Bitcoin To Replace The Dollar And Gold? Jeff Berwick On Crush The Street


Jeff Berwick is talked to for Crush The Road. Topics include: the flexibility movement as well as Bitcoin changing the buck, financial obligation servants, main financial as well as the emergence of Bitcoin, will the Gold neighborhood welcome Bitcoin as a different wide range preserver, is Gold pertinent in the 21st century? the Venezuelan petro cryptocurrency– can it function? rogue governments using cryptocurrencies to get away the United States Dollar, the Free Enterprise Will Flourish If Provided The Opportunity, getting rid of anxiety as well as the trick to happiness.

Original interview on Crush the Road below:

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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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25 Thoughts to “Bitcoin To Replace The Dollar And Gold? Jeff Berwick On Crush The Street”

  1. Johnny Crypto

    Berwick is a Rock Star for change!!

  2. Andre Fuentes

    Great interview! 🙂

  3. chrisiden

    Hi Jeff! Today you look well rested and peace of mind, congrats on your work 🙂

  4. Travioli

    it must be exhausting for Jeff to have to tell the same story all the time. so redundant

    1. magnus4g63

      Travis Lewis …the Truth cannot be reapeated enough… unfortunately.

    2. Nunya Bizness

      magnus4g63 another guy saying the same thing I said a week ago…lol

  5. kim greenlee

    Awesome interview. Jeff Berwick rocks

  6. Michael Lay

    Jeff I love your statement ‘all provided by God’. Thanks for all you do

  7. jskaralia

    how come you can’t pay to attend the conference in crypto?? 🤔😏😂

    1. Adam R

      Because you can’t pay with a ponzi
      Bitcons are electricity bills paid by greater fool

  8. Christoph EGGER

    reminds me on, I did it, was really great!

  9. About Time

    Jeff, I don’t have much “money” so I only have a supply of silver and lead. Growing small stacks of Crypto.

  10. Dex4Sure

    Gold is physical and it cannot be replaced, same with silver. Dollar and euro and other fiat currencies on the other hand… They can definitely be replaced.

  11. Gone Fishin"

    Lead, (in the form of bullets) could be worth more than gold, silver, and cryptos combined!

  12. wmx99

    “Sponsored by Bitcoin dot com for the past two years” … That explains the non-technical Roger Ver talking points Jeff has regurgitated.

  13. sonya1x

    the fees are to high and take to long to process

    1. golden nugget

      The fees aren’t high and it doesn’t take more than 5 min don’t know what your talking about 😂

  14. Patrice Thomas

    14:08Hilarious Jeff forgets the question..

  15. biglance

    WU TANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Capital Buyers, LLC

      biglance YES!!!

  16. Rob Hannum

    The pursuit of happiness, that is the key. You can’t find something if you don’t look for it.

  17. bill

    Jeff nails it, again.!!Thanks f o r your excellent explanation of what’s actually going on in the world today.

  18. Michael Alpine

    Love the interview….Jeff is awesome…I’m a big fan.

  19. Richard Heldmann

    Preach it, Jeff! We had a great time in ACA this year. Looking forward to an even bigger event next year!

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