Segwit2x Aftermath – Scalping Profits, Altcoin Strategies, BTC Moves, Dollar Cost Avg – CMTV Ep82


Segwit2x was called off yesterday as well as caused a HUGE altcoin boom. Will it last? Or is this just a flash in the pan as Bitcoin obtains it's feet again?

Today we'll undergo what happened, where the cash is flowing and also whether or not you must head revenues off some of your altcoins. We'll also go over the future of B2X as well as how buck expense averaging is the # 1 most powerful technique you can be applying in crypto.


Segwit2x Aborted:
Segwit2x Back On?
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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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22 Thoughts to “Segwit2x Aftermath – Scalping Profits, Altcoin Strategies, BTC Moves, Dollar Cost Avg – CMTV Ep82”

  1. Anitski

    Carter! Thanks for all the great advice my man.

  2. Chaz Hunter

    Live stream yesterday was great. Thanks!

    1. Coin Mastery

      thanks for watching!

  3. luwn00bz

    5 billion 24h volume broke. first time ever?

  4. Frederik Van Lent

    Best source for crypto on youtube, thanks for the hard work Carter

  5. Jesse Allan

    great analysis, cheers and thanks

  6. Tao Jones

    50$-100$ a day will get ya there.

  7. tyler anderson

    All I want to be is Carter Thomas’ best friend (creepy?). Best YouTube find to date, thanks for all the good advice man!

  8. Peter Sandoval

    Thanks again on your take of the market.

  9. A. X

    Great Advice RE: Stress and holding on too long ! Thanks Carter.

  10. Blake Neely

    more live streams! keep it up, thanks for all the help!

  11. Yada

    Any reviews for Request Network by ycombinator?

  12. Branddy Valerio

    @coinmastery Could you review Neblio?

    1. Who is America

      I think Carter’s a Stratis guy, which is direct competition to Neblio. I bought both 🙂

  13. jonnycameron1

    “Been around the block for a long time” heh

  14. DrVanNostrand

    I wish Carter was my dad.

  15. Bobbie á Deild

    Love your stuff…as always

  16. barden82

    Good show! Also thanks for clearing Binance’s record

  17. rekeybobby

    i was looking at it (monero) when it was 84$ now its 117$ maybe next dive lol

  18. Zeeshan Haider

    AMAZING advice. Bro YOU are the pro.

  19. John Sawkins

    Always great Carter. Is there a ‘best day’ to buy in every week? I think I’ve heard that traders like to get out early on Fridays. Does that make any sense or is there any typical cycle?

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