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28 Thoughts to “Putting a Price on Twitter, Bitcoin, and the Dollar (Schiff/Rogan BtS – Pt.4)”

  1. I'll do it

    “it is easy to run a business when you do not need to make a profit”

    the largest employer is the federal government, damn, peter is spot on!

    1. Kayox Haru

      @Crash Bash It isn’t very hard to inform the uninformed with misinformation. Governments have been doing it for thousands of years and their capacity to do so has only increased with technology.

    2. I'll do it

      @Crash Bash
       is the federal government a business? i dont know but i will go look up business for the legal definition in order to find out…..

      business n. any activity or enterprise entered into for profit. It does not mean it is a company, a corporation, partnership, or have any such formal organization, but it can range from a street peddler to General Motors. It is sometimes significant to determine if an accident, visit, travel, meal or other activity was part of “business” or for pleasure or no particular purpose.

      this is sticky, is the government operated for profit? well, in theory, no, but…. the operators do operate for profit, there are even bonus packages assigned to the performance of some persons. for example, lois lerner made a few hundred grand for her performance related to the targeting of speech groups.

      i also enjoyed the satire portion.

  2. NBT2

    Two of my favorite people right here. Would love another JRE podcast with Schiff soon so he can drop some more knowledge.

  3. UltimateBargains

    Tulip mania.

    1. Irdial

      Computer illiteracy.

    2. Tom Firth

      @kaja You do realise that tulip mania was associated with a limited supply of tulips….not an expanding supply.  It was precisely an increasing number of people chasing after a relatively fixed number of tulips that drove the mania. 

    3. Irdial

      @Thomas Firth “the supply of Tulips is limited” do you flow that a Tulip is? Do you know what the word supply means? Do you know what “limited” means?


    4. Tom Firth

      @Irdial Discs Believe it or not, in the short run, the supply of tulips is limited – or do you believe that an infinite number of these flowers grace the surface of our planet?  From season to season you can only gather tulip bulbs in proportion to the number of tulips grown in the prior season…I don’t know about you but I can’t summon or conjure a tulip bulb from nothing – or do you practice some form of floral alchemy?  To materially increase the supply of tulips requires planning and a focused effort by growers to do so over a number of growing seasons.  A mania occurs in the short term, in which the supply of near enough anything is limited – In the long run, of course, things are different.  

      Anyway, I’m not really sure why you are attacking me because I did not actually express an opinion as to where I stand on this debate.  I simply read a comment that seemed absolutely ludicrous in implying that an asset price bubble is more likely to occur in a good where supply is not constrained relative to demand.  I felt, for some unknown reason, compelled to comment. I don’t think I’ll bother any more lest I be dragged into some petty debate with a faceless keyboard warrior.  A debate which, of course, is destined for only one conclusion.  Impasse!

    5. Irdial

      @Thomas Firth You don’t understand what the term “money supply” means, in the economic sense. Tulips can be created in abundance from bulbs, money cannot. You can make an unlimited amount of tulips, causing their actual value to be very low. Also, they are perishable (separate subject) which breaks the analogy with Bitcoin, which is not a mania by any stretch of the imagination.

      For the record, I’m not attacking you in any way. I don’t know you; I’m picking apart your words. We are similar in one respect; I read a comment that seemed absolutely ludicrous, and ignorant to boot, and felt compelled to comment. All discourse on YouTube is useful in the long run because many people read these comments and can benefit from them. Its best not to be thin skinned and take anything personally.

  4. Lukas Skliuderis

    can u PLEASE post whole thing ?

  5. Tom Swift

    I like joe but he’s got that idealist hippy thing going…how’d I miss part 3 ?

  6. weezo hoolic

    “I saw a 50% swing a single day” Peter two options; A: you are lying, B: you were looking at another digital currency. 

  7. Jeff Zimmerman

    the problem with dollars is…you never know how many bitcoins they’re going to be worth

  8. RE:Think

    2 great men imho.

  9. bocanutz

    Even though I support bitcoin, I like that Rogan is hearing out Schiff’s side. They’re both genuine guys.

  10. Warring God

    with snapchat, you can just screenshot the photo from your own phone now anyway

  11. Pharaoh on LFS

    Great convo lol

  12. Justin Bailey

    Ok… I cannot stop staring at that wolverine going to Schiff’s crotch.

  13. Peter Shiff

    Whats Gold backed by?

  14. raymond lindroth

    what do you think of the silver fix ending on the 14TH August.??

    bless you

  15. EtherealPanther

    shitcoin, the only currency where you’ll get left holding the bag  😀

  16. kronker

    Okay it’s been a year. The real question is: Mr Schiff….do you still chew gum like it’s 1995….or have you’ve given up that disgusting habit?

  17. de Rossetti

    I really love this content Peter! I hope there will be more conversations like this in the future! Thanks for the upload. I couldn’t stop laughing and I value your perspectives.

  18. luffebassen

    Hey Peter…how is that bitcoin prediction going?? 😏
    I will come back in a few years and poke u again.
    See ya

    1. Mike Jones

      Inb4 100k bitcoin

  19. Mike Jones

    Checking in 4 years later. What a ride! And it’s just getting started

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