BITCOIN PUMP!! Before Dump | BULL Flag | $22 Trillion Dollar US Debt, Payable Through Hyperinflation



I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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49 Thoughts to “BITCOIN PUMP!! Before Dump | BULL Flag | $22 Trillion Dollar US Debt, Payable Through Hyperinflation”

  1. The Moon

    1:11 BTC Big Picture
    5:33 Bull Flag!
    9:44 Bitcoin vs USD
    11:59 CME Chairman
    14:16 USD Hyperinflation

    Alan Greenspan:

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    1. andrew cosgrave-lyons

      Wanted your opinion on when then volume is declining but unspent txn output is rising ???

  2. Ian RJM

    I’ve bought back in. Anxiety is killing me. I’m too impatient and will probably regret but I can’t stand to see it keep going up when it’s supposed to go down.

    1. Ian RJM

      @The Nerd Robert I’m not a trader and I’m not trading. I’m trying to buy as low as possible, but DCA is the way I should invest.

    2. Country Mile

      Do not regret, better that than stress, if it ever goes down just don’t look at it and pretend prices never moved down, eventually prives will go up a lot more and everybody will be happy

    3. Miro H.

      I think it is good time to buy now (paper wallet) forget it and sell it 2022. Easy sleeping

    4. Ian RJM

      @Miro H. forget, forget. I’ve been trying to forget since I start nearly two years ago, but she got me under a spell.

  3. David S

    Nice call in yesterdays’ video about this pump!! 🙂

    1. Dutch Crypto Overview

      @gamenico entertainment I hope I’m smart enough to sell into the bubble that we have seen by then, would be happy to buy back in a dump after that 🙂

    2. Ahmed

      yes amazing carl, you are soo accurate its crazy

  4. dav4e

    6:17 awesome call dude, like always!!

    1. The Moon

      Thanks for watching my videos every day!! 😀

    2. Ahmed

      yes, you got that bull flag right on the money

  5. Lephas

    you keep narrow minding on an incoming dump. you should start considering the scenario where no dump is around the corner…

    1. Chris P

      Its click bait

  6. Crazy GreekFreak

    How about 22 weekly. If that does not work go to 23 weekly

    1. D W

      Everything is human psychology and faith in the end. If enough people believe in 21w MA, it will be respected

    2. KezosEvo

      Exactly.. lol. Moved lines to match wishes. Must have a large cash position. BtC will pump in next 2 to 3 days bigly.

    3. KezosEvo

      I was off by one day on the pump, not bad..

    4. D W

      KezosEvo well played, Sir

    5. KezosEvo

      @D W Thank you

  7. Miro H.

    Come on Carl, be positive! We all should go in on 100% to make the growth faster.

    1. Pretoria Rainbow Trout Aquaponics

      100% he has been calling for a ‘correction’ for months.. ITS BS all everything has been doing for months across the board is go up!

    2. Chris Rock

      @Pretoria Rainbow Trout Aquaponics no he hasn’t. He’s been calling it spot on.

    3. Chris Rock

      Go right ahead. You first

  8. Andreas Apo

    Every YouTube channel has dump on the header for a week now.

    1. Crypto Ranger

      Just keep it in the header and you will be right one time haha

  9. genghis

    just saying, if you bought into the zerohedge narrative the last 10 years, you would miss out on the biggest bull run ever

  10. Frederick Vesseur

    Got my 1 full BTC, I won’t sell it for 10 years, however now I’m working on another BTC that I can sell off when the price is right for me.

    1. Kasper Petersen

      1,13 here to. Im also hodling all the way..

    2. D W

      The question is: when to sell, if it goes to 1 Mio you are slapping yourself selling at 30k

  11. Caspar Schutte

    Thank you for answering my question.

  12. Alessandro De Crypto

    Great TA Carl. With this pump I added some more shorts! Now 35K Short with 3930 entry!

    1. Alessandro De Crypto

      @D W It happens to everyone. Just need patience and all will be good.

    2. Alessandro De Crypto

      @Grass Hopper TA is telling that a dump is coming. I also expected it to happen much earlier. No one can really say when something will happen and how. We are in overtime with this pump, just be patience.

  13. cryptojohn

    I watch many analysts on YouTube, but you are the most accurate!! 😊

    1. D W

      Bastian Brohult what are your analysts?
      I think „dobe4ever“ the best (mostly because she does mostly longer timeframes), but I like „themoon“, „altcoins daily“ and „sunny decree“ too.

    2. The Moon

      Thanks! I appreciate the kind words! 🙂

  14. Steven Medeiros

    Just think, Henry Ford said that at a time when the US had virtually zero debt.

    1. agenttank

      i really liked the indiana jones movies, but i dont think he is the right guy to listen to in this regard.

    2. Adopted by Bitcoin

      @agenttank 🤣😂

  15. Borota Borota

    Hello man, im from Romania, i like your videos a lot, GREAT JOB ALWAYS EVERY DAY, thanks for your time 🙂

  16. Wealth That Counts

    Interesting analysis of the national debt and hyperinflation. Thanks for your perspective.

  17. Mahlatse Mosella

    The last part of this upload, the Alan Greenspan, WOW! I’ve just subscribed to channel. Great content mate.

    1. The Moon

      I’m happy to hear that you liked that section of the video! 🙂

  18. proverbs

    when do you think the effects of the CME Expiration will kick in??

  19. Kolade Adekunle- Ajayi

    Wth?? Carl you called the high on binance spot on!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ahmed

      I know, sometimes I wonder if carl can see into the future lol

  20. Learning Now

    I’m gonna change my trading view platform to Binance after reading the Bitwise report! I’m not sure if coinbase has significant contribution of the whole volume anymore!!

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