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25 Thoughts to “TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR BITCOIN – congrats to all the HODLers!”

  1. Hermann Boy

    Geh pennen jung

  2. Dylan

    10k bitcoin and 100k subs on the same day hahah this is great day sunny

    1. Dutch Crypto Overview

      and more sunny days ahead!

  3. mrdanthemanfraser

    Lol “your thunder has reached down under!” That means your youtube channel is being watched in Australia 😂

  4. Camping Content Regie/Reportages/Video Storytelling

    Great !

  5. Sci-tech geek

    Amazing, finally! You got what you deserved! Been a fan of you since nada, during 2017

  6. Kaikkialla-music Official

    Congratz on 100k subs sunny! And next stop 20k!
    One question a bit of topic, i was wondering what software do you use for your YouTube videos?

  7. 266941 2596419

    so happy für dich <3

  8. Dutch Crypto Overview

    lol, unsubs at the start 🙂 some where trying to time the top .

  9. Dorde Kaurinovic

    wow 100k. finally 🙂 Congratulations sunny. Keep it up

  10. wybrakowana

    Nice, thank you for putting out such helpful and encouraging video, Bitcoin has to be the trend and has been helping people grow lately, due to the lack of experience, knowledge, and ignorance about the crypto world made most of us lose our Bitcoin, me recovering half of what have lost was hell for me cause I had to do some major research, watch videos, fortunately for me I was introduced to Mr. Thomas Brown from the UK who is addressed as the “TradeMaster”, he was always mentioned by most traders and youtube videos cause of his experience and good works and was fortunate to get to him is mail, he provided me with the basic of understanding the benefit of trading over hodling especially in speculative market, I was able to recover my loss without him asking for my account or private info. If you have lost so much in live cryptocurrency, holding or want to know more on how to have a sustainable portfolio you can reach him at via *(( ( *

    1. Denisse Singleton

      hello please can you tell him to check his mail. contacted him already

    2. Ulises Dunn

      crypto mining is profitable with the right strategy , that’s what exactly Mr Thomas is doing.

    3. Deja Garza

      Great vid. Don’t doubt friends. I’ve been seeing reviews about Thomas Brown over YouTube for months now. I finally decided to contact him two weeks ago and I just withdrew my profits of $9,300. Thank you so much sir for being real.

  11. Torben Stärk

    Congratulations to the 100k Subscribers! I hope we’ll see the Silver YouTube Button soon… 👍😃

  12. Vista RE

    Celebrating 10k btc with 100k subs! Yayyy congrats Sunny


    1. sunny decree

      And 10k Twitter followers too 😀


    Congrats Sunny, you deserve it buddy.

  14. Major REX

    Big gratz on the 100k man, you deserve it.

  15. RobinMelina Kinsman


  16. The Halving Show

    Halving incoming 🧡

  17. Mr. G.

    CONGRATS with 100 K SUBS !!! You DEFFINITELY deserve it !!
    Greatings from Denmark ! !

  18. R James

    Bitcoin halving hype closing…..👀

  19. Victor Matos

    As per Alesio: We could be in a bear market rally… could even go as high as $20k but will follow with massive drop

  20. mercedes190nl

    Congrats on 100k!

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