US Dollar Is Doomed To Die! Get out While You Still Can! Bitcoin FTW!!


Bitcoin vs The Buck. The battle for the worldwide book money is beginning to warm up!! The United States Buck has actually dominated the international scene, and presently is the world's reserve currency. But Bitcoin is wanting to take its power away, as well as come to be a stateless money approved in every edge of planet earth. The Future of money is Bitcoin, and the powers like the Federal Get and US government will certainly not drop without a fight. The currency wars have actually begun, which one will prevail??

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰.
00:08 Intro.
00:32 Bitcoin Included On CBS Information 60 Minutes.
00:59 Federal Get Takes Shots At Bitcoin: Lael Brainard Words On BTC.
01:53 My Thoughts On Brainard's Sentences Against Bitcoin.
02:38 The United States Dollar Is Doomed: Federal Get & US Goverment Gets On The Attack.
03:00 Brad Sherman Presents Anti-Crypto Expense.
04:28 My Thoughts On Sherman's Words Versus Crypto.
04:46 The US Buck Is The World's Book Currency.
05:16 Just How The US Dollar Obtained It's Power: Bretton Woods Agreement.
05:56 US Abuses The Bretton Woods Gold Standard.
06:14 Charles De Gaulle's Words About The US Dollar's Power.
08:02 Head Of State Nixon Unpegs The Buck From The Bretton Woods Gold Criterion.
08:42 This Has Triggered Mass Inflation of The US Buck.
09:42 What Head of state Trump Had To State About The United States Buck "Printers".
10:14 Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Is Beginning To Be Taken Into Consideration By Worldwide Reserve Banks.
10:41 Bitcoin Will Become The Global Book Money.

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62 Thoughts to “US Dollar Is Doomed To Die! Get out While You Still Can! Bitcoin FTW!!”

  1. Chico Crypto

    ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
    00:08 Introduction
    00:32 Bitcoin Featured On CBS News 60 Minutes
    00:59 Federal Reserve Takes Shots At Bitcoin: Lael Brainard Thoughts On BTC
    01:53 My Thoughts On Brainard’s Words Against Bitcoin
    02:38 The US Dollar Is Doomed: Federal Reserve & US Goverment Is On The Attack
    03:00 Brad Sherman Introduces Anti-Crypto Bill
    04:28 My Thoughts On Sherman’s Words Against Crypto
    04:46 The US Dollar Is The World’s Reserve Currency
    05:16 How The US Dollar Got It’s Power: Bretton Woods Agreement
    05:56 US Abuses The Bretton Woods Gold Standard
    06:14 Charles De Gaulle’s Words About The US Dollar’s Power
    08:02 President Nixon Unpegs The Dollar From The Bretton Woods Gold Standard
    08:42 This Has Caused Mass Inflation of The US Dollar
    09:42 What President Trump Had To Say About The US Dollar “Printers”
    10:14 Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Is Starting To Be Considered By Global Central Banks
    10:41 Bitcoin Will Become The Global Reserve Currency

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    1. Matta

      Well, i’m not sure about other exchanges but i do know Gemini is FDIC insured and insures your Bits and cash up to 250k per account.

    2. Michiel Van Kets

      according my twitter feed bitcoin is about to go into warp speed 😉

    3. Orimar Dez

      Chico Crypto brentonwood act? Naw try the federal Reserve act of 1913. Or read the creature from Jekyll island.

  2. Batman

    20$ used to get you a cart full of groceries. Now it’s 200$ lol

    1. Scott Kimball

      @The Halving Show probably less time than that

    2. Chris Rock

      @The Halving Show I know. I said I agree

    3. Shama Haque


    4. Jamal Hunt

      Yet wages aren’t keeping up with inflation. Insanity.

    5. Chris Rock

      @Jamal Hunt you right about that. Not even close

  3. Batman

    Lizard people are everywhere!

    1. Chico Crypto

      Lizard Brainard

    2. Darshan Natekar


    3. DJ M1NDHACK3R

      Batman yeahh yoy find them in Governments and Banks

    4. Rich G

      Lady-boy trans-humans wiggle there plastic teats and arses, up in high political offices and orifices!

    5. Dave Turring

      @Chico Crypto I know you and many people in the Crypto space all strongly believe Fiat Currencies will die. I think you need to watch this:
      (BITCOIN Is Doomed To Die! Get out While You Still Can! Digital Fiat Currencies FTW!! – I’m joking)

  4. Curious

    Not just the dollar, all fiat. Just look at the world debt clock.

    1. Chico Crypto

      Dollar is the global currency, if the dollar goes down it all does

    2. Ch K.

      The dollar might even be the stablest one imo. I live in Europe and the Euro looks way worse not talking about emerging market currencies which are highly in USD debts. Before the USD goes down all other currencies already did. It’s like domino

    3. DJ Crypto

      virtually all global fiat currencies are backed by the dollar

    4. Curious

      It will be like dominos. And with the unfunded liabilities, and those boomers that will be showing up expecting “entitlements’l which is an odd word for a value that was never stored, or saved. Blaming ones government for not doing so, is quite silly. Our government was formed on the idea that men, and governments don’t do what they’re supposed to do. Not to empower the good in men, but to bind them down from what they’re capable of, when empowered over others. That took a long time to get.

  5. Edwin V

    A chico crypto video is exactly what I needed

    1. Chico Crypto

      Hope you like the content

    2. Edwin V

      Definitely do. One of the few tubers who i clicked that bell to make sure I don’t miss anything.

  6. Batman

    Outlaw the FED!

    1. Chico Crypto

      Take them down!!

  7. Darren N

    The end of the current financial system is near

    1. Chico Crypto

      Yes sir, the end is nye!

    2. Natasha Sac-a-Moto

      @Chico Crypto nye or nigh?? you eat too much righ bread.

  8. De Ka

    Tyler, you and your channel matured very well. Don’t want to dis you man, but I hated you in 2017 lol. But you are actually only one out of 2 people I watch daily. Your content is very appreciated over here! Stay true bro!

    1. François Piquet

      Same here ! I watch some guys since 2 years and I can’t miss your videos buddy ! Please keep it exactly like it is right now and come to meet my crypto crew in France we will go to Moscow ( Russia ) together !

    2. Master Chief

      I’m glad he stopped shilling Ela. Other than that this channel is gold

    3. Wes

      I still fucking hate you tyler… for many reasons…but i watch your channel daily…

    4. Mc Cc

      @De Ka dude stop using the word hate no matter how innocent it may be — it makes you sound immature and unintelligent which is not who you are….so stop it…NOW!!!

  9. From Germany to Asia

    FED: Hey hey heyyyyyyyyy

  10. Darko Obradovic

    Phew, good thing I saw this video and spent my last $35 today. Thanks!

    1. Buffalo

      lol fiat aint perfect but crypto is 100x worse and gold is a bubble and also paper gold isn’t fully backed . selling a stupid shiny metal bar called gold (very easily conterfeit) would pay your food for such a long time. bubble. it has no purpose it’s only speculation

    2. Bolivian Billionaire

      @Buffalo jesus!… one fucked up puppy…….

    3. Tutan De

      @Bolivian Billionaire hahaha..

  11. Robert Lefebvre

    It costs $0.14 to create a $100 bill for a profit of $99.86 each. But only 1% of domestic US “money” is even worthless paper and the remainder is digital and exists solely in banks’ ledgers. Ninety percent of US taxes are used to pay interest on the 22 trillion national debt that was borrowed instead of being created digitally with a mouseclick. The “money” that was borrowed was also mostly digital and, so, we pay taxes to pay interest on digital money that cost nothing to create.

    Central banking is one of the Ten Planks Of Communism as put forward by Karl Marx. Communism is about central control and planning and the Fed’s job is to control and plan the money supply. Bitcoin’s money supply is established for the next 120 years and is embedded in the code. We know the inflation rate (i.e. the increase in money supply) for the next 120 years.

    For the first time in human history, 30% of the GDP of western world’s economies are in jurisdictions with negative interest rates. How long can they remain negative? How low can they go? They can go to infinity because it costs NOTHING to create them! They can create money and loan it out at negative 99% interest and still be profitable.

    There are 160 fiat currencies in the world all created from nothing. So why do all those nations have national debts? That makes no sense since the money to pay it can be created instantly! It’s because “the debtor is the slave to the lender” and that’s true even if the “money” lent is fraudulent, phony imaginary and worthless.

    And the national debts are HUGE! They are more than their current generations can ever pay back which means they are indenturing future, non-voting children and great granchildren. This country was formed from a universal human right of “No taxation without representation”. That mantra was in existence from the Magna Carta! Today, the governments and people have no problem selling non-voting children into debt slavery and forcing them to pay the back taxes even though the money to pay the deficits could be created with a mouseclick! The children have 22 trillion more reasons to revolt than the American Colonists did!

  12. Nicholas Byrne

    Except most people do need their hand held lol 😂

    1. Chico Crypto

      Because that is what they are accustomed to, they have never had the opportunity for true freedom

  13. Aaron Rahn

    As a gold bug and a person new to crypto. I have to say, you’re on it!

    1. Chico Crypto

      Thanks Aaron!!

    2. Benjamin Stewart

      New to crypto. Make you buy the correct bitcoin. SV!

  14. KnownCharacterMan

    @ 4:05 All three of those guys sitting behind Sherman are trading Bitcoin while he’s talking about restricting it lmao 🤣

    1. Universal Vibes TV

      You know that! They’re thinking “I’m not sinking in his ship”!

    2. Bitcoin Rednecks

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. And our sanctions on Iran seem ill-willed. Some theories say that Saudi and US are trying to crush their oil competitor. It’s about money, not about “terrorism” or security… 🤦‍♂️

  15. trueteller

    Any Government issued warning regarding bitcoin is always a 💯 % buy signal for me

    1. Chico Crypto

      Me too!!

    2. Rhizz

      @Chico Crypto Especially if others are buying it!

  16. Mike Rokus

    You’re probably on the Gov. watch list now.

    1. Chico Crypto


  17. Adam Stokes

    It was never going to be presented positively by the Lizard lady. Her soul. was sold years ago. Go Bitcoin!

  18. busymountain

    FDIC is capped and in the small print covers large institutions first. It’s a sham.

    1. Chico Crypto

      Exactly! This guy gets it!

  19. DonaldJTrumpz

    The US Government is too afraid of Crypto currency, because it bring back again the power to the people.

  20. HerbDregs

    Each time I watch one of these, I’m like “how is this goofy stoner dude making so much sense?”

    1. Chico Crypto

      Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

    2. HerbDregs

      @Chico Crypto Truth

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