Bitcoin Rallies On…? ETF, Marketing, Levels to Watch, US Dollar, Big Money Psychology – Ep219


Today we're considering Bitcoin's most current energy and also how it connects to the continuous global landscape.


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* NOT Specialist recommendations, this is all just my own point of view and also experience. Seek advice from professionals for any type of tax, audit or lawful relevant inquiries you have.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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23 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Rallies On…? ETF, Marketing, Levels to Watch, US Dollar, Big Money Psychology – Ep219”

  1. Michael McGraw

    First, Carter. What up? Missed it. Love the show.

  2. Gernsback


  3. Silent Lamb

    Dam carter where you been…. its like “Lee…. Carter…. Lee…. Carter!”. 😂🙌 must be rush hour 😝

  4. Fabian Day

    Great that you’re back with a new video.

  5. Crypto J

    Look who’s back. .again. Haha 😂
    Always a pleasure to watch coin mastery during my lunch break 😊.

  6. Demian Figueroa

    heeey! the weelky report idea is not working, come back to daily videos or at least every 2 days, seriously this was the best crypto channel ever

    1. Patrick Mannering

      Demian Figueroa …. Like… what’s the deal….

    2. John NL

      Agree, not working at all since the last update is almost three weeks ago. I think he bailed out and comes back when crypto is hot again.

  7. Mikkel

    You’ve been long gone father. Welcome back

  8. Jonathan Mayer

    Carter Thomas at 0.5 Speed = drunk analyst at a bar, couple drafts down. Great advice but paraletic

  9. Jack's Vocals

    “Their advertising business is cr… absolutely through the roof”

    Crushing it. I know, it’s ok Carter my man. Don’t fight who you really are

  10. Darren N

    Top man learned a lot from your videos thanks 👌👌

  11. Dushyant Khichi

    I missed you.

  12. jason bird

    Yeah Carter! LOVE PHISH! Been seeing them since ‘92! Just saw them in Tahoe last week! BEST LIVE BAND EVER! Birds of a feather my friend my friend!

    1. waylandsphere76

      Nice ! Need to catch a show, have seen them since around then as well. I SAW YOU ! Ha’s. One of the best live bands ever for sure. One of my favorites. So many great shows. Ok, was about to reminisce and go on a diatribe about some shows/experience, but they’re all awesome and won’t go-on. Know you know the deal ! There’s so many great live bands, but they are on the best end of the bell curve for sure. Best lights. Sick af tone, best drummer…love Phish ! Knew there was some ancillary reason why like Carter – this is it ! 🙂

  13. Han Sagan

    ..still waiting for ATH confirmation to buy

  14. Matthe van Daalen

    Perfect stuff. Love it

  15. Moe Sonichdu

    Carter is back! Bullrun! 😀


    I always watch your videos in 2X speed :p , keep up with the good content video’s! 🙂

  17. Tim Ulrey

    We love you, Carter.
    2X crew member reporting for macro nutrient duty.
    Shout out to my buy high – sell low brethren.

  18. Conti Music

    Quite nice, would you consider using my music for free? Love to see more!


    Did you go on Phish tour? 🙂

  20. Nico Smid

    Still on honeymoon?? It has been long enough! Come back already, we need our daily doses of coinmastery!!!

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