Bitcoin BEARISH CROSS On Weekly | Tether Not Backed By Dollars??



I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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31 Thoughts to “Bitcoin BEARISH CROSS On Weekly | Tether Not Backed By Dollars??”

  1. Vikram Bhargava

    How do you put 20 weekly average on 4 hourly

    1. The Moon

      140 MA on the daily 🙂

    2. Madyan Malfi

      20 * 7 = 140 on daily , 20 * 7 * 6 = 840 on 4 hourly

    3. Vikram Bhargava


  2. The Moon

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  3. N N Disconnect

    When 😭

  4. Cat Kitten

    Lets hope BTC drops …so we can buy up some more. Great vid Carl


      @vb20052 your right, too manyh noobs think bitcoin will drop

    2. Remco laken

      I hope so to , i don’t want to get rich now , i can better buy up as many as i can now and get really rich 20 years later , thats the key to get really rich , have ultimate patience ,and live poor now ,be rich really rich in the far away future, if my plan works out i will be fine 15 years from now , then im 47 and can retire 😉 , if i don’t take this low risk i have to work 20 years longer till im 67 with almost no money left, hard work al my life and then after that live poor?? No way!!!

    3. Stand Skeleton Randy Frushour

      @vb20052 then tell me “what am I getting out with my $1000 USD purchase at the grocery store of BTC in the Coinstar Machine 1/4th of a coin?
      A coupon i gather as much.

  5. LUD XRP

    Thanks for sharing knowlegde Carl!!! Really love your vids!!!!!! Keep up the great work and let s make crypto big!!! 👌🏼😎

    1. The Moon

      Thanks for watching 🙂

  6. Dilyan881

    It took you one year of bear market to finally start have bearish bias , im proud of you Carl.

    1. The Moon

      @Break The Matrix I have literally no idea who that is. I hear this very often though, but different names every time. Have you considered the fact that some people might be watching my videos and “copying” my TA? I don’t care, but it seems like a logical reason for all these comments I get every now and then 🙂

    2. Andy Barrett

      The Moon _interweb and crypto is full of “know it alls” and trolls. Dont let it phase you Carl. Your wisdom is much appreciated and we dont expect any miracles. The fools that sling insults here upset me when you are offering us so much ….for free. Thank you

    3. K Marquez

      He’s bullish in crypto (btc) for the long term. Short term seems we are near the top.

  7. Chamil Buddhika

    Thank you so mush Carl 🙂 waiting for the next video…

  8. Reggie

    13:50 Scammers are really going after anyone named “Karl” huh?

  9. DD

    Ascending triangles with low volume end up breaking upside in 65% of the cases.

  10. samit ghosh

    I never seen a energetic man like You in this crypto society, daily 1 video….even vacations. Love your hard work man.

  11. Curious

    It’s Carl time! Thank you!

  12. Ronald Sibayan

    Carl is the most entertaining Bitcoin enthusiast I’ve ever seen on YouTube. I hardly ever make praise comments such as this, but you really deserve it, Carl. Keep up the awesome work. You help a lot of people. More power to you!

  13. John

    Good to hear your positive longterm overview after the short term bearish TA. Thankyou

  14. mfps1nfiv

    Hello Carl,
    IMOO I think were seeing an ascending channel on the 4 hourly. Any toughts on this? Appreciate your effort once again!

  15. Patrick Neeteson

    Just love the way you’re right and everybody commenting it’s bs… 😀 I guess you’re right about this one also: the majority is always wrong 🙂

  16. Timothy Mann

    As always fulfilled. Perfect analizing. Good one


      Timothy Mann perfect anal izing

  17. Gaia L

    I like listening to your analysis. thanks for it. but as i am listening while driving it is often hard to figure out what levels you are talking about. E.g. “right here, and right there” is pretty hard to know without watching, and i simply do not have time to watch. So if you would be able to say right here at 3850 and right there at 3940, i would be very grateful!

  18. David S

    Dumping right now. You were right, like always!

  19. daniel rickerbaker

    The moon rules!! Correction underway!!

  20. Brandy Wasay

    “When you feel like dollars are what you really want to hold on to, you probably want to buy Bitcoin.” – Tim Draper

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