Candlestick Charting 

Secret to analyze candlestick chart-1 minute candlestick live trading 2017 part-2


This video clip will certainly get rid of exactly how to understand every candle holder pattern as well as story behind each candle holder pattern. Find out how to trade with ideal candle holder pattern, comprehend the story of every wick, body as well as the entire candle holder. complete the video as well as you will certainly really feel the difference and power of candle holder analysis.

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Risk Caution: Your Resources Could Be In Jeopardy.

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      +Siyabonga Foba ya sure please

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    With the support of your strategy i tripled my capital in one hour on my demo account

  4. 775 512

    i learn a lot from all your video, thank you so much! I have been scammed by few scammer hope that i can trade and recover my loss soon..


    amazing strategy, no one else said fraud, tp for me this is a trade, no strategy is 100% always successful, depending on how the foresight traders see opportunities and manage finances.

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    thanks for the help, greetings from Philippines !

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    Hey, im from France and u r the only one Who is educating me so easely and i understand well, thanks a lot because there is too much scams on yt and it’s not easy to find someone like you . Keep it up, and im waiting to be accepted in ur grp…

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    hey amazing videos, i am learning a lot. Just a doubt what is trisection means is it three green bars and then market reverse and then there should be three red bars to make sure the market will go down.

  18. Farzad Garmiani

    You have pure knowledge in trading. I went through a thousand videos but finally settled down on your channel. Beacause I was exactly looking for deep understanding of the market. Very impresive. Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us. And above all you have a great personality.
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