Candlestick Charting 

How to: Buy the Breakouts, Read Candlesticks & Trade Price Reversals


0:00 Buying the Breakout using Assistance and also Resistance
4:03 Introduction to Candlesticks
7:30 Candle holders indicating Cost Reversals
8:20 Why you must use candlesticks over hill charts

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6 Thoughts to “How to: Buy the Breakouts, Read Candlesticks & Trade Price Reversals”

  1. Democracy Manifest

    Great video, what website do you use for your charts?

    1. Cryptocurrency Investing

      Democracy Manifest this is the tradingview paid chart that you can get for free on

  2. Akbar Amin

    Noobie question: How do you know where and when to draw the strength and resistance triangles/lines?

    1. Cryptocurrency Investing

      Where candles will not go above or below in a certain time period

  3. Bo

    Thanks for the information!

  4. Waseem Amin

    Im loving the video and how people are having there intake and asking what they need answering then and there. best way scribed and hope to see a lot more like this. thanks

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