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CandleStick Patterns and Analysis for Trading – Doji Tutorial –


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This video clip speaks about Candle light Stick Patterns as well as Evaluation and exactly how one can utilize it in trading …

Doji and an adhere to up fad receives for a good time for traders enter and also make earnings …

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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25 Thoughts to “CandleStick Patterns and Analysis for Trading – Doji Tutorial –”

  1. Ulhas Talgeri

    Hi Manikandan, I really like the way you explain the concepts. Thnks

    1. Manikandan R

      glad u like it 🙂

  2. Santosh Kulkarni

    Thank you so much sir for sharing the ideas …

  3. Ali Akber

    Good tutorial, thanks a lot. I understood all about candle sticks and dojis. Now exactly how do we know when to perform long or short. Since we cant predict the exact market trend for the next day. Since you have the chart in front , its easy to say, ”you could have gone short or long”.
    Forgive me if I have missed out some facts.

    1. Manikandan R

      True, there are going to be some noises … I am working on building a traders dashboard based on EOD data … It will help point out conclusive trends … Kindly wait for that … Subscribe to our You-Tube channel and you will know when its ready

  4. venkatappa gangadhar

    very educative thanks a lot

  5. zCLUBz

    Hi, thanks for the tutorial,

    Two questions.
    1. What do you mean by “Go short”
    2. whats the ideal time line should we use  Doji analysis? 1hr, 30 mins or 1 day?

    1. Shashwat Krishna

      1. Short means you sell the stocks first at a higher price and then buy when the price gets down.
      2. Depends on how close you want to watch the market

  6. Good Girl

    Excellent piece of information.

  7. NJ Gaming

    Paji tusi great ho.
    Love u god bless u

    1. Manikandan R

      @neeraj shori … thanks for the kind feedback 🙂

  8. jayanthmatrix

    Thanks brother, very informative 🙂

  9. Wilson .S.

    thanks for your video. its informative

  10. cartman78manolo

    Hi, very useful video thanks a lot. Can I ask you if is possible to use this system on daily trading too? Many thanks

    1. Manikandan R

      @cartman78manolo …. yes u can … also try and use it in periods when movement happens …

  11. Balachandra Vsg

    Awesome info bro 🙂

  12. ccr123man

    thanks manikandan. Your work was really useful. clarified a few old doubts

  13. manikandan mani

    thanks good video

  14. manikandan mani

    thanks good video

  15. Rajesh Thete

    Sir, Is this work only on index or individual stock also?

  16. Ramesh babu

    Hi Mani, I opened zerodah account recently in Jan 2016, am I eligible for the free training

  17. vaijayanti mhalsekar

    Thanks doji candle was excelant session. i would like to practice more of bse/nse software to have good understanding

  18. tamdin wangyal

    U marked some of the spinning top as doji 🙂

  19. prajapati suresh

    hi Mani, thanks for sharing such a useful video. i watched first time i am very much clear on candle stik but where i can get the basic chart to the same analysis and more practice before start using it??

  20. Nitin Shinde

    thank u very much for this excellent tools

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