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14 Thoughts to “The Hottest Penny Stock Now & 48 Hours Left On Thanksgiving Sale”

  1. jerimiah rich

    another nice video

  2. Crypto Sherpa

    I will meet you in the Garden of the Samurai because I’m willing to Adapt. HiYa!

  3. Doctor Freak Hardware

    Really Timothy, tell us why u want others pay u for your tips? U have money, u dont need to work, why u work for yourself and want money from others who wants to be rich like u? If u wanna be charity and teach others to be rich like u, why u want money from them? U sell youd dvd-s to anyone soo they can be in 1% population, but if we all buy dvds whats about that 1%?. U jump into your own mouth.

    1. Kris Danielson

      Idk the actual answer but I think because if you pay like $500 for a DVD you’ll most likely watch it or that would be a waste of money . There for he gets more dedicated students

  4. Kris Danielson

    I’m does your high net worth broker always have shares?

  5. Raul Correa

    Hello Tim I wanted to know what DVD would be the best to start learning your strategy

    1. Raul Correa

      +Timothy Sykes will definitely check it out . Ready to start learning Thank you

  6. joseph jackson

    tim, what brokerage and charting software do you use and recommend for trading penny stocks ?

  7. jarvisthebox

    Tim I have been following your information for 2 years now since I was 18 . I was going to go to college to become a dentist but now that I have your strategy of scanning for stocks with momentum and price breakdowns/breakouts I see that there is so much money that I can make without going into debt for the education . I`m working a part time job right now as a kitchen server and paper trading to get a handle on my emotions while looking at price action . I THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS INFORMATION AND KEEPING ME OUT THE RAT RACE BEFORE IT REALLY EVEN STARTED. I will meet and shake your hand someday.

  8. Tanner Bowls

    Hey Tim when you’re determining your risk vs. reward are you basing your potential reward off of an educated guess depending on the catalyst?

  9. Tyler Winters

    Could I still buy shares of cycc

  10. LifeFitness

    good call on the stock




    Another video lesson down

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