of the previous period to verify that the customers are actually in control.

Two added things that investors will certainly search for to position more value on the pattern are a long reduced wick and also a boost in quantity for the time period that formed the hammer.

Chart Example

The Hanging Male


The Hanging Man is generally the exact same thing as Hammer development but as opposed to being located in a sag it is located in an uptrend. Like the Hammer pattern, the Hanging man has a tiny body near the top of the trading range, little or no upper wick, as well as a lower wick that is at least two times as large as the body of the candle light.

Unlike the Hammer however the selling pressure that develops the lower wick in the Hanging Guy is viewed as a prospective indication of more marketing pressure ahead, even though the candle light enclosed the top end of its variety. While the reduced wick of the Hammer stands for marketing stress too, this is to be anticipated in a downtrend. When seen in an uptrend however selling pressure is an indication of potential extra selling stress to find as well as thus the classification of the Hanging Male as a bearish reversal pattern.

As with the Hammer and just like the majority of one candle patterns most traders will certainly wait on confirmation that marketing stress has actually in reality held by looking for a reduced open on the following candle light. Investors will certainly also place added significance on the pattern when there is an increase in quantity throughout the period the Hanging Guy types in addition to when there is a longer wick.

Chart Instance

That finishes our lesson for today. In our next lesson we will consider two extra turnaround patterns which are known as the Inverted Hammer as well as The Capturing Beginning Candlestick Patterns so we wish to see you because lesson.

As constantly if you have any concerns or remarks please leave them in the comments area listed below, as well as all the best with your trading!

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