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Candlestick Price Action – Live Stock Trading by Yogeshwar Vashishtha


Pathfinders Group

Discover just how to:

1. Develop daily money by intraday trading
2. Mimimize loss and increase revenue
3. Capture market relocations by swing trading
4. Develop long-term riches by portfolio administration
5. Profession stocks, futures, alternatives, product & foreign exchange

Many big investors worldwide are consentaneous in their view that, if appropriately trained, stock market trading is just one of the most satisfying occupations and can be exercised by everyone by learning fundamental analysis, technological analysis, finance and also risk management. Pathfinders has educated thousands of students in the last 10 years to trade and also purchase the marketplaces.

Pathfinders Group

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Please watch: "Introduction To Stock, Derivative, Asset & Foreign Exchange Market By Yogeshwar Vashishtha"

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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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21 Thoughts to “Candlestick Price Action – Live Stock Trading by Yogeshwar Vashishtha”

  1. Chiranjeev Lamba

    sir desperately working for ur videos sir need to book for ur class room training when it will start

  2. deepak sahu

    sir kindly upload some videos regarding how to put SL and wt point must be considered while placing SL

  3. Dilip Mathukiya

    sir Hindi me video banaye plz

  4. AngryGamr -

    very very informative and educational video, glad to see you trading sir,, awesome trading.:). thank you.

  5. prince massi

    very nyc sie

  6. ADX 45

    70% to apki videos ne mer ko sikha diya hai sir how to trader what ur money management i am very thankful to u sir …

  7. Neo Anderson

    Sir is boss!! Gurudev pranam…

  8. Atul Nagargoje

    I think in stock market history nobody reveals secret of success in stock market but you dare to reveal the truth and i appreciate itThanks for sharing this awesome video to us.

  9. Abhishek Kumar

    Awesome confidence and doing with ease

  10. Abhishek Kumar

    I want to learn technical but purely on commodity (metal, energy, bullion)..all the examples on commodity segment– candlestick, price action, 5 mn / 15 minutes chart, is it possible. Please let me know.
    Objective- develop a trading set up for myself with two or max three idicators, support resistance recognisition, trend and pattern recognition, whipsaw / false breakouts, continuation and change of trend (very important), entry in rallying r trending as well sideways market (as these are only two 🙂 ) and whatever rest the institute wants me to tell.


    1. Abhishek Kumar

      done- e-mailed. Lets us see if it helps.

    2. Abhishek Kumar

      Sure and thank you very much. I have send my contact details.

  11. Abhishek Kumar

    I keep on watching market and have never made any profit. Am I a fool or incompetent. I feel that it is going to happen but always play against te market. If it is rallying then I feel anytime it will come down and never had courage to enter in the rallying / trending market. Commodity is all about trend / rally .

  12. Chandu Singh

    sir,,,,,,how cooool you are speaking about all these trades as if you all know what is going to happen…..your voice confidence is admirable. Looks line error shield mechanism.
    Thanks for sharing view

  13. Sushsant Sawant

    very nice sir

  14. Shahul Hameed

    you video is very exellent, and i learn more from your problem sir.
    how can you sort 1250 stocks in schand, because s chand ipo i got only 44 shares, then system not allowed to trade intraday on the listing day.the scrip not in f&o. then how you get huge quantity for sort, please explain

  15. Shaik Manzoor Ahmed

    ” The market is more intelligent than us. If it’s going up, it has a reason; if it’s going down, it has a reason; if it’s not going anywhere, it’s still has a reason! ” These Word are ringing in my head since I have seen this video. Very nice Sir!

  16. Bhavishyasatyadeva Polakati

    sir,what is the best time frame for intraday and positional

  17. Akshay Chikalthankar

    sir which software u r using. where should i get it. and how to set charts while doing analysis. by using NSE TAME charts. how to do analysis. plz explain

  18. Dv Abhi

    THE GODFATHER OF trading

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