BITCOIN CORRECTION COMING!! | US Dollar Hyperinflation, Like Venezuela | Andrew Yang Next President?



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30 Thoughts to “BITCOIN CORRECTION COMING!! | US Dollar Hyperinflation, Like Venezuela | Andrew Yang Next President?”

  1. The Moon

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    1:04 Bitcoin Analysis
    6:23 Falling Wedge Still Valid?
    10:52 Andrew Yang President?
    12:11 BTC Store Of Value
    13:25 US Dollar Hyperinflation

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    1. SHAZOM

      No correction, boy, your in bearish mode these days.

    2. Tanner Ledin

      Stealing lines lol

    3. Abhishek Gupta

      Weekly 20MA will be around 3970 next week (which is tomorrow).. so if price close above it , it would be bullish right?

  2. Bit Finesse

    You may have drawn this line months ago, Carl, but I DREAMED of it YEARS ago.

  3. Bruno

    Carl you don’t accept donations… : respect.
    it’s cool to see real honest people in the crypto world.
    Thanks for your daily videos, only good content !!

    1. Moon Fitito

      Bruno A. D. tip carl with brave browser

    2. The Moon

      Im glad you like my videos 🙂 Thanks for watching!

  4. PBKreviews

    loll officer, he stole my line! I want it back haha

  5. David S

    People always claim that someone copied a line here and a line there. Can’t we just realize that technical analysts will spot the same technicals sometimes? 🙂 btw I follow you and CF and the claims are ridiculous. Your channel has the most original TA on YouTube

  6. subzero

    How can you steal lines when everyone half decent with ta has the same line, hilarious.

  7. cryptojohn

    Carl you stole my moving average, only I can use the 20-week moving average!! Copycat!

  8. bob barker

    The Moon stole my line! i should defiantly keep watching this video

  9. TheKC1003

    Other timeframes shows we are seeing the start of an uptrend👍

    1. Niall Kershaw

      TheKC1003 weeky BTCUSD bollinger bands shows we are testing the middle band. Rejection here and we will likely test lower band forming at 2300 at mo but curling up

    2. TheKC1003

      Niall Kershaw Nope. You missed the Golden cross driving the channels up.
      This combined with the monthly green candles causes the start of an uptrend.

      We could fall a bit, retesting 3800 but then again we Will move higher.

  10. Philson

    Always love it when you talk about the macroeconomic outlook. Thanks.

    1. The Moon

      Im glad you like that 🙂

  11. Penatello Steve

    Thanks for your content, I appreciate your efforts

  12. scrwbl8

    your videos don”t show up on my YT homepage, every time you post I do get a notification on my phone :/

  13. mrsp4c31y

    “Bitcoin can never be big, because it’s small” great analogy Carl! Thanks for the info and dedication my dude.

  14. Ulrich Angele

    Drinking game: 1 shot every time he says „little“. Cheers!

    1. Joel Besnier

      Not sure we’ll be clean enough to trade cryptos after that 🙂

  15. Col Oaten

    Great vid Carl, thanks. Glad you addressed the line-stealing issue. You’ve been putting crypto into a macro economic context for a long time which a very small number of analysts are doing. The vast majority are not. I just wish BTC would sort itself out so we can trade with some confidence for a while 🙂

  16. Sahar S

    “Stealing lines?” as if analysts never agree on something… 🙄

  17. R James

    Bitcoin ‘Halving hype’ on the horizon….

  18. le_vanille

    May be that other guy stole the line FROM YOU, if you had it 3 months ago and he only had it for 2 months LOL

  19. Julien Mendoza

    7:06 Karl getting trolled*

  20. MadFinnTech

    “You stole my TA!” LMAO, didn’t know that’s a thing!

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