Bitcoin Boom? US fears digital currency may hit dollar demand


The United States is coming to be significantly worried over digital currencies, releasing wide examinations right into Bitcoin and the sort. The on the internet money has won official recognition with an US federal court ruling it is real money. A Texas male, being tried for laundering billions of bucks using the Bitcoin system, tested the court by saying bitcoins were virtual and also could not be the basis for a fraudulence fee. He stopped working. RT's Peter Oliver mosted likely to satisfy those that believe bitcoin has actual worth.


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19 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Boom? US fears digital currency may hit dollar demand”

  1. 125deepu

    here goes the peace in comment section 😀

  2. Daniël Zikarno

    Now THAT story, would make an awesome video game!

  3. dragen54

    id like to be on the same you are on life would be easier.

  4. Sovietcomrade262

    5:20 lol I wonder how many time he did that just so it would be camera perfect.

  5. slavixtube

    Bitcoins FTW!

  6. john galt

    hmm. regulate it to make it better.. where have i heard that b4 😛

  7. Grumpy Cat

    The US freaking out when they don’t have control over something.

    Nothing new there.

  8. djnikx1

    nobody asks one important question: ‘what happens when They close the internet?’ Where you gonna trade then?

  9. deanosslewis

    Lol you nailed it!

  10. ThePhilodius

    I am glad bitcoin is doing so well. Hopefully it makes it to that number one spot ya know, world reserve currency, ya baby.

  11. René Henrich

    at least they got their guns to “restore justice” one day 😀

  12. Philip Smith

    What happens to Bitcoin during a longtime power outage? How will you get food and water during a longtime power outage?

    I’ll buy Silver!

  13. kayturs

    Up until now, I’ve never heard of this! This is exciting!!

  14. decepticonsofnwo

    rest of us do jackass, thanks for helping to exploit a once great nation

  15. adi331

    There are also physical Bitcoin – Coins which you can touch.
    Look for “casascius” .

  16. stabilisedchaos

    did he say waluable? 😛

  17. thelizardking101

    Amazing concept, just one question on my mind. Just how long until the international banker’s and corrupt global elite get their hands all over this new digital currency and try to find a way to devalue it, outlaw or drive it into the ground?

  18. Reverb256

    The peer to peer economy is the future.

  19. Sin Stalker

    $200+ again. 🙂

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