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32 Thoughts to “Million Dollar Bitcoin Soon”

  1. Bit Coin

    $10,000 Bitcoin Soon

    1. John Smith

      @c4p0ne but I expect such rise in 6 month because of PayPal ))

    2. Ramzy Ilyas

      half way to go

    3. Cheyno Mdingi

      $10,000 bitcoin in 2018!

    4. frodev

      Cheyno Mdingi for sure. Possibly even before end of 2017. A little dip now, maybe down below $6k, but could bounce back quickly.

  2. Chrissy Shunda

    Goooooooo BITCOIN!!!!!

  3. Bit Coin

    Million Dollars Per Bitcoin?

    1. TOGQWGH

      Hope Feathercoins will be worth that much some day. I actually have a few of those…

  4. Peter Watson

    People use cash to buy drugs anonymously, so whats the difference?

    1. MrBesseggen

      The difference is that you can’t pay by cash on the internet. If you pay cash in a store, then the seller need to meet the buyer in person. If you pay by credit card on the internet both parties are identified as well. If you pay by bitcoin on the Internet on a secure marketplace, the parties are anonymous to each other, and their identity is secured by a bitcoin transaction. This simply means the government no longer can access trade information. The only information left is the actual transaction of the physical object or service between the parties. 

    2. Peter Watson

      Obviously a transaction in a store is traceable, however I am not referring to legal drugs. I was referring to illegal drugs purchased from drug dealers, using untraceable cash!  At least with crypto currency it can be traced back to an IP address is needed.

    3. MrLTiger

      +Particle Config. Absolutely not. However if your bitcoin wallet is on a bitcoin exchange like coinbase, it is possible that Coinbase is logging your IP address when you login. But it has nothing to do with the blockchain.

  5. braddockakalatis2

    It’s sad there is no hell for liberals to go to. 

  6. blshtry1

    production through the roof.  you do good work girl.

  7. toocat2000000

    Oh like no one uses cash to buy drugs and illegal items? Phfff.

  8. westonhoss

    The “Dark net” LOL. It’s called the deep internet.

  9. RiffRaff

    The government can keep their hands of my bits and I thought illegal drugs were a multi billion $ industry worldwide before bitcoin even existed. 

  10. Rodney Dunmore

    the key word here is police coruption, you see all is better for all comunitys

  11. Tony C

    They are going to make bit coin look like crime money when they keep on bringing up bit coin with some crime over and over again.

  12. bob hope

    the title is misleading. not one mention of btc going to a mil

  13. John Smith

    Thanks to such really kind news reports the government regulators could achieve freedom to this tool. Thank you CNN


    ha! they sell guns and drugs in Dollars Too!!! and whole lot more!

    1. MrLTiger

      99.9% of illegal transactions are done with US dollars. if governments really wanted to stop those things, they would ban US dollars. The reality is they don’t like bitcoin because it’s intruding on their “turf”

  15. Baker

    Well, the U.S paper dollar is not backed by anything either since the dollar was taken off the gold standard.

    1. Neo Matrix

      There is no gold in the Federal Reserve anymore. Only a token amount that they wheel about to show countries when they want to see it.

  16. Toblerusse

    that guy’s making like 100x fold on those pizza sales – in the long run

    1. MrLTiger

      I guarantee he sold the bitcoin immediately for cash.

  17. Toblerusse

    that $20 the guy traded for 0.049 BTC is worth about $130 today.

    1. MrLTiger

      that’s hilarious

  18. MrLTiger

    LOL “bitcoin is not backed by anything tangile”. You mean like every other currency in the world?

  19. Trending business

    I wish I would have bought in 2013.

  20. Jake olson

    .037 now is like $350. Thats a smart owner. Sells a pie for $350

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