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How to do Technical Analysis in Indian Stock Market – Candlesticks | Lesson 3


In this Video you will certainly learn what is Technical analysis and also just how to do technical evaluation in India, on Indian Shares/ Stocks. #TechnicalAnalysis #FundamentalAnalysis #Imvestor

This is The Lesson 3: Candlesticks + Relocating Ordinary

If You intend to improve your Fundamental Evaluation Skills, Then Check Out the Description Below

Some Good Publications that can assist you Master your

Financier Skills:
– The Intelligent Capitalist (Need To Read )
– The Dhandho Capitalist (Need To Read )
– Rich Father Poor Papa
– Investing for Beginners

Basic Analysis Abilities:
– Basic Evaluation for Beginners
– Coming to be InvestorJi
– How to Prevent Losses and also Earn Constantly (Must Check Out )
– Security Analysis (Must Read )

Hyperlinks to Tutorial Videos (Basic Evaluation):-.

1. Balance Sheet Analysis -.
2. Earnings & Loss Declaration -.
3. PE Ratio -.
4. Ahead PE Ratio -.
5. PB-ROE Design -.
6. EV/ EBITDA Version -.
7. PEG Ratio -.
8. PE Assessment Version -.
9. Ben Graham Model -.
10. Revenue Appraisal Version -.
11. Mohnish Pabrai Design -.
12. DCF Design -.

( ** This Video is Strictly for Educational functions, and the contents of this video is to assist you discover better in regards to Stock investing. None of the Stocks pointed out in this Video are Recommendations to PURCHASE or MARKET. These are simple instances to make sure that you can find out far better. **).

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    2. Abhijeet Kharatmol

      @Imvestor Hi Imvestor. I am a mobile app developer and I am developing a free mobile app which helps investors do the fundamental analysis by different models eg. DCF model, Mohnish Parbai model etc. I would like to get your inputs and feedback on the app. Please email me on if you would like to be a part of this development. Or you could share your email id and I will contact you. Thanks for reading this. Your content is awesome.

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    Doing a great Job buddy…keep going!…Adding to the current comment..I have been following ur channel for quit some time and i have been in Market for quite some time as well..there are seldom any You Tube channels , who are into Technical Analysis videos..if u would continue the same..i see Growth in it..this is suggestion..Rest its ur wish…Thanks and Best Regards…

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    How to draw the moving avg lines ?

  19. Ajay Rajput

    I have seen so many tech analysis video m but the first time I really understood, how to make an inference with the candle.

  20. Ayush Agarwal

    Great videos mate! Just one question – how would you set a stop loss with this system of waiting for a trend confirmation? Because it is quite likely that by then the low of the hammer and the confirmation candle could have a large gap, hence a large SL.

    1. Sidarth Bose

      in case of a large gap… ( which might happen alot ) try having a certain percentage of Stoploss, lets say 1% so, for example, if you take an entry at 100 then SL is 1% of 100 i.e 1 and your exit can also be a certain percentage so, lets assume 3% so…Exit Target is 103. πŸ˜€

    2. Ayush Agarwal

      @Sidarth Bose ok that’s a good method! Really digging your videos by the way – great learning material! By the way, would you ever take a trade before the candle passes the EMA, or would you always wait for the EMA to be passed?

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