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30 Thoughts to “VERY IMPORTANT UPDATES: Stocks, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Dollar, Bonds. By Gregory Mannarino”

  1. Precious Metal Head

    Hey everybody it’s me….. Gregory Mannarino 🎶🎶

  2. trent jenkins

    Gold is the best show in town right now

  3. Cool Hand Luke

    A little green the fool the longs into holding , give them hope!

  4. Robert Leonardo

    Caution on USDT Tether, that’s the next leg to be broken on Crypto


    Openly corrupt manipulation of the Stock Market. Could it be the No Plunge Team at work?

    1. Billy Jones

      payoff for votes! they are told when to buy and when to sell.

    2. 2TROLL1

      Could it be the ‘Plunge Team’?

    3. Billy Jones

      people care who are trying to invest based on real earnings not manipulation. ordinary people do not have the inside info when to buy or sale when this corrupt market is manipulated. You sound like a corrupt individual with that kind of response.

    4. 2TROLL1

      I’m trying to fit in’.Thank you for the complement! Maybe now I can get some respect.

  6. Kevin Belcher

    Tether & Bitfinex is a fraud / lawsuit waiting to happen

  7. Bill Woelke

    The PPT wants to make the Petro Yuan event today to appear to be a non event.

    1. Bill Woelke

      It is like the band on the Titanic playing their music. Everything is fine folks…Buy! Buy! Buy!

  8. Ron Micci

    Stock market will end the day in the red. DOW has begun to retreat and bonds are beginning to sell off again. It’s not the tariffs, it’s the increase in interest rates that’s behind DOW decline. Straight down from here, day after day.

  9. Rasica Volubrjotr

    The driving force is the deep state trying to overshadow the first day of China’s opening of the Gold Petroyaun which traded over 10 billion in first hour.

    1. Watchful I

      On no volume?

    2. Marek Kolenda

      It,s looks like because Petro Yuan come to show. They just manipulate.

    3. Vereecke Investments

      What u mean with this? The US make their wealth with banking, if the chinese buy gold the US jews will short it.
      U think the chinese and their gold will transfer wealth to their country?(just don’t know what u mean)

    4. Marek Kolenda

      +amasilma Exactly right.

    5. Marek Kolenda

      +amasilma Jews gone be on suicide mission if gets gold shortage.Russian Siberian gold mines come to rescue.

  10. Derek Simenac

    Talk about rigged markets, up 500 points and only change since Friday is that China started trading with the Petro Yuan so it should be in free fall by now. Burning up some big cushion to try to push it up but I expect it to start dropping later today

  11. bev lower

    “it’s a rigged market” it’s just a game…be careful how much skin you get in the game because the “riggers” are predetermined to win…which means…they intend to walk away with the lion’s share of the loot…your loot. can you really outsmart them when they control the game? the best you can do is get out with your skin attached.

  12. BigPapaPump

    short squeeze and big money getting out on uptick as evidenced by the volume.

  13. Matt Spence

    The charts suggests we could see some upward movement pushing out the open shorts in the short term before another steep decline passing the lows of February. I’d say 22,400 on the Dow is the next stop IMO

  14. Jim Girard

    Greg, Lynette Zang says we’re heading toward a reset that will happen over a weekend. We will be forced to transition to digital money, no more cash, and they will have total control over the people, visa vis, by holding our wealth in their banks digitally. Based on her scenario, the Fed and IMF will have a financial path to domination over the masses, financially, socially, educationally, etc…. what say you Greg.

  15. Signs of the times

    Why don’t you speak about the perto dollars value? This seems strange that your about truth but hide what we need to know?

  16. TheHotcrumbs


  17. Tristan Nish

    I find it very of that you don’t think the launch of the Petro yuan today is important or even worth mentioning….. Seems important

  18. FortuneSeek3rz

    Volume has been light since the great recession.

  19. kenric frazier

    Petri yuan official takeoff was today and it went well.

  20. Gaurav Sharma

    Confederacy of dunces – Hahaha

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