Bitcoin’s 2020 Rally | Why Trillions of Dollars Will Move To Bitcoin


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27 Thoughts to “Bitcoin’s 2020 Rally | Why Trillions of Dollars Will Move To Bitcoin”

  1. A Contrarian

    Looking forward on your alt-coin cycle video

    1. O T

      Based. Altcoins (solid ones anyway) will absolutely have their day again. If the tokenomics are good and the tech is there (NOIA Network being the latest that fulfills both of these criteria), your bags are safe.

      If you pick wrong though, may God have mercy on your soul.

  2. Branislav Šetina

    When well be old and gray…

  3. Brian _

    Honestly who cares about bakkt
    Yesterday’s news and was priced in long ago.
    It’s only a test, be lucky to see it by 2020

    1. CRIX Exchange

      Nobody outside regular crypto-ers know about it, I’m sure media will pump it significantly

  4. ed w

    Haha everyone is waiting for the altcoin video. But this is also welcome. Keep it up Datadash!

  5. Daniel DuVal

    “Because nick says they will, that’s why!”

  6. Jacques Zagury

    Hi Nick, thank you for the video!

    To what degree would you say that the price of Bitcoin holding over 10k this weekend mattered? Some technical analysts were saying we could see a sizable decline in the short term if we break to below that point. Would that have affected the optimism you had with the video today?

  7. CryptoAUBS

    Can you expand on Iran’s proposal for a gold back cryptocurrency

    1. Stock Fadi

      Good for Iran. I hope they can get out from under all the sanctions Israel and their Saudi Arabian cousins force the USA and the EU to impose on Iran.

    2. John Smith

      Qaddafi tried it. Obomba and Killary destroyed Libya (and him) for just talking about it.
      And of course, that opened the flood gates for human traffickers to start moving Africa into Europe by the millions. Say what you will about Qaddafi, he kept Nth Africa in line. But now – open air slave auctions there. Ah the Democrats…

    3. Daniel Decker

      @John Smith True story. And the Democrats always preach about love and peace.

  8. Nikolas X

    I completely agree that this is only the beginning of this #Bitcoin #Cryptocurrency cycle

  9. Yup Yippee

    I would like to know you’re thoughts on Libra adopting an existing stable coin instead, if there plans was derailed. Like the Gemini 🤪🤣😂

  10. Harlequin

    Love your videos Nick. Keep up the good work!
    Everyone assumed the gold market was fixed around 7.5T but if it goes to 20-30T because of negative rates, oh boy … It is that much more space for our favourite digital Gold <3

  11. Redbulpro

    You are the best crypto channel on Youtube man. I always enjoy your videos and like the fact that you are honest and your voice is great to listen to. Keep it up brother🔥

    1. King

      Redbulpro LoL 😂

  12. Andy Gruenke

    I’m to Crytocurrency and enjoy learning through your videos. Keep up the great work! Had one question about mining. Why don’t more people just buy a machine and mine they’re own?

  13. Edward Murray

    Love the videos, definitely one of those people that listen while travelling to work. I find your information some fo the best out there, you speak intelligently about the market and relate it to your experience in the past with the stock market. i value your videos highly, keep up the great work

  14. Matthew ferrari

    lol “stallion of a currency” 🤣now im just thinking about virile horse groins😂😂🤫

  15. Guy Tony

    Bitcoin Etherium Litecoin gold and silver. I’m curious about your altcoin pics and ideas. There are many great projects, but which ones will yield the best returns??? Very exciting times. Thanks for your hard work and sharing.

  16. Alberto L

    “In regards to” Merton

  17. Cody Eide

    I’ve been watching since Jan. 2018. I sure wish I had done more research before i jumped in. Lol. Thank you for lending some sanity to this space

  18. Ayla P.B.

    This is the best cryptocurrency channel! So detailed and well explained, thank you!!

    1. Sir Charles Traplin

      Ayla P.B. i would swim up the amazonian river naked with venomous piranhas attached to my ballsack and only Rosie O’Donnell’s queefs as my air supply to spend just a minute with you. 🌊🏊🏻‍♂️🐟☠️🙋🏻‍♀️💨🤢💀🤷🏻‍♂️❤️

  19. eero berg

    I hope you understand how broadly and well you can project a view of how money works; and how the debt crisis is affecting the global economy.
    I’ve been watching your videos for almost a year and your many lessons have taught me to think about the world in a completely new way.
    Currently I’m reading The Intelligent Investor whilst being excited about how much I’m learning. I have some capita saved up and I am hoping i can learn enough to know how to make the correct decisions regarding my financial future.
    We surely are living in interesting times and only God knows what will happen. Never stop being the exuberant Nick I have learnt to know you as, keep up the great work!!

  20. Julien Savoldi

    interesting times ahead, thanks for your great quality content Nick

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