Bitcoin Flash Crash, ByPassing The US Dollar, Coin Delistings & Bitcoin Blacklist


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34 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Flash Crash, ByPassing The US Dollar, Coin Delistings & Bitcoin Blacklist”

  1. T Sharpe

    Thanks for delivering the crypto news of the day. Hooah!

    1. JPR jr

      Maxine Waters chairs the house financial services committee. In a normal society that could never happen.

  2. cefrio

    Do a livestream again pls

  3. Jerry Dubonnet

    Bloody hell ,,,, wasn t there,,,,

  4. Shinobi-1

    Morning kids. This is a big week in the world. The Economist cover was right AF. NWO has been planning this for years don’t be fooled.

    1. edwin c

      Why is this a big week???


      yes, why?

    3. Maggie Miller

      Shinobi-1 details?

    4. BobbyBanks77

      And just coincidentally David Schwartz put his patent out for xrp right after that cover on the magazine……makes you think. Not saying it will be an amazing investment but its worth it to grab a bag…..good luck to all

  5. ashline mpofu

    I think I’m getting addicted to these videos 😛

    1. James James

      ashline mpofu you can only gain from them sir

    2. Michael Hicks

      Yes great videos

    3. mphotoi

      MrShiercon C e

  6. Roby 6776

    Cryptocurrency Market has become just like the financial Market that it was created to replace only thing holders of coins are worried about is the price valuation of the Corn not so much the usability of the coin and helping those who might be poor or I need a financial services but how much they stand the game seems a lot like his financial system that we live in currently rule by Fiat

  7. Turbo Kid

    ‘Next years going to be quite interesting monetarily’ 🤣 understatement of the century

  8. Viral Killer

    24:20 “no reason?” jesus…check the price of the Yuan. 11 year low

  9. Viral Killer

    Kyle skips leg day is gonna have that cringe, huge upper body no calves body…so sexy

    1. Danny

      Lol i need those guys it motivates me to do legs.

    2. J.T. Irby

      The “Johnny Bravo” look…..😆😆😆

    3. Crystal Vortex

      One whip of a dragon’s tail

  10. Morgoer Manger

    Thank you for the news!

  11. Charles Williams Travel and Culture

    IMO…customers should be able to keep the purchases. Also, I thought exchanges couldn’t reverse sales. Fix the issue or expect to see this again. Let me set low buy orders now!

    1. LadyPlantz Alot

      I keep telling people set the low buy orders.. I always have 20$ LTC orders out fyi

    2. BobbyBanks77

      you should always have low buy orders just in case bro…..

  12. jason layman

    I personally can’t wait for most of the trash coins to get delisted.

  13. Jota Kolopa

    btc price went up most likely same reason silver and gold did, cuz china said they are going to be putting more tarrifs on the USA and the djia futures tanked

    1. Omnipotent Being

      If it wasn’t obvious before with exchanges shutting down during flash crashes then it’s obvious now. The exchanges control the price and manipulate it for themselves or other people or companies to load up on more BTC at severely discounted prices while others parish. This entire thing smells of a scam and if anything the exchanges are no better than the banks.

  14. Elias Reveles

    Always great videos! Dont change your style brotha!🤘

  15. First Last

    Re: always having inflation… the first 70 years that coke started selling cola, it was 5 cents. For 70 years! Inflation is a scheme that keeps happening to people who forget history

  16. cryptonian leorican

    2025 is when another sdr can be added


    Maxine Waters is a complete idiot. How she gets re elected is anyone’s guess. It’s all about “Hobo Nickels” Yes that’s a real coin.

  18. JanPBtest

    7:24 Except Switzerland 🙂

  19. jajajaja

    Bitcoin keeps skipping leg day

  20. francis lea

    Max Keiser did say to buy Bitcoin at $1 to be fair to him and he forced JP Morgue to buy tons of physical silver.

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