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How to Make Consistent Money in Indian Stock Market using Heikin Ashi Indicator (Hindi)


Easy Points Works Like an Appeal in Stock Exchange!

Heikin-Ashi candle holders are a descendant of Japanese candlesticks, a form of charting established in Japan by Munehisa Homma in the 1700s.

The function of HA charts is to filter noise as well as provide a more clear graph of the pattern. For new investors the trend is much easier to see, as well as for knowledgeable investors the HA charts help keep them in trending trades and able to find place turnarounds, while still having the ability to see conventional graph pattern setups

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30 Thoughts to “How to Make Consistent Money in Indian Stock Market using Heikin Ashi Indicator (Hindi)”


    हिंदी में बढ़िया तरीकेसे समजाने के लिए धन्यवाद ,

    1. Impulse Technical

      Shukriya Ganesh !

    2. ramkhelawan singh


  2. chitrakant sahasrabudhe

    do this chart work in live market

    1. Impulse Technical

      Yes , Ofcourse ! if you want this software . we are giving it for free. just call our mentioned office number and request a download.. thanks 🙂

  3. Sanket Pitale

    I was aware of this strategy , but not clear about how to use it. Now it is clear. Thanks Again. Stock market needs also dedication along with patience and disciple.

  4. Arun Sar

    Hi!. Nice Explanation. Will this work on 1 minute charts as well?

  5. Asad Iqbal

    Sir Heiken Ashi candle k Open Close High Low aam candle sy different hota hai tu phr kaisy wohi rate mill skta hai jo heiken Ashi mein hota hai
    kindly solve this confusion..

    1. Aryan Jain

      asal rate min Na mile to neary by Lene chaye……….

    2. Paras Vora

      Asad Iqbal has

    3. Rajarshi Sur

      Haiken ashi candle high low remains always equals to normal candles

    4. jignesh parmar

      Mera bhi yahi question he

  6. Professor Shubham

    Heikin-Ashi I had earlier a lot but learnt practically by your excellent explanation.

    God Bless You

    Can we Heikin-Ashi in Intraday 15 minutes chart.


    Great job Sir….. I’m big fan of you Sir
    I have a Query that …Sir can we apply this strategy in intra-day trading

  8. Share Market Academy

    Sir thank you very much for ur wonderful HELP.This is available in mobile application??This is available or not for mobile application trader.

  9. menka rathi

    Hi Harshub,
    just a question ” do we only have to use 15 mins candle or can we also use 5 mins candle for this strategy?

    1. Impulse Technical

      +menka rathi it’s daily in this strategy

  10. D.s.

    sir u explained this so easily even i know there is many more thing to know in stock market bt i m very inspired after watching these videos ..
    thank u so much…

  11. Indra Singh

    hello sir! i find your video quite good , i would like to ask you, that for the concept of higher high & lower low we have to consider the wicks of the candle or only the body . i know it might sound silly question but please do answer. it’s kind request. Thank you.

    1. Sandeep Chauhan

      wick of the candle

  12. Hindustan meri jaan

    will this strategy work on 15 min time frame

  13. Shailesh Rathod

    thanks sir, very good video. I’m new in stock market n I get very easy explain about Heikeashi chart and also known how can we make profit. thank you sir.

  14. Pravin L

    Can’t watch it on mobile even with 5.5 inch screen. You need to keep that in mind while making these videos.

  15. Sanjay Ramachandra

    For daily time frame, first draw your S/R lines, watch for reversals. Once the second bar preceeds the first one, that’s your signal.

  16. Navin Kumar

    sir please advice , can we apply this startgy for crude oil ?

  17. Prateek Alane

    Thank You Sir..

  18. sanket borole

    Sir paisa ban raha hai…..
    Thank you…god bless you…

    1. N

      Real me ban Raha hai bhai

  19. Hiren Patel


    I have already marked you email for free software as per guided in this video.

    As I am beginner and want to do paper trading to satisfy myself whether i am taking right decision at right time.

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