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26 Thoughts to “(VERY IMPORTANT UPDATES): Gold, Silver, Stocks, Bitcoin, Dollar MORE!”

  1. lowslowflyer77

    Your interview on (Greg Hunter) was Brilliant bro

  2. Michael Burns

    Get’em Greg!!! LOL

    1. Michael Clark

      Mr Bloom berg why do you lie?

  3. lucifuehrer

    They’re playing dummies advocates.

  4. Couch Gaming

    Loving your channel Greg! I will be meeting you on Steemit soon once I get everything set-up !!

  5. Aron Ianchici

    That “DUH” had me dying omg. You are one funny man. Awesome video!

  6. Massimo Mandarino

    Turns out Jamie Dimon is a CUBI ZIRCONIA 😁👍

  7. candtalan

    Jamie, Michael – I have a bridge I want to sell you!

  8. Shaun1976 01

    Thank you for posting on YouTube again mr. Mannarino. God bless

  9. Terri

    Greg, you’re so awesome! LOVE your reporting..!

  10. gazoo5681

    Jeez greg,the msm is told what b.s. to lay on the people

  11. Gus Artiles

    Outstanding analysis Greg. Love your reports. Super insight.

  12. Marie Joy

    I’m finding tremendous increases in groceries, lately.

    1. Charlotte Grove

      Marie Joy everything is up in price !

    2. pandarama67

      Maybe its because your a pig.

    3. sspu1

      Maybe you should suck start a 9mm?

    4. Donations BITCOIN

      Marie Joy Buy your plexcoin with Bitcoin . Dash. Xrp. Eth

  13. Darrell Emery

    Thanks for your occasional reality checks Greg,,,,, Much appreciated

  14. PineSG

    PS: I saw the GH interview… well you put me in the 1%… that feels nice. Zero debt and 10k on hand. (well until I pay for the daughters wedding). Still I worry for the future.

  15. Julie Courchesne

    You made me laugh today, love it, good for my spirit 😄

  16. OVER HERE!

    I’m a pet lover,
    Shelter supporter
    Too… another good reason to like you.

    1. Joseph M

      Awesome, I am as well, thank you for your kindness the animals have no one but people like us, God Bless.

  17. Kit Htc 10

    my main man, tell them how it is!! your hilarious. love your work

  18. James C

    Aloha Gregory,
    love your reports, thank you so much for your insights. thanks from Maui.

  19. James G

    Keep up the Good work, love how you exposed the hypocrisy of Jamie Dimon….Lets Have a little more of that, I’m sure your Utube rating will clime with these comments about the beloved deep state and establishment Shyster’s, I mean Banksters fraudsters…

  20. Jenise Fryatt

    Informative, funny and SPOT ON most of the time! I really enjoy your channel, Mr. Mannarino!

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