Bill Holter: Protect Your Assets Now. — Gold, Silver, Stocks, the U.S. Dollar, and Bitcoin


Costs Holter: Protect Your Properties Now.– Gold, Silver, Supplies, the UNITED STATE Dollar, and also Bitcoin meeting

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45 Thoughts to “Bill Holter: Protect Your Assets Now. — Gold, Silver, Stocks, the U.S. Dollar, and Bitcoin”

  1. crypto currbit

    not too sure this guy understand Bitcoin tech…hes right about mark of hte beast and countries trying to make their own crypto etc…but what he does not understand is Bitcoin is decentralized and will never be stopped if it could be stopped then why havent the govts stopped things like torrents etc which have been around for 15 plus years or so.(based on similar tech)..I think he needs to read up on the tech of Bitcoin…(which has no leader) he’s right about all the others though they have leaders and can be stopped…not the same as (BTC) Bitcoin though…funny how he just snuffed off the cyrpto part of conversation…which again leads me to believe he just does not understand how it works.

    1. Ron Weber

      Hey Crypto: Why don’t you get a hold of Bill Holter. I’m sure with your vast knowledge of bit coin, you might give him some of your wisdom. I’m sure you have been out there as long as he has and are at the same level of knowledge as him. If you have a web site where you can pass all this knowledge out, please let me know. I’m always interested in listening to what an expert like you has to say! How long have you been in the finance industry? What’s your level of education? I hope that you can elaborate more on the crypto you believe is the best one. On your web site I’m sure you have explained block chain
      so we all can understand. I’m sure you would not have made such a comment unless you could back it up. I’m hoping you’re not one of those types. FYI: you should use spell check!

    2. Sterling Peyton

      I wonder how you hide a back door in open source software. Why do these precious metals people bash crypto so much? Diversity is needed. No one knows how the future will pan out.

    3. Silver4Life 1230

      So if they make it illegal for the banks to cash in any cryptos what good are they?

  2. Caleb VW

    Bitcoin will be hacked he says…has email…

    1. Aram Krikorian

      What does his email address have to do with the argument that bitcoin can be hacked?

  3. Ron Weber

    I have buckets of Junk Silver. Been collecting since 1960. I choose to call it “Constitutional Silver” It’s what the constitution calls money.

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the comments Ron, I feel that “junk” silver is underappreciated and a good investment if you get it a good price

    2. Ron Weber

      David, Great guest. Back in the 70’s I would go to a bank and buy hundreds of rolls of dimes and quarters. I would remove the constitutional silver from the rolls. About 1/2 the roll was 90%. Then I would return the new crap coins and get my money back. It was grandfathers idea. I’m really glad that I listened to him. Just like people should listen to you and Bill. Great Job!

    3. David Moadel

      Much appreciated Ron, and keep stacking that silver, you’ll do quite well with it

    4. Aram Krikorian

      the more they call it junk . . . the more there is for us.

    5. Silver4Life 1230

      I recently bought my first 100$ 0face value junk silver. I’m going to add some more

  4. T Norman

    Great talk with Mr. Holter, David. I have been really impressed with your content. It’s very refreshing to hear stuff that is balanced and not all doom and gloom!

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you T Norman, I am grateful for your nice comments and hope to continue providing a balanced perspective.

    2. Adam Anderson

      David Moadel David Modell I’d like to think that you’re in the cryptocurrency space check out the message I left to right below what I’m writing now and let me know what you think about it!!!

    3. Eagle40

      Except Bo Polny…that guy is a fraud. However, Billy Holter has been wrong many times in predicting the collapse. He has good theory but no one can predict the future.

      I do not think we will see a collapse but a change. The stock market will be around for a long time.

  5. lnostdal

    The guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The author of Bitcoin could not have put a backdoor into the software because the Bitcoin software was released as open source which means anyone can and could have seen any backdoor or similar problem instantly.

  6. Adam Anderson

    Hey David it’s Adam the band who made that ridiculous call for everybody to buy into marijuana stocks in late September 2016 because I’m a big fan of the market I know when stuff gets in people’s eyes they kind of Jump On It. David thinking about marijuana stocks and their games I am heavily in the cryptocurrency world there is a THC coin right now it’s called hempcoin but still it’s THC coin it’s around $0.02 as I speak but with all the red erect with all of the people that are so excited about marijuana stocks and making a killing there is a cryptocurrency THC that I named that I could see over the next couple months skyrocketing as more and more people get into the cryptocurrency space and a lot of those people will be like-minded marijuana gurus so I’m asking you if you would get on bittrex cryptocurrency trading platform and just check out the stock because it feels a lot to me like buying in the marijuana stocks in September 2016 I can’t wait tell this thing goes from $0.02 to $0.10 to a dollar or two what do you think?

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the comments Adam, that’s a lot to absorb there… Combining crypto with THC might sound like the greatest idea but it’s definitely a speculative play. Should be fine for a small capital allocation though…

    2. Adam Anderson

      David Moadel yes the truth is about one and a half percent of the world is into cryptocurrencies over the next 6 months we should have a threshold of 3% and Cliff I says as soon as we had that 3% it’s basically a clear shot to 10% and these coins could be worth a lot more than they are today I mean it coin the THC coin at $0.02 that’s ridiculous price I’d really like crystal ball right now I can’t make the same predictions about selling on the day of the election but I can easily see this coin going up like the marijuana stock ammj back in 2013 to 14 especially with all of the hype in the cryptocurrency world I mean you don’t even have to throw down that much cryptocurrency in this coin and we could still make at least five hundred thousand if not a million it’s a crazy time we live in. Thanks again for all you do!!

    3. David Moadel

      No problem Adam, thank you for your insights

  7. Jack Daniel

    is anyone worried about the gold bars GLD holds might be tungsten & not gold?

    1. David Moadel

      For short-term traders of GLD it probably won’t be an issue. For long-term holders, that certainly could be a problem…

    2. Silver4Life 1230

      When you buy any gold get it tested

  8. mary ellison

    I’ve already had my poof moment. Be careful, I bought into gladiacoin, jetcoin, all got stolen from me. I didn’t have that much but a few thousand is a lot. People are scammers, liars, can’t be trusted. I have a little invested in etherium but keeping it close at hand. Don’t get into
    Any of the Ponzi marketing schemes. I choose now to go the 70/30 Bill is talking about. I want my assets in my hands. I trust Bill and Jim and their advice. Thanks for the show.

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the nice comments mary, and sorry to hear that your coins were stolen

    2. Sam Raven

      That’s why I recently cashed out of Bitcoin and put in small amounts in stock trading so I earn on positions and short term trends. It would have been great to invest a large amount and get back a larger amount (heard someone who got $250,000 out of an initial investment of a few thousand) but I am a highly cautious investor when it comes to anything other than physical gold and silver.

      Investing in long term in cryptocurrencies, which face an uncertain future, would be as smart as investing in the Petrodollar for the long term at this point in time. The problem is that the fervor around cryptocurrencies would be that of a cult. Therefore its difficult to get a balanced opinion, and those who question cryptocurrencies like Bill Holter and Lynette Zang get heavily dissed.

      What Bill Holter says about the control system’s use of cryptocurrency is logical. Best way to get people into a system of control is to market it like its the key to freedom. Its the same method that Microsoft used, it allowed pirated copies of its software to run wild throughout the world, then let them become dependent on it for office and applications, and then let the process of the ‘soft fork’ i.e. gradually let older OS become irrelevent and cease giving security updates and force them to buy the license of future OS to avoid viruses and keep updated.

      Seeing the crypto-fanatics argue back with lines like ‘Bill Holter uses a hotmail account’ shows they have run out of arguments.

  9. Truth Not Fake News

    It is really sad to have witnessed Sinclair’s website turned into this extreme alt right contention, void of facts. Holters is consistency wrong and his predictions are historical abysmal.

    1. whitesands

      In this day in age truth is considered “alt right”.

  10. Rolf Lagerquist

    Sweden banks are now testing cryptocurrencies. If you are foolish enough to hold paper stocks hold them in your hands, same with Ag and Au. As the petrodollar evaporates so will credit and chaos follows. Bill is correct.

    1. Yvonne Nutter

      Rolf – sweden is microchipping too

  11. Rolf Lagerquist

    With new esoteric technologies on the near horizon three isotopes of silver cannot be replaced by any other metal in the periodic table including gold; therefore, Ag is much more valuable than Au. Again, Bill is correct perhaps not knowing about silver isotopes.

  12. whitesands

    On the “Bitcoin is not hackable” beliefs the guy who the movie wolf of Wall Street was made about, the actual guy said that he’s had friends that had their bitcoins stolen by hackers and that they lost a lot of money….

    1. Ronald Brumwell

      whitesands This was not the blockchain you idiot. It was the exchanges or personal computer being hacked not the blockchain. Do your fucking homework before you sprout crap.

  13. jimsjoe1

    First of all when you buy stocks they are not in your brokers name but in Cede and Co. which is owned by the employees of the DTCC. The reason for this is that when the DTCC was in the forming stages regulators did not want the street name to be the DTCC because if they went bankrupt entities would have trouble getting their shares. A federal judge agreed and Cede and Co. was formed and has no liabilities and was granted “personhood ” status. If the DTCC went under Cede and Co. would still function and shares are then safe.You can actually go online and have them placed in your name if you desire.
    Back in the days when I was in the brokerage business you had only two choices. You could have a large broker provide your clearing or you could have your own back office operations which is costly and time consuming. These were always receiving or sending securities by mail or courier. Then the computer databases came along and firms realized that these would be more efficient and less costly so banks, brokers and investment houses created the DTCC and these are who owns it.
      Holter is typical of those promoting metals just making up all sorts of nonsense using fear porn. He has been claiming for a number of years that the dollar and Dow would collapse, the Comex would default and go bankrupt, credit freezes, supply chain disruptions, all markets are manipulated so buy metals and of course metals are going to the moon all “any day”. His incorrect forecasts is a testament to how clueless the guy is.
    The largest consulting firm on the planet, Armstrong Economics, has computer models which track domestic and international capital flows and make fore4cast. Back in 2011 they forecast that the Dow would hit 22,000 first, (accomplished), then on to 23,000 and then to 38,000 to 42,000 all due to capital flows especially from Europe as the euro, the EU, most of their banks and countries are insolvent. Capital has been moving out of Europe and into the dollar and Dow. The models are forecasting that the worst for the Dow is a normal correction at maximum 8%. The models are also forecasting as we move into the rest of the year and especially into 2018 both the Monetary and the Sovereign Debt Crisis explodes in Europe along with the pensions. It will not survive in its present form and is toast. The policies of Brussels and the ECB has destroyed Europe and the collapse cannot be stopped. Their clients are all still moving capital out to the US and this is why all those who have forecast a dollar and Dow collapse have been wrong. Capital is simply being parked in markets where there are huge pools of liquidity as there are few left. The firm has been in discussions with many governments including those in the EU and all are bracing for the collapse. Italy, Germany, Belgium and Finland are all working on backup plans and will go back to their native currencies when the euro collapses. This collapse in Europe will cause the capital flows to accelerate and cause massive dollar strength and cause the Dow to move up. This dollar strength will cause across the board commodity weakness including gold and silver.
    Now metals will do you no good if banks freeze up because you will not be able to sell them. No one is going to barter their few remaining resources for metals. Under such a situation farmland becomes the new gold and you then can barter for the essentials. Like any asset you cannot realize its value until it is converted back into a currency. Funny how we always go back to those supposedly worthless fiat currencies. By the way fiat simply means any thing that a government authorizes to be used as a medium of exchange for goods and services. Both gold and silver were fiat at one time.
    Banks in the US would never freeze up as this would mean businesses would close along with exchanges and collapse wall street and the US government. The government would step in first and nationalize the banks. This his typical fear porn.
    The gold to silver ratio has become meaningless. Silver has moved from a monetary based metal to an industrial based commodity where low prices are needed so products that contain it can be marketed and sold around the planet. 70 to 89% of demand is now industrial, manufacturing and retail jewelry. The monetary demand has become to small to effect price and this demand can never offset the drop in demand of the above 3 sectors. This is why price will never rise significantly but only with inflation.
    The idea that there will be silver shortages is absurd. Currently miners are cutting back on production to reduce above ground supply and this has happened for the last couple of years as world trade has slowed causing demand to fall. His Comex statement is also absurd. There is always a large number standing for delivery but as you move closer to the contract expiration this figure falls significantly and the majority of trades are settled in cash as this is not a physical market but like all futures markets they are mostly used for hedging. No one who buys large amounts of physical are going to use any futures markets as this is not their purpose or function. Typical BULLSHIT!

  14. Reid Chalmer

    Bill is right, please bring him back again!

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the comment Reid.


    Bill Holter has been nothing but wrong on All his calls and is not to be taken seriously .
    This is just a good way to fall too sleep.

  16. Mushroom Tea

    This guys always at home

  17. Crypto QE

    Back Door in Crypto? Its called OPEN SOURCE. YOU can look at the Bitcoin or Ethereum Code. Its called Github. Last time I will listen to anything Holter has to say… If he’ll flat out lie about that, what else doesn’t he get.

  18. dave dave

    nothing new move on.

  19. Retard Retard

    Speaking of the currency , what currency ? My pensions ? Crashed and running on credit and even self proclaimed experts have nowhere to run ether . The twenty one trillion of lost treasure ? It will be discovered to be only the tip of the iceberg because it’s simply inaccessible , untraceable because of unaccountability and so it never will be . Oldest catch known in history come back to visit us again . Thanks for keeping it propped up as long as possible ? Damn right’ , thanks all and keep trying . Thanks be

  20. Silver4Life 1230

    I have a feeling Bill raised all hell when younger. Lol I like that.

    1. David Moadel

      LOL you could be right about that Silver4Life 1230

    2. Laurenz Thenu

      Yeah… Ruffneck

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