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How to Read Robinhood Candlestick Charts


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If you want an advanced charting platform check out thinkorswim from td ameritrade

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DISCLAIMER: This video is for home entertainment objectives only. Trade based upon what you recognize as well as recognize not what somebody else claims.

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Regarding This Video clip: In this video Riley discusses exactly how to read candle holder charts in robinhood. Robinhood just launched candle holder graphes so learning exactly how to read candlestick charts in the robinhood platform is important to comprehending what the supply may perform in the future.

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11 Thoughts to “How to Read Robinhood Candlestick Charts”

  1. Riley Coleman

    Do you use something other then robinhood to look at charts and just use robonhood for free commisions? 👇LMK in the comments below 👇

  2. paramountx

    So far Robin hood.

    But I wonder are there any different ones

  3. Donald Butler

    I’m a beginner and this helped me a lot thank you!

    1. Riley Coleman

      You’re welcome!

  4. Death Valley Dazed

    Just discovered your channel via YouTube searching “how to read Robin Hood charts” and like your tutorial. I hope the rest of your videos are as easy to follow as this one. Thanks.

    1. Riley Coleman

      Glad to have you! Hopefully they are! Let me know if you have any questions.

  5. Phillip Chang

    Thanks very much for your great videos. I am trying to use robinhood for options but the format is not very clear to me. I was hoping that you would be able to clarify for me. 1. If I were to set up a put credit spread, is the “average credit” maximum profit potential for the spread? 2. If I were to roll this contract and was able to do this for a credit, is this the new maximum profit potential? I am asking this because when I close the entire trade… for a “positive” total return, it “deducts” from my cash account instead of adding to it. Please help

    1. Riley Coleman

      1. Yes I believe the average credit is the max profit. It’s just saying average in case you get filled at different prices on each option.
      2. If you can roll a contract for a credit you add that credit to what you took in before to make you’re new max profit. When you open a position like this it will take money away from your account because you have a loss potential that is greater then what you can make so it’s just taking it as collateral. When you close it because you have a cash account robin hood generally holds it for a few days. If you had a margin account you will get the money back right away. All cash accounts no matter what broker you use will do this.

    2. Phillip Chang

      @Riley Coleman Thanks! You have the best videos!

    3. Phillip Chang

      Do you offer private sessions?

    4. Riley Coleman

      @Phillip Chang Thanks so much! I don’t at the moment but tomorrow I am launching a website with a trading course and in a month or two will start having private sessions. Always happy to answer any questions you have until then though either on here or over facebook.

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