Will Bitcoin Survive In A Stock Or Dollar CRASH? – Trace Mayer On Bitcoin’s Potential


Josh Sigurdson speaks with Trace Mayer, a well known effective investor as well as advocate of Bitcoin about the possibility of Bitcoin in an accident.
First, Trace enters into specific rate forecasts as well as why they're not efficient, however likewise discusses his success in anticipating Bitcoin's price long-term, explaining the Mayer Numerous system which puts Bitcoin currently at 0.8 times, providing space commercial in any case.
Trace likewise goes into the concept of ETFs on Bitcoin and also whether it's an advantage or a bad thing.
Lastly, considering the potential inversion of the return contour, substantial bubbles in markets throughout the board, huge fractional book borrowing, financial debt and also continuously hiked interest rates, Trace clarifies how Bitcoin will survive in an accident, and also not simply survive but prosper as a decentralized currency.

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Video clip modified by Josh Sigurdson

Trace Mayer
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster as well as Josh Sigurdson

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25 Thoughts to “Will Bitcoin Survive In A Stock Or Dollar CRASH? – Trace Mayer On Bitcoin’s Potential”

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  2. 1BDI 4UNI

    This video is most enjoyable at 2x playback speed ▶ >> 👍

    1. 4711Express

      Al Dee still not desirable…..

    2. 1BDI 4UNI

      4711Express 😂😂 I hear you

    3. The good old Days

      It was better at 10x speed.

  3. Tyler Jordan

    Josh, this is clearly hate speech – you are hating on fiat money! Loving the hate! Keep it up brother.

  4. Chris Zbodula

    So we want the same freaks to regulate crypto’s that have given us financial Hell on earth. Yeah, really good idea. Where do I sign

  5. Crypt0

    Woohoo! Trace Mayer. Nice job, Josh

    1. GBU Prof. Wally

      Crypt0 always love seeing my man Trace doing his thing. He essentially gave me my education through his podcast

  6. DarthShadie Lavellan

    I love the rubber ducky analogy 😁🦆

  7. Led Robster

    Love this guy, he’s super smart.

  8. dan dun

    Remember Trace Mayer told Peter Schiff to buy bitcoin at around a dollar

    1. Migg Checker

      May I have the source, please?

    2. Royyan Ibrahim

      Sauce chief.

  9. Joakim Holmer

    great interview!!!! Thank you. Joakim Holmer🇸🇪

  10. 한아시아태국


  11. Smurf Herder

    This was an amazing interview. I will watch it again, and share it. Great job!!

  12. Jovan Tavares

    Great interview

  13. Crypto Music

    I thought Trace woke up in a suit.

  14. Alfredo Moreno

    I’m cool waiting 1yr for the next one…..accumulate

  15. Liberty Smith

    *OMG… I Hope So!*

  16. Crypto Cliff notes

    Havent seen trace mayer video in a while always a great listen.

  17. Teknokrade

    Strong buy ^^

  18. Jason Williams

    Great interview, gents! Keep up the good work in spreading the word and supporting our industry.

  19. Brent Nally

    Amazing interview! Thanks for sharing!

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