Candlestick Charting 

Learn way to trade Doji candlestick patterns – pattern trading – How to trade patterns


Understand how to utilize doji candlestick pattern to get 90% causes trading this video will describe to you how to utilize doji and when not to use it, the tale behind and just how to use the very same tale to get profit.

Open a cost-free trading represent foreign exchange, binary, Crypto trading.

Watch all videos of the network to obtain an appropriate understanding
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24 Thoughts to “Learn way to trade Doji candlestick patterns – pattern trading – How to trade patterns”

  1. nuwantha Deshapriya

    The video I’ve waited for long time. Finally. Thank you so much and please make more videos about Candles patters near S/R line. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. carsAndfootball

      james daniel please stop

  2. J romana

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge to us Hemraj. God bless 🙂

  3. Ogboriefor Omokhagbo

    What can we say to Hemraj? We can only but say thank you and God rewards you in abundance. Good health, huge success for you bro.


      +Ogboriefor Omokhagbo thanku

    2. susan kariuki

      @TRUSTED SPOTS yes, you’re too good

  4. Lilybeth Khan

    Yet another amazing video! Is it correct to say that the most important is to see a strong candle before the doji?


      +Lilybeth Khan yes

  5. RjJr01

    This is why I was going wrong often. Thank you for this video, much appreciated

  6. Dianne C

    Thank you Hemraj! Your explanations and tutorials are extremely helpful.

  7. Majid Ali

    this is wonderful video. thanks hemraj 🙂

  8. Nash K

    Hello, thanks for a very good explaination. What do you mean ‘in different condition’?

    Is this still valid for stock market? and all stock market around the world.

  9. Worship Jesus

    Thank you so much for your channel Hemraj ! You’re such a Blessing to us !!

  10. Basit Ali

    first thanks for your all videos sir.. sir i have one request can it possible you make videos on atleast 10 types of candle stick patterns

  11. marco juarez romero

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, really helpful for my trading.

  12. Jamil Rehman

    wonderful explanation. Impressed and inspired by each way u been explained. Bundle of Thanks.

  13. yahaya lapai

    hope you will move to other trading strategy coz we need to move forward

  14. Lan Trần

    You are genius!!!! my understanding is abundantly improved when watching your video!!! thank you so much!!!

  15. Senthil Kumar Thangaraj

    Thanks for sharing this brother 🙂 God bless you

  16. santosh kumar

    disliked persons might be your competitors bro 🙂 …gr8 video ..thanks for sharing your premium knowledge

  17. Anisha Lampa

    what the best time frame sir. thank u

  18. shashi gunani

    Sir your way to explain the patterns is owesome

  19. FX Mantra

    In first and second conditions can we trade without five second confirmation ?

  20. Marcio Rodrigues

    Thanks from Brazil.

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