The Case For The Million Dollar Bitcoin. It Is Possible? When Will It Happen?


The MILLION DOLLAR BITCOIN. Is this figure real life or is it just dream? John Mcafee has predicted bitcoin 1 million by the year 2020 or he will eat his very own male mushroom. Chico Crypto thinks he will be consuming his male mushroom. We do assume Bitcoin to strike 1 million bucks in the future, however the timeline is a whole lot better out than 2020. When? and also what will cause the price to grow to such degrees? Tune in to learn!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰.
00:08 Intro.
00:28 John McAfee Wagers Bitcoin Will Hit 1 Million By 2020.
01:41 I Think Bitcoin Will 1 Million In 15-25 Years.
02:09 1 Million Buck Bitcoin Is Feasible As A Result Of The Technology.
02:42 Bitcoin Is Without Control of The Elite & Is The Most Effective Kind of Cash.
03:26 Bitcoin Hype Cycles Will Certainly Help Push The Price Up.
04:47 Buzz Cycles Accentuate Bitcoin From All Professions & Create Resist Owners.
05:59 Resist Owners & Halving Occasions Create Shortage & Low Supply.
06:23 Millionaires Across The Globe Will Need 1 Whole Bitcoin.
06:58 Just How Will Bitcoin Reach A 21 Trillion Dollar Market Cap?
08:45 Conclusion 1 Satoshi Equals 1 Satoshi.

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35 Thoughts to “The Case For The Million Dollar Bitcoin. It Is Possible? When Will It Happen?”

  1. Chico Crypto

    ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
    00:08 Introduction
    00:28 John McAfee Bets Bitcoin Will Hit 1 Million By 2020
    01:41 I Believe Bitcoin Will 1 Million In 15-25 Years
    02:09 1 Million Dollar Bitcoin Is Possible Because of The Tech
    02:42 Bitcoin Is Free From Control of The Elite & Is The Best Form of Money
    03:26 Bitcoin Hype Cycles Will Help Push The Price Up
    04:47 Hype Cycles Bring Attention To Bitcoin From All Walks of Life & Create Die Hard Holders
    05:59 Die Hard Holders & Halving Events Create Scarcity & Low Supply
    06:23 Millionaires Across The Globe Will Want 1 Whole Bitcoin
    06:58 How Will Bitcoin Reach A 21 Trillion Dollar Market Cap?
    08:45 Conclusion 1 Satoshi Equals 1 Satoshi

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    1. Jan Tu

      Binance is keep going up bro..

  2. ScottyP

    Great editing additions to really make the video even more awesome!

  3. JohnJacobJingleHimer Schmit

    Absolutely it will happen PERIOD

  4. tuan phan

    You’re the same age as me, cheers to Bitcoinaire lol

  5. trapped cat

    It’s pronounced John “My Coffee”

  6. James Barrick

    Tyler I know you are shooting from the hip with this analysis – but no way in hell the world GDP is anywhere near 5%. The USA is currently experiencing a GDP growth of about 4% which is world class… and the prior Obama years it was about 1.5%. I don’t know what the world GDP growth figure is… but with China in retraction as well as many other large economies… I’m guessing about 1.5% and I think that is probably way overstating things. The growth based on GDP is simply foolish. BTC will grow as a result of FIAT failing – which will happen in droves over the next decade.

    All that being said – I think that BTC price point of $1MM will come far sooner than you think. It will happen – not on election day – not on inauguration day… but it will happen when it becomes apparent that the next POTUS will be a liberal communist leftist. That could be in the June or August or October prior to election. It could be 2020 or it could be 2024. Mark my words this is how this will play out. As a patriot of the USA… I hope later than sooner… but it is inevitable that this country will eventually elect a communist (again). The only caveat to my prediction is IF Trump does what some have been rumoring… that is finding some way to take the US off of the Federal Reserve System. I don’t know how that would happen… but I am rooting for him. BTC holders will be doing just fine regardless of how this plays out. No need to root for the demise of the USA economy to become wealthy.

  7. Pat McCarthy

    Truly amazing breakdown. TY

  8. Fritz Baguio

    A 20k, or even 5k bitcoin was seemed impossible on years 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014, 2015, and 2016.. And it happened.. So it is possible. Very very very possible but not on 2020, most likely on 2023 and thereafter..

    1. D Based

      20k is very different than 1m, market caps matter. The higher the value /price of something the harder and more demand is needed to (x) it’s value. The big boys in the market don’t need to hold to 20-50x when they can just make 20% gains over and over.

    2. Fritz Baguio

      @D Based yup i agree, but each phases of bitcoin caters to different people.. The first phase was for the visionaries-when the price of bitcoin was merely a cent.. The second phase was for the investors/speculators when the price reached a thousand and eventually 20k.. The third phase was for the institutional investors (banks, etc.). Imagine the influx of money there.. As i said, a million btc is highly improbable in the near future but highly possible in the very long term because of hedging practices.. Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation or it fails.

  9. Peter Pan

    Another interesting upload.

  10. David M

    When you talked about McAfee you reminded me that stupid music video I saw on TV one day. Bowling For Soup – My Wena.

  11. Kundalini 2222

    $100k is more likely by end of 2020

    1. Milan Vujic

      20K (previous all time high) in 2020. $100K in 2021.

    2. jeffries1

      i agree ,if not more than that

    3. epnick

      which would be heaven

    4. tradecryptolive pros

      89000 area 12358 ai loves the fibs and will work them to the crypto

  12. rollandoTech

    What im counting on is human greed and fomo. At one point this thing will take off like a rocket, one just have to be patient and hold.

    1. Kenan 13

      It already did from a few cents to 5k $

    2. Justin McCoy

      Then, after NPC’s start selling and the price collapses you buy up and wait again

  13. Stian Fisk

    Startrek first contact predicting a future without money, just saying 🙂

  14. 3cs3hs

    john macafee is too soon, but you’re to far away, the million will come in 4 to 7 years, BRING ON THE ONE CENT SATOSHI!!!!

  15. Ben Pressentin

    Good stuff! Those streams are getting better by the day

  16. laurens stijnenbosch

    Every time i see you holding that microphone i get the urge to clean my toilet.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Chronos XRP

      laurens stijnenbosch – 😂😂

  17. Mario Pedroza

    Great content as always Tyler!

  18. Saahil

    2019 : $100k
    2021: $ 1 Million

    1. Saahil

      @John Ward Don’t compare Litcoin with Bitcoin.

    2. John Ward

      @Saahil I’m not comparing, I’m just asking a simple question.

    3. Saahil

      @John Ward Oh. But just saying that the price i said will happened for sure 😊

    4. John Ward

      @Saahil thank you for answering the simple question, you have helped the crypto community so much with your knowledge. JK

    5. Saahil

      @John Ward Are you new In Crypto or ?

  19. ninevolt

    Zohan you need a bitcoin hackey sack! Maybe McAfee knows something about the global economy and the coming recession about 2020

  20. Brian _

    McKeafee lol 🙉
    Shitcoin Shiller finally woke up !

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