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26 Thoughts to “Dark Cloud Candlestick Pattern for Indian Stocks”

  1. INAMG

    sir i am proud of you

    1. MarketGurukul

      +INAMG thanks bro

  2. shone shona

    thanks sir,waiting for your videos on chart patterns .

    1. MarketGurukul

      +shone shone you are welcome bro, all the very best … Coming soon

  3. Raman Sharma

    Thanks a lot !!!

  4. Neeraj shivhare

    thank you so much ….sir…

    1. MarketGurukul

      +Neeraj shivhare You are welcome bro, all the very best.

  5. Sonu Kumar

    fineally,i am able to understand candlestick pattern. thank u so much sir. apne jo sapna dekha hai wo jarur pura hoga.

  6. Tayyab Mehmood

    thanx a lot for motive informative and interesting videos.

    1. MarketGurukul

      +Tayyab Mehmood you are welcome bro, all the very best


    “The older I got, the smarter my teachers became.”

  8. Sunil Rastogi

    U r very very genious..u r like a god in this segment..Thanku soo much to give these education…

    1. MarketGurukul

      +Sunil Rastogi Bhai, no one is like God,…. God is God…. leave Him, lets not drag him into trading 😀 … all the best bro, keep rocking.

  9. imran noor

    Thanks Sir G!

    1. MarketGurukul

      +imran noor you are welcome bro, all the very best

  10. Vishal Kumar

    Thanks a lot for the video sirji.
    One thing to know is this pattern much helpful while opening of the mkt ? or we will use in middle of the trading too if we find ever?

  11. sapariya milan

    is it a strong sign for treand revasal???

  12. chhatrasal Mishra

    Thanks sir

  13. Prakash Gangurde

    Once again great explanation sir. Thank you very much.

  14. Dhruvin Savani

    well explained thank you, sir.

  15. aagam khandor

    Thank u sir for this great video!!
    Sir iss candlestick pattern ko Intraday trading me kaise use karneka??

  16. navneesh kukkar

    Thank you sir.
    One question: Are these tips also valid for trading in cryptocurrencies (where market is open 24/7)?


  17. Amjad Khan

    U r amazingly impressive teacher.stay happy,healthy and keep smiling.

  18. Luckyfarooq Khan

    thanks sir more i need your help sir…

  19. stock market guide BAZAR

    Ur amazing god bless


    Sir where are you… Waiting for ur vd

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