$10 Million dollar bitcoin? Uh, NO!


Hal Finney Anticipated $10 Million Per BTC

Among the last blog posts made by Hal Finney on

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1. Hal Finney 10 million 0:47
2. Surprise houses are worth 10k 4:31
3. Mark Carney wants a crypto to change the buck 6:42

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33 Thoughts to “$10 Million dollar bitcoin? Uh, NO!”

  1. davincij15

    Forgot to mention:
    🚀Special offer for Pandora’s wallet and Bybit users
    Unlisted video for the elite viewers!

    1. 4everrace

      I’d like to think your right but no way

    2. Max Mas

      Hal Finney didn’t take into account how BTC swayed and got hyjacked. Your analysis is completely wrong. Can you explain to your viewers how BTC on how it swayed? Peer to peer electronic cash system this is the title of the whitepaper

    3. Jono Solo

      Overall I really enjoy your contributions and opinions…but stating that the real cost of a house is North America is only $10K is simply not correct… I think you really need to double check your data or speak to a few surveyors.

  2. Golden Independence


  3. James Dean

    10 million BTC totally possible. But probably not for at least another 10 years

    1. Lee Toad

      I can wait.


    New subscriber! Thanks for your input. I like it when ones tell us the unvarnished truth. Bear / Bull I’d like to know, vs tickling our ears. If BTC goes down, hey, it’s on sale! If it goes up, well great!

  5. Private Individual


    Gold bars stamped with fake logos of major refineries have been circulated into the global market and landed in the vaults of JPMorgan Chase & Co. — part of a plot to launder smuggled or illegal specimens of the precious metal, according to a report.

    Bars worth at least $50 million stamped with the logos of Swiss refineries that did not produce them have been identified by all four of the country’s top gold refiners in the last three years.

    They have been found in the vaults of JPMorgan, one of the major banks at the center of the market in bullion, senior executives at gold refineries, banks and other industry sources told the news outlet.

    But the forgeries are sophisticated, so thousands of additional ones may have gone undetected, according to the head of Switzerland’s largest refinery.

    “The latest fake bars … are highly professionally done,” Michael Mesaric, chief executive of refinery Valcambi, told Reuters, adding that there are “way, way, way more still in circulation.”

    JP Morgan declined to directly address questions about the fake bullion.


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    1. Trina Hudson

      What are you saying?

  7. Music Marketing

    Dear Davinci, labour value sounds too marxist. Value is subjective, there’s not value based on labour, that was brilliantly expained by Karl Menger a long time ago. A house value is determined by the market, what some one is willing to pay for it. 😲

  8. Music Marketing

    A cheap perfume has as much labour to manufacture as an expensive perfume, so what determines the price or the value the market projects on the expensive one, it is merely subjective, so Bitcoin will express the price the market think it must have in a determined time.

  9. Bryan Nguyen

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    1. Tom Maxwell

      This is so true, James has help me so much with my trading, his strategy is A1.

    2. Sherry Wiedow

      A lot of people are talking about this James here in my small community in Oklahoma.

    3. Carroll Declan

      The best strategy any one can use, easy to learn, and it will boost your portfolio , hodling is crazy, trading is the best, it’s James’s strategy forever on GOD

    4. specs thinker

      how much can I get to promote this guy?

  10. Chris Salley

    There is a video by Token Vision that breaks down the concept of a $10 million dollar Bitcoin. I personally believe that probably by 2028 ( 3 halvings from now) we can see that number. Remember that the big money drives the market. The average person doesn’t own gold or silver, people with money and assets they want to protect do. Once Bitcoin makes the parabolic run you will see people sell their gold and buy more Bitcoin. Its going to happen very fast

  11. Crypto Mickey

    Great video

  12. mike rybak

    DJ15; hello, What’s the possibilities of AI or genius persons changing the bitcoin mathematics or protocol in any way? Like increasing the amount or destroying bitcoin? I have never heard it talked about in absolute terms. Is it 100% safe?

    1. davincij15

      I will answer that question in the next video tomorrow.

    2. mike rybak

      i’m serious j15

    3. davincij15

      @mike rybak I know have already created the video it will be uploaded tomorrow and the video will answer your question.

  13. sell high

    What Hal Finney really meant is that bitcoin at 10 million dollars will happen when the dollars hyper-inflates and becomes worthless and so bitcoin will become 10 million dollars and 10 million dollars in the future will be worth 10 thousand dollars.

    1. Vladimír Dudák

      They are talking about $10 Mil in today’s value.

  14. Dwarfkillacrypto

    Stigma !

  15. Dwarfkillacrypto

    Mr Finney is Missed Very Much So.

  16. o¿o My comment

    Why everyone keeps valuing (pricing) things in usd I do not understand cause you have to correct it for purchasing power of the usd even the usd itself.

  17. Mario S

    Mark Zuckerberg is sneaky dude 😃😃

  18. Anthony Calderone

    Carney is describing xrp.

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