Candlestick Charting 

Candlestick pattern – Hanging man Trading – Pattern trading


This video will help you to utilize hanging guy as well as area sure shot professions if you follow the key points you will obtain sure trades. So if needed to know sure trades than watch this video till completion.

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24 Thoughts to “Candlestick pattern – Hanging man Trading – Pattern trading”

  1. Bikesh Maskey

    sir, can u please make the video using support and resistance along candlesticks with indicators like bollingers band or any for confirmation.

    1. shahid kayani

      his whole concept is about staying away from indicators

  2. ess mac

    These videos are not too long…you make them far too interesting to be considered too long. Your technique is spot on, brilliantly presented, full of valuable lessons. I am grateful for the knowledge you share. Thank you.

  3. sammy writer

    am learning something here, lovely

  4. Danny BontΓ©

    Thanks i needed that information to increase my % ITM.



  5. Mahendra Jain

    i understand but am nerves in real time ,,,but ill make it thank you good day , happy itm



  6. vivek yadav

    Please sir make some more videos of this type of explainering videos of different type of candleatick psychology behind it formation It helps a lot to us plzz sir.

  7. hasan onsen

    All the videos I’ve been learning related to technical analysis so far you are the best. Thanks a lot for your time and effort. We really appreciate your help.

  8. Shahid Awan

    Amazing content, very good examples, a good range of different examples, very well talked through with explanation. Excellent work my friend, you have a new Subscriber. Thanks.

  9. annalandia22

    thank you so much for you tutorials sir. you’re so generous on giving us tips. we appreciate is so much

  10. Mohammed Reeza Seedat

    Thank you so much for all the assistance. Allah bless you always

  11. Lwah Mbusiswa


  12. Muhammad Abdullah

    Assalam u alikum
    This is very informational for. I watched this videos 5 times, i understand all rules.
    “I cant understand how we can draw the line of support and resistance”


      There are separate videos for support and resistance , do watch them for better understanding

  13. Thabiso Matabane

    trusted spots is spot that i really trust keep up the good work man

  14. Jun Cruz

    I almost quit trading because I always end up with zero capital… But when I saw your videos, you really gave me hope that I have the chance to become successful trader… Thank you for sharing your talent… (“,)

  15. Senthil Kumar Thangaraj

    Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge brother πŸ™‚ God bless you

  16. sorry4ya28

    Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve learned more here than anywhere else!

  17. Joefrey Mahusay

    Thanks for sharing.. This is very helpful to us.. πŸ™‚ God bless!


    Thank you..appreciate your time taken. Pls do more candle analysis videos. πŸ™βœŒπŸ™βœŒ

  19. Elizama Silva

    Thank you so much for all your videos!! They’re changing my life. Thank you.

  20. Lalit K. Sharma.

    Sir, I’ve watched one or two videos of yours and found very informative, and knowledgeable! Spoken English is so clear that can be understood easily even by who’s English is weak! Thank you!

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