Protectionist Trump Policies To Crash Dollar, Gold and Bitcoin to Soar


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27 Thoughts to “Protectionist Trump Policies To Crash Dollar, Gold and Bitcoin to Soar”

  1. Mary Williams

    Protect yourself from the mess that’s coming with gold, silver and bitcoin. Get free from Central Powers and embrace sound, limited decentralized currency. Bitcoin continues to go up and grow organically. It has outperformed everything since its inception in 2008 (then at $1 and now at $760 and that’s still cheap).

    1. MainAccount

      +Non Care —Bitcoin is soaring in India, spiked to $1000 US with the cash ban, and they are banning also gold, bitcoin will spread like wildfire there:

    2. TheOlddantucker

      And a lot off water food guns and ammo.

    3. Brad Cordrey

      how can they stop bitcoin? How many ways?

    4. Brad Cordrey

      @John Smith Bitcoin is a blip on a screen. It’s only able to be used because of computers. It all comes down as son as the revolution is over. The jewish commies will take control and their bitcoin is done. The white man wont see he’s going to stop this bullshit with guns and not by computers.

  2. No

    Rules Regulations, Insurance and Tax Requirements have all successfully driven the Small Business, out of business…

  3. asdmatix

    Jeff, I appreciate all that you post. I have to wonder, though, how international free trade in an internationally-rigged market won’t simply drive wages down in the US and eliminate more jobs since manufacturing countries in Asia and elsewhere operate on slave wages.

    Wouldn’t we want to curb consumerism? Protectionism might get us there more quickly – then the masses might experience a paradigm shift from mindless consumerism to getting back to the basics – the production and consumption of basic necessities – food, clothing, shelter, etc. – not a bad thing – especially people learn that they can collaborate and create sustainability at a community level rather than be completely dependent outside local communities for basic necessities.

    Just some thoughts that were bouncing around in my head…

    Thanks again.

    P.S. I am not pro-Trump. I am closer to anarchy than any of the nonsense going on now. Cheers.

  4. L Blue

    my oh my.
    nothing will save u.s.a.

  5. L Blue

    my oh my.
    nothing will save u.s.a.

  6. Jonathan McDonald

    The Nazi “Four Year Plan” sought to make Germany self sufficient as a result of the countries loses after the great depression and to prepare for the coming war.

  7. Rusty Trades

    bitcoin flat top break reviews bullish since weekly pennant pattern break.

  8. Al, Orange Park, FL

    we shall see, I agree with protectionism and Nationalism to an extent, like I say we shall see

  9. Al, Orange Park, FL

    ford lesser cost to us, how about ford looking for higher profits price be damned, that’s what I believe Jeff isn’t thinking outside of his own opinion

  10. Svendabs

    dude i got like 5 bucks

  11. gatorred157

    yes it heading in right direction, what that sign say Stop ( Bridge out) this is what the dollar heading for!

  12. cas adaps

    Well Said, KUDOS 🤑

  13. jmcarp98

    Don’t forget some silver coins as well:)

  14. magnus4g63

    Acapulco looks beautiful there in the background, all freedom lovers should move there now ! 😀

  15. Benji

    Enough with the cheesy music, Jeff! Please!

  16. BarkusMuhl

    We’ve had a protectionist economy since the inception of the country until the 90s. So how’s this global free trade experiment been working out for us?

  17. 3nien

    First time visiting. Very impressed with your analysis. Subbed. Thumbs up.

  18. Arturo Pena

    i know acapulco and that place you live in is nice, one day i will visit.

    1. Pete Lee

      cartels will rob that place. good luck

    2. Arturo Pena

      you watch too much american media

  19. Failon Of ail

    pmsfl, true, but still, very funny (10:11) tick in the closet= the LYING WITCH IN THE tick the box IN The WARDDRROBE..

  20. Matt Quaile

    I still cant’t decide how I feel about this guy

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